How african enterprises can benefit from vsat backup solutions


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Businesses in Africa are been affected by unstable terrestrial networks.
VSAT on demand backup solutions such as SkyVision Active business continuity service, allow African enterprises and businesses to benefit from the developing ICT industry in Africa and increase their competitiveness, productivity and profitability.
The presentation was given by SkyVision at the SatCom 2013 exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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How african enterprises can benefit from vsat backup solutions

  1. 1. Confidential Property of SkyVision Global Networks Ltd. © 2013How African enterprises can benefitfrom VSAT backup solutions whenadapting to new terrestrial networks
  2. 2. ConfidentialSkyVision At-A-Glance2Established in 2000130 EmployeesOperating in over 50 countriesServing over 400 customersand over 2000 sitesSatellite Service Providerof the Year
  3. 3. ConfidentialGlobal Coverage, Local Presence3Global Operations & FacilitiesOver 80 leading African serviceproviders are amongst our customersLocal representatives, partners andresellers in over 50 African countriesLocal staff in 12 African countries24/7 Multilingual TechnicalAssistance Center11 POPs and teleports worldwide,including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya,DRC, South Africa the Middle East,US and Europe
  4. 4. ConfidentialSatisfied Customers & PartnersFinancialNGO &GovernmentEnergy/Oil & GasMiningTravel &LeisureTelcoms &ISPsCellularOperators4
  5. 5. ConfidentialICTTransformingAfricanBusinessesDevelopment
  6. 6. Internet use by African businesses6Many companies and organizationsstill use the Internet primarily forsimple researchMore than 80% of surveyed SMEsbelieve taking better advantage of theInternet will improve their businesses’economic performanceExpenditures in ICT within Africa couldexceed US$150 billion by 2016Dalberg Research Survey of 1 307 organizations operating in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal, 2012.Source: World Bank Databank - African Development Indicators, ITU Measuring the Information Society, 2011
  7. 7. Trends in Internet solutions for businessesIncreasingly focused on service delivery (23%) and informationmanagement (24%).Internet solutions are no longer about communication alone70 10 20 30 40 50Communication,Awareness,MarketingInformationmanagementServicedelivery2009-2012Pre - 2009% of total Internet enabled business solutions in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal (2009-2012 vs. pre-2009)Source : Impact of the Internet in Africa, Dalberg 2013
  8. 8. ICT connectivity’s impact on Africa’s competitiveness8Development of ICT and ICT connectivity iscrucial to the productivity,efficiency and competitivenessof African businesses.Africa’s competitiveness trails SoutheastAsia, Latin America and the Caribbean in thequality of infrastructure & ICTs.Technological readiness and adaptation ofnew technologies need to significantlyimprove to enhance productivity of Africanindustries.The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013 - World Economic Forum
  9. 9. Importance of ICT connectivity to global value chains9ICT connectivity allows Africanenterprises to increase their share in theglobal value chainReal-time information sharing is crucialfor production-related data, deliverytimes, and, in some cases, also trainingIT based importing and exportingprocessing contributes to efficiencyand transparencyICT connectivity is crucial for business-to-business and business-to-consumercustomer relations as well as forcommunicating with buyersThe Africa Competitiveness Report 2013 - World Economic Forum
  10. 10. Cloud computing has the capability totransform how businesses in Africa operate10Key benefit is the shifting from a capitalexpense (CapEx) model to an operationalexpense (OpEx) modelCloud computing - main benefits:Access to cutting-edge applications,platforms and infrastructurecost-efficiencyReducing IT related expensesFaster time to market of new products andservicesScalability & efficient use of licenses,storage & computing powerReliability and availability of businessapplications & databases
  11. 11. Cloud computing in Africa11Availability of high-speed access - main barrierfor the adoption of cloud computing in Africa55%Most common available data rates 500Kbps – 2Mbps52%Nearly 47% of CIOs in Africa are alreadyengaged in cloud strategy of some kindUnified Communications and Managed Internet are the mostcommon Cloud services offered by African service providersBanking and Education sectors are the first tohave adopted Cloud Computing in AfricaITU report on Cloud computing in Africa: Situation and perspectives (2012)IDC Cloud Strategies for the CIO: Preparing for 2013 and 2020
  12. 12. Breaking through the cloud adoption13Cost-effective access to reliable,high-capacity bandwidth is vital to theevolution of cloud computing in AfricaWith no on premises processing lack ofconnectivity to business applications and datamean no productivity and loss of revenueRedundancy at the data center & of theaccess links ensures business continuity
  13. 13. Connected Africa14Corporate customers are looking at the fixed wireless andfiber services as their network access solutionsSources: ITU , Hamilton Research,Mobile broadband in Africa showthe highest growth (11%)40% of thepopulation arewithin a 25km rangeof a fiber nodeBy 2015, morepeople in Sub-Saharan Africa willhave access tomobile networksthan to electricity intheir homes
  14. 14. Terrestrial Networks in Africa15Terrestrial networks still suffer from Limited coverage High congestion Lack of guaranteed SLA Vandalism Un sustainable power supplyIn today’s fast-paced corporate world,businesses cannot afford to have theirInternet or VPN connection down
  15. 15. Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime16A simple way to project the potential annual revenue loss from downtimeis with the equation:LOST REVENUE = (GR / TH) x I x HGross yearlyrevenue ofthe servedbusiness unitTotal yearlybusinesshoursPercentageimpactNumber ofhours ofdowntime
  16. 16. Other Impacts of network downtimeEmployees Productivity17The affect on employees is determinedby their dependency on ICTCredibility & CustomersatisfactionCustomers who rely on a productor service can not be servedLost businessopportunitiesProspects/Customers will notwait for a network restorationDamage to Brandimage - bad publicity Bad service = a bad brand imageEmployees MoraleIs affected when they cannot do their work properly
  17. 17. Options for WAN redundancy18Businesses of all sizes need to look at their networkand the Internet in particular as one of their moststrategic assetsWhat are the alternatives?• A wireless/fiber based service from a 2nd provider• Mobile Broadband service• VSAT based on demand backup service
  18. 18. Mobile broadband as a back up option19The vast majority of broadband traffic in SSA istransmitted over Mobile networksThe Mobile networks suffer from: Limited spectrum availability Increasing customer demands for bandwidth Increased network congestion Low service qualityAnd therefore are not sufficient to supportenterprise access & applicationsSSA Mobile Observatory 2012- GSMA, Deloitte and Wireless Intelligence
  19. 19. VSAT is the ideal network back-up link20True redundancyBypassing terrestrial networks, the VSATnetwork is protected from breaks in fibre optic,wireless & copper local networksScalable bandwidthMirror your primary network link capacity or useit to support only mission critical applicationsAvailabilityUnlimited service coverageVSAT equipment is straightforward to installReliableenterprise-level Transports any IP payload and enterprise applicationSecurity Can include data encryption for enhanced securityVSAT provides:
  20. 20. SkyVision Active – backup on demand21SkyVision Active - VSAT backup solutions forbusiness continuity provide a redundant backupconnection that keeps businesses connected whenprimary Internet/VPN service failsHot redundancy - Always onready for immediate usage and also supports autodata switch over.Unlimited, dedicated connectivity on demandUtilizing an all IP-based advanced VSAT platformsSupporting a variety of data rates and applicationsCost effective – pay per use service
  21. 21. SkyVision Active for Internet Access22SkyVisionTeleportTerrestrialNetworkBranchOfficeBranchOfficePrimaryWANLINKInternetOrData CenterX
  22. 22. ConfidentialUpscale hotel in Abuja, Nigeria23SkyVision Active – on demand back up connectivity with VLAN separationof Internet and VPN payloadsTHE NEED A reliable and affordable backup on demand Internet & VPN connectivityTHESOLUTIONThe hotel hosts many business men, government expeditions and conventions.Requirement for business grade dedicated and premium internet access for the hotelguests and VPN connectivity for the hotel staff for continuation of the administration andoperation of the hotel during an outage of the primary WAN connection.HospitalitySkyVisionTeleportTerrestrialNetworkHotelPrimaryWANLINKInternetPrivateNetworkBackupLINK
  23. 23. ConfidentialFood Concepts Nigeria24FiberLeased Line SkyVisionTeleport in LagosFood ConceptsHead officeRetailA large retail food chain of bakeries and fast food locations, needed a high-speednetwork solution to run their Oracle ERP software across sites all over Nigeria.THE NEEDSkyVision Active as backup to terrestrial links providing business continuityTHESOLUTION“I commend SkyVision for your fully optimized service provisioning. We really appreciate yoursupport and will continue to sing your praises to our business partners and customers.”(Mr. Azeez Buari, Head of Information Technology, Food Concepts).
  24. 24. ConfidentialSaving exampleAn enterprise branch lost revenue due to network downtimeis $3000 per dayAssuming down time of 3 days/monthThe monthly loss will be $9000The customer is subscribed to SkyVision Activewith 512Kbps/512Kbps data rate packageThe service charge for 3 days would be $850Which saved the enterprise $8,150And a network access downtime !25
  25. 25. ConfidentialSkyVision local HUBSSkyVision operates these local/regional VSAT hubs:South Africa – Amos 5, Ku and C-BandNigeria – IS-14, C-Band (pops in Lagos & Abuja)DRC – W2A (10A), C-BandKenya – W2A (10A) ,C-BandGuinea – Arabsat 5A , C-BandZimbabwe – W2A (10A), C-Band26
  26. 26. Confidential27SkyVision… Your Link toGlobal
  27. 27. Confidential Property of SkyVision Global Networks Ltd. © 2013Thank YouOfer FarkashProduct Manager