Pro 1°partial Types of Restaurant


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Pro 1°partial Types of Restaurant

  1. 1. María Ofelia González Gudiño 12354900 Gastonomy GAMIX54
  2. 2. A RESTAURANT IS…  An stablishment wich ofers food services.  There is serveral types of restaurants and the type depends of what kind of food they are ofering.  A restaurant it´s a place where people gets a good service.
  3. 3. TYPES OF RESTAURANTS  Cafeterias or coffee shops.  Fast food restaurants.  Casual Restaurants.  Casual Dining Restaurants.  Coffee House  Pub  Bistros and Brasserie  Ethnic Restaurants
  4. 4. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS RESTAURANT CHARACTERISTICS Cafeterias / Coffe Shops Little tables or not, small place, relaxing enviroment Fast food Restaurants Small place, you have to pay first, you get your food quickly, low price Casual Restaurants Casual athmosphere, relaxing, tables, chairs, medium price Casual Dining Restaurants Higher quality, averagre prices Coffe House Casual, small place, small tables Pub Public house, samall place, low price Bistros and Brasserie A café doubling as a restaurant, medium price Ethnic Restaurants Multicultural cuisine, high price
  5. 5. TYPES OF FOOD RESTAURANT FOOD Cafeterias / Coffee shops Sandwiches, bagels, coffee, fruit, baguettes Fast food Restaurants Hamburgers, pizza, chiken, tacos, donuts Casual Dining Restaurants Apetizers, main dishes, desserts, there is also simple dishes like sandwinches Casual Restaurants Apetizers, main dishes, desserts Coffee House Coffee, beberage, tipically limited selection of cold food Pub Served simple dishes and traditional drinks Bistros and Brasserie Simple dishes and meals in a relaxing setting Ethnic Restaurants Ethnic food (China, Mediterrean)
  6. 6. PATRON TREATMENT RESTAURANT PATRON TREATMENT Cafeteria / Coffee Shops The client orders and pay in the cashier then they get their product Fast Food Restaurants Speed sevice, the client pay and orders in the cashier anf he gets the food quickly Casual Dinning Restaurants Here they have waiter who takes the orders of the client Casual Restaurants They have waiters and tables, the service is a little bit more slow then fast food Coffee House The client can take a seat or order in the cashier and pays Pub Public house they have waiter simple service Bistros and Brasseries Very confortable place Ethnic Restaurants They have waiters
  7. 7. EXAMPLES OF RESTAURANTS IN CANCUN  Lorenzillos : casual (elegant) restaurant  Thai: Ethnic restaurant  Starbucks: coffe shop  Mc. Donalds: fast food
  8. 8. IMPORTANCE OF HAVING DIFFERENT TYPES OF RESTAURANTS  Its important to have a lot of options because nobody likes the same things and if there were just one option it may get you bored about it and sudenly you will start to look for somethig diferent.  There´s also another reason, not all the types of restaurants work for all the situations, sometimes you need somethisng more formal like a restaurant or something relax like a coffee shop