Ewitt Grant Brochure 2009 No Dates Final


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Ewitt Grant Brochure 2009 No Dates Final

  1. 1. NEW YORK CITY Professional Development DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Joel I. Klein, Chancellor The Office of Educational Technology Middle & High School Division of Assessment and Achievement Resources P Credit Course ( Six Saturdays) Dates to be determined. P– Credit After-School Program (12) Dates to be determined Two days a week for 2.5 hours per session Enhancing Education Through for a total of 12 sessions. Technology (EETT) Title IID funded Program Pull Out Professional Development Enhancing Writing Days to be determined Instruction Through Technology (EWITT) September 2009– December 2012 Contact: Queens Office of Educational Technology 82-01 Rockaway Boulevard Ozone Park, NY 11416 Winnie Bracco Elementary Schools Six Saturdays Technology Innovation Manager To be determined Wbracco@schools.nyc.gov Pull Out Professional Development Days to be determined Michelle Lloyd Bey The Office of Educational Technology Community Superintendent CSD 27 (OET) provides innovative solutions to transform teaching, learning, and leading Jeannette Reed Community Superintendent CSD 29 through customized support and services. HTTP://www.oitqueens.com http://oitqblogs.com
  2. 2. ENHANCING WRITING INSTRUCTION THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Enhancing Writing Instruction Through Tech- Goal nology (EWITT) - is an intensive professional de- The ultimate goal of the EWITT Program is to improve velopment program that will focus on improving stu- academic performance in ELA by enhancing teachers’ dent achievement in ELA by integrating technology abilities to effectively infuse technology into their Eng- into the English Language Arts curriculum. EWITT lish Language Arts Instruction . Nearly half of the Level serves the goals of the Enhancing Education Through 1 and Level 2 students in the participating schools —  be immersed in online resources such as Think- Technology theme, “Technology Infusion into Instruc- including ELL and Special Needs students — have failed finity, NYS Virtual Learning Space, and Web 2.0 tion through Professional Development,” by empow- to achieve proficiency on the ELA exam. Based on this tools ering educators to engage students in interdisciplinary data, the EWITT Program will use a technologically infused, project-based ELA curriculum to engage and  receive training on the software necessary to projects that develop writing, critical thinking, and focus students on an essential ELA skill — writing. complete movies, comics, and public presen- problem solving skills. The EWITT program aims to tations Throughout the three-year cycle, the EWITT Program train teachers to use technology as both an instruc- will introduce a multi-layered and sustained program of tional tool to teach the writing process and as a way professional development to best serve the needs of  incorporate the project-based learning process to reinforce fundamental ELA skills. the teachers and school staff. For each consecutive within their content area and use technology to year of the program, it is proposed that 80% of target enhance research and writing skills students will achieve at least one year of growth on their scale score of the NYS ELA exam.  develop an online environment to host all stu- dent work for a broader audience  collaborate within ARIS Connect as well as use District 27 a variety of virtual community tools, such as email, blogs, wikis, the web portal and synchro- PS 42, IS 53, IS 137, PS 197, MS 202, IS 210, PS 223, nous communications PS/IS 225, IS 226, Beach Channel HS, Far Rockaway HS, John Adams HS, Support August Martin HS, Richmond Hill HS Teachers and school leaders will receive on-going pro- District 29 fessional development — face to face and online and in- school mentoring support. Workshops will take place IS 109, PS/IS 116, IS 192, IS 238 throughout the year to allow for teacher experimenta- Business Computer Application HS tion and online collaboration using recently learned content between sessions. Professional learning com- Non-Public Schools munities among teachers and administrators will be Devine Mercy Catholic Academy Elementary and Mid- formed. Participants will work with a cohort of teach- dle School, Al-Ihsan Academy, St. Rose of Lima School, ers in their own school and with a larger cohort of St. Francis De Sales, Sts. Joachim and Anne, Grace teachers from participating schools. By the end of the Lutheran Day School, St. Joseph Parish Day School, project, the school community will have trained a cadre Christ Lutheran School of teachers who will continue to serve as mentors to colleagues after the funding period is over.