Landmarks and famous people in spain (5th grade)


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PowerPoint for the E-twinning project about Spain and England. Made by 5th grade students of Escola Splai.

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Landmarks and famous people in spain (5th grade)

  2. 2. SPAIN By AlbaSpain is a country and member state of theEuropean Union located in southwesternEurope on the Iberian Peninsula.Spain is seen as an exotic country becauseof its friendly people, warm weather, laid-back lifestyle, cuisine, exciting night-life, andits world famous festivities and folklore.The history of Spain is a compendium ofinfluences from the different cultures thathave lived in the country.
  3. 3. ALHAMBRA PALACE (GRANADA)The Alhambra in Spain is called the red fortressand it is located in Granada, Spain.This place is a fort that is very complex in itsstructure.The Alhambra, the complete form of which wasCalat Alhambra, is a palace and fortresscomplex located in the Province of Granada,Spain.It was constructed during the mid 14th centuryby the Moorish rulers of the Emirate of Granadain Al Andalus, occupying the top of the hill of theAssabica on the southeastern border of the cityof Granada.
  4. 4. ALHAMBRA PALACE (GRANADA)Today, the Alhambra is one of the main touristattractions of the country.The total length of the Alhambra is 740 meterand it has one of the largest widths.The best and the strongest position is thecitadel.The Alhambra is a true reflection of the rulerNasrid Emirate of Granada.In total, it has 13 towers.The entire fortress is made up of red clay.Their windows are fantastic !! By Alejandro
  5. 5. AQUEDUCT OF SEGOVIA (SEGOVIA)The Aqueduct of Segovia is the most important Roman civilengineering work of Spain.The Segovia aqueduct carried the water from Fuente Fría to the city ofSegovia.In the deepest part is 28 meters.From1992, cars are not allowed to run going under the arches ofacueduct. By AlexIt remains vulnerable to contamination.
  6. 6. AVILA’S WALLS (AVILA)The Avila Walls were built in the 11th century.The city is located 3665 ft above the sea level.The main sites are built on the top of a hill.The city covers an area of about 232 square kilometers and a population of58,561.The walls measure 3 meters wide with 9 entrance gates and 90 towers.The cathedral was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and features acollection of sculptures and paintings from the year 1571.The Avila Walls were built in the 11th century. By Álvaro
  7. 7. SEVILLE CATHEDRAL (SEVILLE)The Seville Cathedral is located in Seville,Spain. The church was built in the 1500sin Gothic styles.It is the largest cathedral in Spain and theworld’sthird largest cathedral.The Cathedral features the tomb ofChristopher Columbus.In 1888, a massive earthquake hit the cityand the same dome collapsed, it wasrebuilt again.
  8. 8. SEVILLE CATHEDRAL (SEVILLE)The Giralda is a former minaret that was convertedto a belltower for the Cathedral of Seville in Seville.It was one of the most important symbols in themedieval city.The Giralda Tower is the Cathedral’s famous belltower. The tower measures 97.5 meters high wasthe world’s tallest tower at the time of itsconstruction. The tower features a statue thatmeasures 4 meters high By David
  9. 9. PARK GÜELL (BARCELONA)Park Güell is a complex garden witharchitectural elements.It was designed by the catalan architectAntoni Gaudí and built from 1900 to1914.Eusebi Güell bought a large farm in the"Muntaya Pelada", Gracia. He wanted tobuild a Garden-city, the works werecommissioned to Antonio Gaudí.But they can only sell three parcels, andthe work was stopped in 1914 because ithad been a failure.
  10. 10. PARK GÜELL (BARCELONA)Today the structures are designed tocommunity services, entering thesquare,the Hipóstila Chamber ...It was opened to the public in 1922 asa park for its beauty. In 1984 it wasdeclared a World Heritage Site byUnesco. By Eduard
  11. 11. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM (BILBAO)The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is amuseum of modern and contemporaryart, designed by Canadian-Americanarchitect Frank Ghery, built by Ferrovialand located in Bilbao, Basque country,Spain.It is built alongside the Nervion River,which runs through the city of Bilbao tothe Atlantic Coast. The Guggenheim isone of several museums belonging tothe Solomon R. GuggenheimFoundation. The museum features permanent andvisiting exhibits of works by Spanishand international artists. By Eva
  12. 12. ROYAL PALACE (MADRID)The royal Palace in the city of Madrid isthe official residence for the Emperorsof Spain.The palace is one of the mainattractions in the city and it is WesternEurope’s largest palace that covers anarea of 135,000 square metres with2800 rooms.The palace was built in between theyears 1738-1755 on the site of an oldcastle belonging to the 16th century.The castle was burnt by Emperor PhilipV and he commissioned a new palaceto be built on the same site. By Fátima
  13. 13. SAGRADA FAMÍLIA (BARCELONA)The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de laSagrada Familia is designed for AntoniGaudí an architect of Catalonia , inNovember the 2010 is consecrated forthe Pope Benedict XVI.It started in 1882, Gaudí is involved in1883 taking over the project andtransforming it with his architecturaland engineering style.Gaudi died, he was ran over by a tramcar in 1926. Only a quarter of theproject was complete.
  14. 14. SAGRADA FAMÍLIA (BARCELONA)Sagrada Famílias constructionprogressed but it was interrupted bySpanish civil War.It was resumed in the 1950s.It’s still in construction nowadays !In 2026 is the centennial of Gaudísdeath. The basílica has a long historyof dividing the citizens of Barcelonaover the possibility that work after By MarcGaudís death disregarded his design.
  15. 15. CANARY ISLANDSThe Canary Islands is a chain of SpanishIslands located in the norhwest coast ofAfrica and it is about 100 km for theborders of Sahara and Marroco.The name "Islas Canarias" is likelyderived from the Latin name "InsulaCanaria", meaning "Island of the Dogs".The islands are volcanic and there areabout seven islands: Tenerife,Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote,La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.The Canaries are a Spanish autonomouscommunity and an orteumost region of theEuropean Union.
  16. 16. CANARY ISLANDSThe capital for the Autonomus Communityis shared by the cities of Las Palmas andSanta Cruz.The islands have a subtropical climate,with long warm summers and moderatelywinters and the archipelagos beaches,climate and important natural attractions,especially Teide National Park and MountTeide. The highest mountain in Spain.These islands are ideal for astronomicalobservation.Tenerife, with 865,070 inhabitants, is boththe Canary Islands and Spains mostpopulous island and is also the largestisland of the archipelago.Four of Spains thirteen national parks arelocated in the Canary Islands, more than By Pedroany other autonomous community.
  17. 17. FAMOUS PEOPLE IN SPAINOur students have been collecting information about famous people inCatalonia (Barcelona’s autonomous region).Here you can discover some facts about of the most important people inCatalonia.
  18. 18. MONTSERRAT CABALLÉI’m going to write about MonserratCaballe.She was born in Barcelona in 1933.She is an Opera Singer.In 1966 she won the Liceo’s medal.In 1970 she had a prize in Paris.In 1982 she received the gold medal ofthe Generalitat of Catalonia.In 1988 he won the gold medal of Madrid.In 1992 she sang the hymn in the Olympicgames, in Barcelona.Thank you for reading ! By Irene F.
  19. 19. FERRAN ADRIÀFerran Adrià i Acosta is a Catalan chefborn on May 14th, 1962 in LHospitalet deLlobregat.He was the head chef of "El Bulli"restaurant in Roses on the Costa Brava.He is considered one of the best chefs inthe world.In 2004, he was in the list of the ten bestchefs in Time magazine. By Irene G.
  20. 20. GEMMA MENGUALGemma Mangual Civilwas born inBarcelona,Spain where she residesnowadays.She was born on April 12, 1977.She licensed in gemologia.His passion for the synchronizedswimming started at the age of 9.She devotes herself to swimming and sheis one of the most professional swimmersin this sport.His parents decided to inscribe her in theclub Kallipollis.She is considered to be the best Spanishspecialist of all the times.Anna Tarres is her coach.She was an European sub-Champion asa junior in Moscow 1993.She has competed in three olympics andworld championships. She won 15medals. By Ivan
  21. 21. JOAN MANUEL SERRATIm going to write about Joan ManuelSerrat.He was born in Poblesec, Barcelona in1943.He is a singer.Serrat is considered one of the mostimportant figures of modern, popularmusic in both the Spanish and Catalanlanguages.He became involved with music at the ageof 17, when he got his first guitar, to whichhe dedicates one of his earliest songs,"Una guitarra."Joan Manuel Serrats first live stageperformance in 1967 at the Palau de la in the Eurovision Song Contest to singThe following year, Spain entered SerratMúsica la", but he asked to sing it in Catalan, to which the Spanish authorities"La, la, Catalana,would not agree.Serrat refused to sing the Spanish-language version, and was hurriedly replacedby Massiel, who went on to win the contest with her Spanish-languageinterpretation. By JavierThe release of the Mediterráneo LP in 1971 consolidated the artists reputation
  22. 22. JOSEP PLÀJosep Pla i Casadevall was born in March8,1897 in Palafrugell, Catalonia,Spain.He died in April 23,1981 aged 84 inLlofriu,Catalonia,Spain.He was a very famous Catalan writerIn 1909 he studied at Maristes School.In 1913 he studied medicine.In 1919 he graduated in Law and beganworking as journalist.In 1939, he worked in La Vanguardia.He died in Girona in 1981. By Keri
  23. 23. PAU GASOLIm going to write about Pau Gasol.He was born in Barcelona in 1980.He is a basketball player.In the season 2000-2001, Barcelonasigned Pau Gasol.He won 1 league and 1 cup.He signed with Memphis Grizzlies in2001.Now, he plays for Los Angeles Lakers.The 5th of February 2008, he played hisfirst match against New Jersey Nets.Pau gasol is the first Catalan to play theNBA finals and to win the NBA.He won 2 NBA titles in 2009 and 2010. By Laia
  24. 24. CHARLIE RIVELI´m going to write about Charlie Rivel.His artistic name was Josep Andreu iLaserre.He was born in Cubelles in 1896.He was a famous clown.He has got a big and white mouth.He was always wearing a red T-shirt.He died in Sant Pere de Ribes in 1983. By Marcel
  25. 25. PAU CASALSIm going to write about Pau Casals iDefilló.He was born in El Vendrell (BaixPenedes) in 1876.He was a musician.He is generally regarded as the pre-eminent cellist of the first half of the 20thcentury, and one of the greatest cellists ofall time.He is perhaps best remembered for therecordings of the Bach Cello Suites hemade from 1936 to 1939.In 1897 he appeared in his first concert.In 1905 he visited RussiaIn 1932 he was president of the Junta deMusica de CatalunyaIn 1939 he went to PuertoFrance becauseIn 1955 he went to live to Ricoof the Spanish his first concert in the United Nations.In 1958 he did Civil War.In 1971 he made a peace hymn for the United Nations.He died in Puerto Rico in 1973. By Mario
  26. 26. MERCÈ RODOREDAShe was born in Barcelona.She was a writer.In 1932 she publiced her first book "Sócuna dona honrada".She went to live to Paris in 1946.In 1933 she became a journalist.She went to Ginebra in 1950.She went to Paris in 1973.In 1963 published "La plaça del diamant".In 1979 she was theatre director.She died in Girona in 1983. By Mónica
  27. 27. JOAN MIRÓJoan Miró i Ferrà (April 20, 1893 –December 25, 1983) was a catalan painter,sculptor and ceramicist born in Barcelona.His work has been interpreted assurrealism.Miró expressed contempt for conventionalpainting methods as a way of supportingbourgeois society .He began drawing classes at the age ofseven at a private school at Carrer delRegomir 13 .His early modernist works include portait ofVicent Nubiola.Miró created over 250 illustrated books.Miró has been a significant influence onlate 20th-century art, in particular theAmerican abstract expressionist artists By PabloIn 1979 Miró received a doctorate honoris
  28. 28. XAVI HERNÁNDEZXavi Hernández i Creus was born 25 January1980 in Terrassa, Barcelona,Catalonia.Xavi is a Spanish football player who plays asa central midfieler for FC clubBarcelona, He spent there his entire 14 yearcarrer.He won 3 Champions Leagues.In the summer of 2005, he won the SpanishSupercup.In 2008 he was the Best player of the Eurocup.On 9 June 2010, Xavi signed a new 4 yearcontract with the club.He won the 2012 World Cup with SpainNational team. By Paula
  29. 29. PASQUAL MARAGALLPasqual Maragall and Mira was born inJanuary 13,1941 in Barcelona.He is a Catalan politician and was the 127thpresident of Generalitat de Catalunya.He had previously been Mayor ofBarcelona,from 1982 to 1997 and helped runthe citys successful Olympic bid.He was born in Barcelona in 1941 as the thirdof eight siblings.His grandfather was the Catalonia poet JoanMaragall.In 1965,he married Diana Garrigos,and he hastwo daughters and one son.On 20th October 2007, he announced that hehad been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. By Raquel
  30. 30. SALVADOR DALÍSalvador Dalí was a prominent SpanishCatalan surrealist painter born in Figueres inEmpordà region.In 1929 he worked with Pablo Picasso in París.In 1926 lived in Madrid.He met Federico García Lorca,LuisBuñuel,Rafael Albert and more artists.Dalí was highly imaginative.Dalí was a skilled draftsman,best known for thestriking and bizarre images in his surrealistwork. By Rosa
  31. 31. VICENTE FERRERVicente Ferrer Moncho was born in Barcelona in1920.His family was originally from Gandia (region ofSafor).He married Anne Perry.After being ordained, he joined the Jesuits in 1944.Vicente Ferrer Foundation carries out humanitarianprojects in Andhra Pradesh, bringing aid to over 2.5million poor peopleHe has been nominated several times for the NobelPeace. IIn 1998 he received the Prince of Asturias Award forConcord with Nicolas Castellanos, Joaquín SanzGadea andMuhammad Yunus.In 1999 he was awarded the Cross of St. George,awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia.In 2000 he wasawarded the Gold Medal of the Cityof Barcelona.UNESCO alsoawarded him with the appointment ofprominent personality in the history of the twentieth By Tomáscentury, in 2001.
  32. 32. THANK YOU FOR READING  We hope you liked it !!