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Medicmate Slideshow 2007
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Medicmate Slideshow 2007


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MedicMate is an application for Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones. Has numerous functions for doctors and nurses on the move and acts as a pesonal assistant. The slideset provides a backdrop to …

MedicMate is an application for Windows Mobile PDAs and smartphones. Has numerous functions for doctors and nurses on the move and acts as a pesonal assistant. The slideset provides a backdrop to MedicMate

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  • 1. MedicMate – the Personal Assistant in Your Pocket
  • 2. The National Program for IT
    £12.5 billion program
    NHS-wide network of desktop applications
    Designed to “improve patient care through use of IT”
    Cumbersome and problematic rollout across NHS
    Excellent resource for ordering tests and retrieving results
  • 3. Connecting for Health
    Desk-bound application
    Not designed for healthcare professionals “on the move”
  • 4. Healthcare Professionals on the Move
    Ward round
    Home visit
    Community medicine
    Multidisciplinary shared care
  • 5. Changing Work Patterns in the NHS
  • 6. Clinical Governance and Best Practice
    Evidence based medicine
    Clinical guidelines and protocols
  • 7. The BMA Document - “Making IT Work for Junior Doctors”
    Patient lists
    Clinical Support
  • 8. “Making IT Work for Junior Doctors” – Patient Lists
    Many doctors type & store their own patient lists on a home computer
    Essential information includes patient locations, clinical summaries/active problems and outstanding tasks to be shared with colleagues
    Current practice flouts data protection legislation
    Risks patient confidentiality when paper lists are mislaid around the hospital, or at other patients bedsides
  • 9. “Making IT Work for Junior Doctors” - Handover
    Responsibility to ensure the safe continuity of information at changes of duty
    Handover must be comprehensive but succinct
    Must highlight patients who are unstable and need review
    Provide access to summary of all other patients’ clinical problems
    Communicate outstanding clinical tasks which need completion
    Be alerted to abnormal results from previous shift
  • 10. “Making IT Work for Junior Doctors” – Clinical Support Systems
    Many trusts now publish local guidelines
    National Electronic Library for Health, & commercial/non-for-profit web-sites offer on-line information.
    Currently guidence not immediately accessible at the bedside in the most appropriate form.
    In an acute or emergency setting, doctors need:
    -Readily available, localised information, avoiding convoluted search strategies
  • 11. MedicMate - Responding to the IT Needs of Medics on the Move
    On ward rounds and home visits, medics need a mobile device
    Customisable suite of applications
    Up-to-date patient database with:
    - demographics
    - problem list
    - jobs (to be done and complete)
    - mini-notes (sticky notes)
    Electronic handover of information
    Personal compendium of local guidelines and protocols
    Bleeps, extensions, passwords and codes
    Personal organiser, reminder alarm, voice recorder
  • 12. MedicMate – the Personal Assistant in your Pocket
    Designed to allow
    paperless and
    hardcopy handover
    Runs on any Windows
    Mobile Phone or PDA
    Suite of six applications
  • 13. MedicMate – the Secure and Encrypted Personal Assistant in your Pocket
    Password protected
    High level encryption
  • 14. MedicMate – Customisation
    Job categories
    Medical jotter
    Frequently used jobs
    Hospital aircall prefixes
  • 15. MedicMate – Patient Zone
    Name, dob, age calculator
    Hospital number
    Active and inactive problem list
    Jobs to be done and completed
    Mini-notes (sticky note)
  • 16. Sticky Notes
  • 17. MedicMate – Bluetooth and Infra-red Handover
  • 18. MedicMate – Bluetooth Handover
    Filter patient database (eg by consultant and/or ward)
    Transfer details of ward, consultant, problem list, completed and incomplete jobs
    Indicate patient priority
    Transfer mini notes (as sticky note)
    Print hardcopy as well!
  • 19. MedicMate – prints hardcopy as well
  • 20. MedicMate – Medical Jotter
    Supports text, drawing and voice recording
    Build your personal mobile e-book of guidelines and protocols
    Share developments on MedicMate Wiki site
  • 21. MedicMate – Miscellaneous Jobs
    Create and manage personal tasks not necessarily related to patient activity
    Eg “Arrrange appraisal”, “Get forms signed”
  • 22. MedicMate – Switchboard
    Hospital extensions (searched by name or department)
    Important telephone numbers
    Aircall numbers
  • 23. MedicMate – Worldwide
  • 24. MedicMate – the Personal Assistant for Mobile Medics
  • 25. MedicMate – The PA in Your Pocket
  • 26. SotiDemo