English cuisine


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English cuisine

  1. 1. English Cuisine Выполнила студентка группыLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY ТД – 08 – 4 Шмыкова Лена
  2. 2. The English proverb says: every cook praises his own broth. One can not say English cookery is bad, but there is not a lot of variety in it in comparison with European cuisine. The English are very particular about their meals. The usual meals in England are breakfast, lunch, tea andLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY dinner.
  3. 3. Breakfast time is between seven and nine a.m. A traditional English breakfast is a very big meal. It consists of juice, a one or two of bacon and eggs, toast, butter, jam or marmalade, tea or coffee.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  4. 4. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  5. 5. Oatmeal, Sir! Many people like to begin with porridge with milk or cream and sugar, but no good Scotsman ever puts sugar on it, because Scotland is the home of porridgeLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  6. 6. English breakfast What you need: thick sausage smoked bacon 2 strips blood sausage one piece Egg 2 items mushrooms large tomatoes Canned beans in tomato sauce 1/2 cans Bread two thick piecesLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY butter vegetable oil salt Bulgarian pepper
  7. 7. English breakfast step 1 Put the beans sauce in a pan, sprinkle with red or black pepper and warm over low heat for 10-12 minutes. When the bean is ready, add the a little bit butter. Under the grill at medium heat fry the sausage first, then bacon. A small amount of a mixture of butter and vegetable oil fry the whole mushrooms and cut crosswise in half tomatoes. step 2 Fry the eggs skrembl. Need to fry blood sausage last, along with eggs.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY The bread in the toaster drain. In the heated plate Put all the ingredients and serve breakfast immediately with a strong tea in English.
  8. 8. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  9. 9. Lunch everyday working man is made up of "soup, sandwich or salad". This is usually an easy meal, while wishing to serveLayout by orngjce223, CC-BY in the restaurants and three dishes.
  10. 10. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  11. 11. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  12. 12. On weekends, when not required to rise early in the morning or after a walk or swim instead of breakfast and lunch suit "brunch". This is the first and second breakfast together, which can have whatever you want, and passes it in an informal setting.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  13. 13. The traditional English Sunday lunch usually consists of two courses: the "main" dishes - meat or poultry.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  14. 14. The second dish may be called "pudding", "sweet" or "dessert" - is often baked in a pie or cake with fruit filling.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  15. 15. Sunday roast. Sometimes on a Sunday may submit a chicken, leg of lamb or a piece of pork. But a national culinary pride - its roast beef: with a thick sauce, hot mustard or horseradish.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  16. 16. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  17. 17. On snack may apply Yorkshire pudding.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  18. 18. TOAD IN THE HOLE (sausages in Yorkshire pudding)Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  19. 19. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY Banger and Mash
  20. 20. For dessert, too, offered pudding - just sweet. The classic option - an oil-bread.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  21. 21. In todays world where so much attention is paid to health, to replace the "pudding" come to the cheese and fruit.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  22. 22. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  23. 23. Afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is served from three to five hours - with a selection of sandwiches, cookies, cakes and scones.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  24. 24. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  25. 25. Supper or dinner? Supper - this is an evening meal, which may take place at any time with your family. On weekdays, it may consist of hot dishes such as lamb chops, country pie.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  26. 26. The word "dinner" is denoted by an evening meal, which has a more formal background, which usually starts at 8:00 or 8:30 pm, inviting guests or in restaurants. It consists of three or more meals. This is usually preceded by a dinner drink - strong alcoholic beverages or wine.Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  27. 27. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY Fish & chips.
  28. 28. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  29. 29. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  30. 30. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY
  31. 31. Layout by orngjce223, CC-BY