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Operational Excellence Consulting Services Brochure - Innovations for breakthrough


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Operational Excellence Consulting - Services Brochure

  1. 1. Innovations for breakthrough
  2. 2. Table of ContentsLean Thinking 2Hoshin Kanri 3Training Within Industry 4Total Productive Maintenance 5Total Quality Management 6Benchmarking 7Suggestion System 8Service Excellence 9List of Training Programs 10About Operational Excellence Consulting 11 1 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  3. 3. Lean ThinkingWe help our clients to deploy Lean Thinking principles and practices to transform into a Leanenterprise that delivers high customer value.With Lean Thinking, you will be able to enhance value for your customers by improving and smoothing the process flow and eliminatingwaste. Simply put, with Lean, you will be able to increase productivity and create greater customer value with less resources.Our consultants will work with you to develop a Lean process that starts with understanding of the value stream of products and servicesfrom the customers’ perspective. The ultimate goal is the total elimination of waste and inflexibility from the value streams to developbreakthrough in customer value.To achieve this goal, we will guide you to adopt Lean thinking mindsets and behaviors as well as applying the Lean methodologies andtool to optimize the end-to-end value streams that flow horizontally across the functions and systems. 2 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  4. 4. Hoshin KanriWe help our clients to differentiate the organization with a simple, holistic approach to strategy.Hoshin Kanri is a powerful, systematic Strategic Planning methodology that uses a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to create goals, choose controlmeasures and link daily control activities to the companys strategy. It involves a "catchball" as the driving force of alignment, clarification andemployee involvement. The methodology has been used by some of the world’s most successful companies such as Toyota, Hewlett-Packard and Bank of America as a systematic approach to capture and cement strategic goals and develop the means to bring these intoreality.With the discipline of Hoshin Kanri in place, your organization can expect the following benefits:​• Focuses the entire company on a few vital goals, rather than the trivial many• Creates alignment towards breakthrough objectives through involvement of the whole management team in the planning process• Communicates the key goals to all managers and staff• Integrates and encourages cross-functional cooperation to achieve breakthroughs• A review process which holds participants accountable for achieving their part of the plan 3 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  5. 5. Training Within Industry (TWI)We enable our clients to improve efficiency by helping them build stability and repeatability inthe process through systematic coaching and standardized work.Training Within Industry (TWI) is an integral part of Lean to reinforce the practice of Standard Work. Standardized work eliminates waste,improves process stability and provides a baseline for process improvement. TWI has three components:Job Instruction Training (JI): Teaches supervisors how to quickly train employees to do a job correctly, safely, and conscientiouslyJob Methods Training (JM): Teaches supervisors how to continuously improve the way jobs are doneJob Relations Training (JR): Teaches supervisors how to develop and maintain positive employee relations to prevent problems fromhappening and how to effectively resolve conflicts that ariseTWI translates Lean Thinking into a positive and continuous improvement culture, standardized work and a safe workplace. Companiesthat have implemented TWI have reported improvements of 25% and more in increased production, reduced training time, reduced scrapand reduced labor-hours. 4 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  6. 6. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)We facilitate our clients to grow profitably by helping them maximize the value of their capitalinvestments.We work with you to achieve higher lifecycle returns for your capital investment, in less time and with greater predictability, by taking a holisticapproach to Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) improvement covering the end-to-end production processes. We ensure the OEE issignificantly improved with a sharp view on value and risk by:​• Aligning goals and metrics to foster a culture of collaboration between maintenance and production teams• Utilizing visual dashboards and asset analytics to provide critical indicators impacting performance• Enabling maintenance and production employees on the TPM principles and applications for shop-floor reliability excellence• Identifying the major equipment losses that offers the highest value potential• Facilitating maintenance and production teams on elimination of the major equipment losses, such as cutting operating costs by reducing/eliminating unplanned downtime• Establishing and implementing a clear stakeholder communication strategy early in the process• Developing the optimal resource strategy for the maintenance function 5 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  7. 7. Total Quality Management (TQM)We help to transform our clients culture from quality control to quality management to achieveoverall business excellence.Our total quality approach helps our clients improve quality and customer satisfaction by:• Developing a culture that embraces external and internal supplier-customer relationships with a focus on understanding and meeting requirements• Facilitating the formation of the quality management team and defining its roles and responsibilities for driving total quality• Establishing and implementing a clear stakeholder communication strategy throughout the organization• Creating awareness of the companys vision, mission and values and their alignment to team and individual goals to improve quality• Enabling management and staff on total quality principles, tools and techniques for quality management and quality improvement• Identifying the major costs of poor quality that offer the highest value potential• Facilitating working teams to reduce the cost of poor quality and building collaborative teamwork across the organization• Integrating the ISO 9000 quality system into the total quality process• Establishing a system of recognition and rewards that reinforce positive attitudes and behavior 6 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  8. 8. BenchmarkingWe facilitate our clients to identify and adopt best-in-class practices to create competitiveadvantage.Benchmarking is the process of continually searching for the best methods, practices and processes, and either adopting or adapting theirgood features and implementing them to achieve breakthrough performance.​To become the best-in-class, you will need to implement the right processes to get there. Our consultants will train and guide your projectteams to implement the world-renown Xerox benchmarking methodology. The scope includes:​• Facilitating the formation of benchmarking teams• Identifying what to benchmark and identifying the best firms• Developing the data collection plan• Measuring and analyzing benchmarking data• Analyzing the gaps and developing action plans• Integrating best-in-class practices into the DNA of your organization 7 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  9. 9. Suggestion SystemWe help our clients develop a proper infrastructure and processesthat generate a constant flow of quality ideas.Studies have shown that only 40% of organizations have a formal system for employees tosubmit ideas. This means that most organizations have missed out on the opportunity to increasecustomer satisfaction, improve bottom line and enhance employee satisfaction.On the other hand, those with existing Suggestion Systems have encountered poor participationrates and low implementation rates. Others have found that it is rare to find good qualitysuggestions – ideas that are logical, radical and practical to implement.We can help you to plan and implement an effective Suggestion System that works. Our serviceincludes:• Setting up a governance structure• efining policies and goals D• eveloping promotion and publicity campaign D• efining the suggestions process D• eveloping good quality ideas D• efining the evaluation and award systems D• etting up a monitoring and management review system SIf you have an existing Suggestion System, we can assist you to increase its effectiveness by:• Reviewing the entire system• iagnosing the problems D• eveloping and implementing countermeasures D 8 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  10. 10. Service ExcellenceWe enable our clients with techniques and skills to provide excellent service and manage varioustypes of customer conditions with confidence.​Satisfied and loyal customers are your biggest asset, and providing quality customer service is of critical importance. Therefore, it isabsolutely essential to plan and manage the customer service processes and touchpoints diligently – from the back office all the way to thefront counter.The characteristics of excellent service are more than just having the right attitude and job knowledge. You must be able to manage differentcustomer conditions, personalize and adapt your products and services to suit the customer, and apply a recovery process in difficultsituations.Having worked with various organizations in transforming their service cultures, we have discovered that while every organization is different,the framework to build a quality service culture is the same.We can help you transform your service culture based on the quality service framework. The model will help you to build a holistic andsustainable quality service culture and includes various tools and practices to deliver excellent service.​ 9 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  11. 11. List of Training ProgramsWe enable our clients to build capability by offering them a wide range of education and training programswhich are customizable to their specific needs.As the world shifts towards a knowledge-based economy, it critical for organizations to develop a motivated and dynamic workforce with relevantskills and knowledge to delight and exceed customer expectations.​Our corporate in-house learning programs address critical business issues and focus on enabling clients in improving business performance andeffectiveness. Our learning programs include:• ​Lean Thinking "Thanks for the presentation• Kaizen​​ yesterday. It was very helpful in getting everyone up to speed on• 5S & Visual Management the outlines of Lean."• Value Stream Mapping & Analysis• PDCA Problem Solving Tools & Technique• A3 Problem Solving Florian Faes CEO, Asia Pacific• Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)​​ CLS Communication (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.• Total Quality Management (TQM)• ​Hoshin Kanri• ​Suggestion System (Kaizen Teian) ​ "After your lecture, we• Training Within Industry (TWI)​ appointed some of them to Leaders. They worked well and• Six Sigma Overview organized another workers• Lean Six Sigma Overview well. And this areas• Cost of Quality​ performance not only• Benchmarking productivity but also safety, is• ​Delivering Service Excellence better than I expected. Thank• and many more… you for your TWI."Contact us to take our learning programs to your gemba! Hiroyuki Nakamura Plant Director NSG GROUP 10 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  12. 12. About Operational Excellence ConsultingWho we areOperational Excellence Consulting helps organizations to work smarter and grow faster. Our work is always evolving torespond to industry trends and management focus, and we combine our deep technical skills in response to our clientschanging needs. Over time, what we do remain closely linked with helping our clients improve the way they operate; innovateand grow; reduce costs; manage risks; leverage talent; and change the way they do business.One of our unique strengths is going beyond a tools-focused approach to seamlessly integrate people, processes, technologyand continuous improvement initiatives to suit the specific needs and situations of our clients.What we doBased in Singapore, we provide corporate learning programs and management advisory services to assist our clients toachieve breakthrough in business performance and effectiveness. Our aim is to support our clients in designing, managingand executing lasting beneficial change.Who we serveWe work with government bodies, multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises of a wide spectrum ofindustries. They include public sector, manufacturing, engineering, IT, printing and media, aerospace, defence, financialservices and insurance, education, retail, oil and gas, etc. 11 Operational Excellence Consulting :: Innovations for breakthrough
  13. 13. Contact Us Phone: +65-6787-8246 ​ Email: info@oeconsulting.com.sg Registered Office: 28 Simei Street 1, #01-13 Singapore 529948 ​ Business Registration No.: 53141573B Website: www.oeconsulting.com.sg© Operational Excellence Consulting. All rights reserved.