Presentation 2 7-р анги


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Presentation 2 7-р анги

  1. 1. Lesson four We are going to have a party! Let's have fun!
  2. 2. What are we going to learn at this lesson? <ul><li>Talking about celebrations
  3. 3. Party and celebration vocabulary
  4. 4. Reading ordinal numbers
  5. 5. New language:
  6. 6. Going to – all forms </li></ul>
  7. 7. Now let's think about a year! How many months are there in a year? Let's name them together!
  8. 8. J anuary is the first month _______ is the second month _______ is the third month _______ is the fourth month _______ is the fifth month _______ is the sixth month _______ is the seventh month _______ is the eighth month _______ is the ninth month _______ is the tenth month _______ is the eleventh month _______ is the twelfth month.
  9. 9. January is the first month. ____is the second month. _____ is the third month. ____ is the fourth month.
  10. 10. ____ is the fifth month. ____ is the sixth month. ____ is the seventh month. ____ is the eighth month.
  11. 11. ____ is the ninth month. ____ is the tenth month. ___is the eleventh month. ___is the twelfth month.
  12. 12. No #Слайд 4 w let's check the missing words! Listen and sing the song together!
  13. 13. Months of the year song #Слайд 1
  14. 14. Christmas eve December 25 th New year day December 31st Christmas day January 1st New year eve December 24th Match the British holidays and dates
  15. 15. 1. Do you like New Year celebrations? Why/why not? 2. How do you usually celebrate the New Year? 3. What are you going to do next New Year ? In pairs, ask and answer
  16. 16. New words Party and celebration vocabulary (look at the pictures and guess the meaning of the words)
  17. 17. To drink champagne
  18. 18. To have a party
  19. 19. To kiss each other
  20. 20. To watch firework
  21. 21. Now look at the page #77 of your book and exercise #4a, read the interview.
  22. 22. 1. Which tense is the interview about? Past or future? 2. Is 'going to' used to talk about present or future tense?
  23. 23. Future simple tense Going to (auxiliary verb)
  24. 24. Meaning (утга): -х гэж байгаа Use (хэрэглээ): 1. Урьдаас төлөвлөсөн үйл явдлыг хэлэхэд 2. Зайлшгүй болох зүйлийг хэлэхэд
  25. 25. Positive: S + am/is/are + going to + V(inf) I am going to prepare a big vegetable salad. Kate is going to make a cake. We are going to have a special meal. Structure (бүтэц):
  26. 26. Structure (бүтэц): Negative: S + am/is/are not + going to + V(inf) I am not going to cook. He is not going to stay with us. We are not going to use alcoholic drinks.
  27. 27. Structure (бүтэц): Question: (Qu/w) + am/is/are + S + going to + V(inf)? Are you going to watch fireworks? Is he going to bring presents? What time are you going to start the party?
  28. 28. Quiz 1. They _____ to have a party tomorrow. a. is going to b. are going c. am going
  29. 29. Quiz 2. My brother _____ to do his homework. a. is going b. are going c. am going
  30. 30. Quiz 3. I'm going to _____ a new red dress. a. wearing b. wears c. wear
  31. 31. Quiz 4. ______ is the ninth month of the year. a. November b. September c. October
  32. 32. Quiz 5. We all enjoyed _____ so much. The lights in the sky were wonderful. a. watching firework b. drinking champagne c. kissing each other
  33. 33. Correct answers are: 1.b 2.a 3.c 4.b 5.a Congratulations!
  34. 34. Conclusion Did you enjoy this lesson? <ul>OK Confusing Bad </ul>
  35. 35. Homework <ul><li>Write about your next birthday plan
  36. 36. Use auxiliary verb 'going to'
  37. 37. Report your plan to the class </li></ul>
  38. 38. Thank you for paying attention!