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Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg
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Adcorp board presentation_july_2011_fg


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. nojoshmo.comAdcorp Board Presentation
  • 2. Agenda
    Social Media Revolution
    Trends in Social Recruitment
    What is
    Meet jo. no ordinary shmo
  • 3. Social Media Revolution
  • 4. Trends InSocial Recruitment
  • 5. Trends in Social Recruitment - Recruiter
    With the recession, not only were there fewer jobs – but the number of staff in the recruitment department within corporates diminished as well
    Recruiters and staffing firms have begun to focus on
    social recruiting – a more cost effective recruiting methodology with satisfactory results
    LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the current frontrunners in terms of sourcing candidates in the social space
    “Throughout 2011, social recruiting will continue to provide employers and job seekers with a clear understanding of job qualifications, requirements and expectations, resulting in continuous return on investment, increased network building, and productive referral engagement.”
    2011 Social Recruiting Trends and Strategies, Cachinko
  • 6. Trends in Social Recruitment - Recruiter
    In a research survey conducted by Jobvite, 58% of respondents indicated that candidates were hired through social networks
    • almost 80% said LinkedIn was used as a form of recruitment,
    • 7. Facebook was used as a form of recruitment 55% of the time, with a 27.5% success rate
    • 8. Twitter was utilised at a rate of 45%. Of that, 14.2% found sufficient talent
    Virtual interviews were also being conducted to weed out candidates. According to Recruiting Trends, messaging technologies such as Skype have made interviewing not only easier, but also more cost effective:
    • 25% of the respondents have used virtual interviews,
    • 9. 19% conduct virtual interviews once or twice a year,
    • 10. 6% use virtual interviews regularly
    Source: Recruiting Trends 2010-2011, Jobvite Research
  • 11. Trends in Social Recruitment - Recruiter
    Going Mobile
    In line with the global trend, candidates are looking to recruiters to provide access to mobile tools.
    Research conducted by (RSA) suggests that grads, the next generation to hit the talent market, are using more mobile online recruitment tools than ever before due to increased internet access and availability. They remark that it’s easy and flexible in terms of time and location.
    Employer Branding
    Companies are realising that attracting top talent is a competitive space – and should market themselves to candidates and showcase their values, culture and vision. The right talent is therefore attracted to your company.
    Passive Talent
    Social media allows for interaction and relationship building with passive or latent talent – the superstars that are not actively seeking jobs. Social media allows access to these elusive creatures – who are open to relevant opportunities.
  • 12. Trends in Social Recruitment - Candidate
    The Rise of the Millenials
    Millenials are entering the job market in their droves – in fact to the tune of 93million in the US alone over the next four years! These individuals use social media as a means of communicating, connecting, sharing and collaborating – and they bring this ethos into the workplace. Therefore as prospective employers, if you are not communicating in their language you will not attract this talent.
    Self Directed Career Management
    Following on from the rise of the Millenials is the fact that these young people direct their own careers – they take action, seek out employers they want to work for and put themselves out there to be found, using social media extensively in this endeavour.
    Personal Branding
    As with all consumer brands – millenials see themselves as individual brands. In the social media space it is important to build your brand, put your best foot forward and manage your reputation as you would a company or product brand. They do this in their personal and professional capacity. Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, blogs, twitter accounts all portray their personal brands.
  • 13. Personal Branding
  • 14. What is
  • 15. Context and Introduction
    NJS is a mash up of existing social media, creating a multi
    dimensional, multi media professional based space to represent an individual to prospective employees
    Aimed primarily at the millennials or Digital Natives – born with a mouse in their hand
    Now entering the job market – and are forced to represent themselves in a one dimensional text based way
    In the US alone there will be more than 93 million Millennials employed in various organizations by 2014!
    They use technology – whether you as an organisation offer it or not
    Email is a thing of the past within this target audience
  • 16. What is is a multi dimensional, interactive, community building, networking based professional space – the next generation of job boards
    Aimed at millenials, career driven individuals who are accustomed to interacting in a multi faceted manner with the onset of Facebook, LinkedIn, IM, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and a multitude of other environments is about building a professional space, using all the power of Web 3.0, which is maintained for the remainder of an individuals career – with new information added all the time
    It is a networking platform which allows individuals to connect with each other, as well as offer the opportunity for referee’s to post references as well as to share their interests by RSS feeds and aggregated link sites
  • 17. What is
    From a company perspective, it offers unprecedented access to candidates presenting themselves in a multimedia fashion – offering a wealth of insight into the individual, as opposed to a flat text based resume’
    The powerful search ensures that the filtering process is quick and super efficient – getting companies from zero to a short list in record time by using the “add to basket” functionality
    The screening interview can become a thing of the past with the ability to request a short video response to pertinent questions
    Not only will it save money – but will improve the efficiency of the recruitment process
  • 18. Meet jo.
  • 19. and Adcorp
    NJS is positioned within the Adcorp stable to capitalize on:
    • Client self sufficiency
    • 20. Direct recruitment
    Branded frontends to NJS will be implemented for DAV, Premier and Quest
    NJS will be the applicant handling solution for Adfusion initiatives with Skillstream which jointly offer and end to end solution to identified corporate customers
    Where applicable, operating companies can use the power of NJS in their business. The powerful matching and search functionality within NJS can lead to efficiency gains in these operations
    All these initiatives will drive the strategy of establishing the definitive talent pool for Adcorp in the South African market
  • 21. Thank you