How to create content for TEDx? Oliver de Leeuw gastcollege HvA - content creatie TEDxAmsterdam & social media (05-03-2013)


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As chief content creator at TEDxAmsterdam I presented students of Applied Psychology at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (college) with the why-how-what of the online team.

I divided the year in periods: before the event (creating compelling content), during the event (live reporting on a plethora of channels) and afterwards (keeping the buzz going).

If you're interested in crafting a content strategy, live reporting or social media coverage for your event, please contact me at

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How to create content for TEDx? Oliver de Leeuw gastcollege HvA - content creatie TEDxAmsterdam & social media (05-03-2013)

  1. 1. Oliver de Leeuw Chief content creator +31 628 13 77 43 @odeleeuw
  2. 2. Radical openness is the organising principle of everything that we do at TED
  3. 3. Events
  4. 4. Online
  5. 5. Independentlyorganized
  6. 6. Globalphenomenon
  7. 7. We organiseren 7 eventsVan de 5900 wereldwijde TEDx events
  8. 8. TEDxTalks Ev ents ‘09-’12 Licenties 22000 Steden Events ‘13Landen 5900 3023 1677 1225 145
  9. 9. TEDxAmsterdam TEDxYouthAmsterdamTEDxAmsterdamWomen TEDxAmsterdamEDucation
  10. 10. De verhalen liggen voor het oprapen
  11. 11. Mediakanalen TEDxAmsterdam Website/blog/Disqus YouTube/Vimeo Compelling ContentNieuwsbrief - Tumblr Constant Feed Twitter - Pinterest Conversation Starter Facebook Google + Flickr
  12. 12. Voor | Tijdens | Na Alles op de juiste plek en
  13. 13. Voor | Tijdens | NaBrede content binnen de TED & TEDxAmsterdam-thema’s
  14. 14. Voor | Tijdens | Na Verrassingen versus radical openness
  15. 15. Voor | Tijdens | Na Trailer: 120,000 views
  16. 16. Tijdens
  17. 17. Tijdens
  18. 18. Tijdens Achtergrondinformatie Live elementenBlog = YouTube/video Storify/tweets Flickr/foto’s Tumblr/kunst
  19. 19. Tijdens
  20. 20. Tijdens How to? Login with Moby/TwitterHOME ABOUT NEWS PROGRAM AWARD VIDEO PARTNERS 2009 2010 2011 2012 LIVE STREAM ANALYSIS TEDxAms Organisation updates “@mashable: Amanda Palmer Wins TED Toilet+ business model. The @TEDxAmsWomen talk Most shared news Latest updates #TEDxAMS @amandapalmer” of @anjalisarker in @Forbes #TED2013 #TheArtofAsking 2 days ago ways-the-toilet-business-model-can-change-the- world-and-your-company/ TEDxAmsterdam newsstand #T… De positieve ondernemersenergi… Oliver: TEDxAmsterdam newsstand Lees het inspirerende succesverhaal TEDxAmsterdam newsstand #TEDxAms #TED: Afra Raymond reveals three myths about #TED: Who controls the world? How complex corruption. One of them: that it is too pervasive to be systems theory can give us a new understanding of #TEDxAms, by Oliver: All online news van Jim Stolze, topondernemer en is out! stopped.” who is in charge.” about the 5 TEDxAmsterdam events organisator van TEDxAmsterdam. ▸ 2 week(s) ago 3 week(s) ago Top stories today via @TEDxAmsWomen First shared by @TEDxAms & 5 other(s) First shared by @marijkehuisman & 2 other(s) @marijkehuisman Click here to open @TEDxAms on twitter 4 days ago TEDxAmsterdam » The top 3 se… TED | Ads Worth Spreading Shadi: TEDxAms Blog #TEDxAMS Crew In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, | TED (Technology, Entertainment, TED has created a program called Design) is where the worlds leading Dell wins Ads Worth Spreading challenge TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self- thinkers and doers gather to share ideas #ted #TEDxAms #Dell A little tap on the shoulder for o… Share some X for Xmas Andrew Maaldrink: cc@DellLuistert @MichaelDell About 120 volunteers are dedicating Still touched by the wonderful music of #VoiceYourView shows you the whole First shared by @GebrVeekens & 2 other(s) First shared by @ShadiJaberNL & 1 other(s) 4 days ago their free time to organise TEDxAmsterdam? Or by the many great story with two faced images TEDxAmsterdam. Time to give them a ideas that were presented? Here is your little tap on the shoulder during our X-Mas shopping list! 1 hour ago Coursera Lessons Learned from Doing Li… Marijke Huisman: volunteer day. 2 february 2013 21 december 2012 We are a social entrepreneurship What things you should pay attention to specialiseer je RT @ingnl_os: De 3 Ondernemerssupport: ondernemerstips van @JimStolze, company that partners with the top when doing a live hangout. Watch your Catching up with Sustainable Sp… The top 3 secrets to a powerful … Financieringsvormen, welke zijn er Welke vind jij het allemaal? Kom naar universities in the world to offer courses back, dont pick your nose and more From the wilderness and back, Alan Ever wonder how you can share your belangrijkste? #TEDxAms #wvdo13 McSmith discusses life after ideas with others with maximum Ondernemend Financieren op de First shared by @TEDxAms & 1 other(s) First shared by @odeleeuw & 1 other(s) 5 days ago TEDxAmsterdam and how he continues impact? Our public speaking gurus, Joni #wvdo13 to advocate for conservation of our Bais of Great Communicators and Tara 2 hours ago environment and the lessons we can 20 december 2012 20 december 2012 their top 3 tips for giving Phillips, reveal Ondernemerssupport: TEDxAms Youtube Top Media Mathys van Abbe Views: 757 Kevin Slavin - Dice being illegal, whereas cocaine is not... Mathys van Abbe Views: 457 Paulien Adriana & James Pollard, Some day… Team Black Sheep: Amsterdam 11 february 2013 14 december 2012 Daan van der Plas Views: 196 Mathys van AbbeShared photos & videos #TEDxAms Views: 382 TEDxAmsterdam Google+ Hangout On Air: … TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Carbon Footprint 14 december 2012 6 december 2012
  21. 21. TijdensTwitter Pinterest Facebook Google +
  22. 22. Na
  23. 23. Het eerste TEDx Event ter wereld met alle video’s binnen 24 uur online
  24. 24. Voor | Tijdens | Na Hoe hou je de buzz vast? Waarom hou je de buzz vast? Wat is de buzz?
  25. 25. Weet wat je Focuskanalen wil Creëer content Altijd aanwezig Wie is het merk? Echt contact: offline Weet alles over je sprekers
  26. 26. ContactVragen? Advies nodig? Leuk! Ik drink graag koffie met je. 0628-137743 @odeleeuw