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Addmi 09-analysis ui-reporting Addmi 09-analysis ui-reporting Presentation Transcript

  • Analysis UI -Reporting Turning Data into Information
  • Outline
    • UI Basics
      • Quick access tools
      • The different views
    • Simple Search
      • Quick (keyword) search
      • Advanced search
    • UI Filtering and Charting
      • The different ways to filter results or views
      • Charting and breadcrumbs
    • Contextual Analysis
  • UI Basics
  • Basic Navigation System wide search Top Level Tabs Second Level Buttons Quick Access Tools Current View icon and title
  • Quick Access Tools (1) Help and Support Appliance Status
  • Quick Access Tools (2) Recent Items
  • Quick Access Tools (3) User Details Manual Groups
  • List Views Pagination Controls Selection Controls Page Size Controls Sort Control
  • Node Views Node Label Links follow relationships to other nodes
  • Channel Views Many Related Channels Many Related Channels
  • What are Channels?
    • Channels are small portals of information in the UI
    • Covered in more detail in the Dashboards module
  • Other Views Visualization Views Chart Views
  • Search
  • Quick search
    • Simple search
      • keyword
    • Examines the whole data store (Section)
    • Can choose to match:
      • exact – matches case
      • word – case insensitive
    Search can be the fastest way to dive into the data!
  • Keyword Search Results Most Relevant Results
  • Advanced search page
    • Use multiple keywords
    • Choose which sections to look at
    • Can match with Regular Expressions
  • Finding Reports
    • Searching
      • UI search will search in titles and descriptions
  • UI Filtering and Charting
  • Keyword Filtering Keyword Filtering Controls
  • Ad Hoc Filtering Make an ad hoc selection Filter to selection
  • Column Filtering Filter Icon Filter Menu
  • Charting Chart Icon Chart Menu
  • Chart Views Cycle between presentation styles Click on a sector to drill through
  • Filtering Breadcrumbs Breadcrumb for each step of filtering Previous Steps are clickable
  • Contextual Analysis Reports, Charts and Visualizations
  • What is contextual analysis?
    • Contextual reports, charts and visualizations driven from the data you are looking at
      • Where you are within the UI
      • What items are displayed
  • Where Can I Find Contextual Analysis? (1)
    • Generally all List Views
      • All Host list
      • All SI list
      • All BAI list
  • Where Can I Find Contextual Analysis? (2)
    • Node View detail page
      • Hosts, SI, BAI, Packages etc
  • Not Just Analysis of Infrastructure
    • Not always infrastructure reporting!
      • Discovery Run detail page - diagnostics
    • Online Documentation:
    Further Resources Tideway Foundation Version 7.2 Documentation Title