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Social Studies Chapter 1
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Social Studies Chapter 1



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  • 1. Singapore A Nation in the world A Nation in the world
  • 2.
    • New nations face political, social and economic challenges to survive and progress in the international community
    • They need to stay alert and nimble in responding to challenges
    • Singapore trues to overcome these challenges through the leadership and common will of its people and by working with other nations.
  • 3. Nationhood & It's challenges
  • 4. What is a nation?
    • A nation is formed when the people think and feel that they share a common bond.
    • A group of people accepts one another based on common lineage, culture and historical experiences.
    • It may also be derived on common experiences.
  • 5. Challenges faced by new nations
    • Stable government
    • National identity
    • Social cohesion
    • Meeting people's needs (e.g. Social needs & economic development)
    • Maintaining sovereignty (through its policy of diplomacy & deterrence)
  • 6. Milestones in Singapore History
    • 1942-1945 Japanese occupation
    • 1947 Year of strikes
    • 1954-1955 Communist terror
    • 1955 Limited Self-government
    • 1959 Internal Self-government
    • 1961-1963 Road to merger
    • 1963 Being part of Malaysia/objection to the formation of Malaysia by Indonesia & Philippines
    • 1964 Race riots
    • 1965 Independence
  • 7. Challenges Faced by Singapore as a newly independent state
  • 8. Natural constraints
    • A small island surrounded by large neighbors
    • Easily affected by the events in these countries
    • Singapore needs to be sensitive to its neighbors
    • Lacked natural resources
    • Must depend on other countries for important resources like food and water
  • 9. Stable government & Social needs
    • Singapore needed a government that is stable enough to implement sound policies
    • This would be translated with their ability to give immediate attention to basic needs such as housing, education and healthcare
  • 10. Economic challenge
    • 1960 was a period of widespread unemployment and poverty in Singapore
    • It had lost its status as the entrepot port as a result of the British decision to withdraw the use of its naval bases in Singapore
  • 11. Sovereignty
    • The withdrawal of British troops in 1968 had left Singapore defenseless
    • This promoted the need for an initiative towards the citizen soldiery
  • 12. Social cohesion & National Identity
    • People of Singapore were immigrants who had a sense of attachment towards their homeland
    • Moreover, as they are different races, tension between different ethnic groups was best illustrated in the 1964 race riots