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You can read Imnica Mail Complete & Honest review, its a robust email marketing system and very cheap! Really an Aweber And GetResponse Alternative!

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Imnica Mail honest reviews

  1. 1. Log InLog InHome Welcome Vision Leadership System Get Money 0 TweetTweet ImnicaMailReview–AweberAlternative by TeamTissa | on January 23, 2013 Imnica Mail Review – Why I call it as Aweber Alternative! Did You know that your current Autoresponder Provider is Rip you off ? I’ve been use many different Autoresponders and Imnica Mail is the most affordable yet reliable for me! If You Still Paying Too Much For Your Autoresponder, Then It’s Time For You Switch To Imnica Mail! When it comes to AutoResponder companies, there are only really 3 things which sets one apart from the next… 1. Deliverability 2. Support 3. Pricing Imnica Mail’s deliverability is not only on par with all the other AutoResponder companies, but, many of our happy customers report that it is even better! Imnica Mail’s support is outstanding, and still improving every single day! We treat every single customer as if they are our ONLY customer! All things considered, Imnica Mail cannot, and will not be beaten on price! Just see the price comparison table and you’ll notice why Imnica is aWeber Alternative Imica also the only Autoresponder Service I know that accepting both PayPal and AlertPay (Payza) beside Credit Card payment option. This is Important cause not all people have Credit Card, and not all customer have PayPal due some of their limitation. What I like most about Imnica Mail is an email service which specializes in serving affiliate marketers with their email marketing campaigns because the owner is also an Internet Marketer. The service offers such features as split testing, Google Analytics, detailed statistics, and the ability to personalize the account to suit the preferences of the individual marketer. Here’s the secret formula about email marketing. The Money Is On The List! So.. The bigger the list, the more bigger your income. Period. The deliver-ability is the same as the more well known AutoResponder services but they can save you a whole bunch of money for your business.While both AWeber and GetResponse has a delivery rate of 97%, Imnica Mail on the other hand has a 95% delivery rate. ImnicaMailReview –CompleteFeatures When it comes to autoresponder services, I always take a look more at their deliverability rate, analytics and statistic feature. So far so good, I have tested myself several times and all the emails can be found on my inbox. But a small portion of subscribers reported me that they late receive or the email has been delivered to their spam folder. *Email converted by
  2. 2. Imnica Mail has committed to improve the deliverability rate. It does not stop there, but also constantly adding new tools and features. Here are they complete feature list: 1.Unlimited Lists. 2.Unlimited AutoResponders. 3.Unlimited broadcast messages to your list. 4.SUPER fast, and SUPER easy interface! 5.Create segment rules based on subscriber information and/or subscriber activity such as link clicks, email opens, etc. Use these smart segments in your campaigns as recipient lists. 6.A/B Split Test Campaigns. Create A/B split test campaigns, send different versions of your email content and let Imnica Mail select a winner email version for sending to the rest of recipients. 7.Social Sharing- One Click Share your email campaigns on popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg etc. 8.Email notifications of new subscribers. 9.Advanced Email Template Builder. Create email templates with only mouse clicks, set editable regions, repeating regions and fill in your email content without breaking up the email template. 10.Full IE8&9 compatibility. 11.Live Campaign Statistics. Get your campaign statistics in real time during the delivery of your email campaign. 12.Super deliver-ability rate! 13.Follow up messages sent to your list automatically at a specified interval. 14.Sending broadcast messages to your list at a specified date and time. 15.Text based as well as HTML based emails. 16.SPAM rating before you send. 17.Open rate, click through rate, subscription rate and unsubscription rate tracking. 18.Detailed reports on every campaign you send. 19.Web forms to capture your subscribers. 20.Previewmyemail Integration – You can preview how your email content looks like in 20 favorite email clients before you send it And MANY more. They do offer some additional features which makes Imnica Mail’s offering unique in the market place, like: - Google Analytic integration. Now, track your prospect all the way through your sales funnel on your own sites. Most other services will tell you a subscriber clicked a link, but, that’s where it stops. With Imnica Mail’s Google Analytics integration, you can track everything a subscriber does after they clicked the link. You can see whether they signed up to a new list you might have setup, or bought the product, etc. (You do have to own the site and Google Analytic account to setup the goals in the 1st place.) - FULL RSS module. You can now send emails to your list based on ANY RSS content, pulled from anywhere that has an RSS feed. Yes, that includes blog updates! - Web service integration. With this service, you can send a notification to any web site once someone joins, OR leaves your list. Think CRM integration, and many more … - FULLAPI to use if you are a programmer. With the API, you can now integrate your script with Imnica Mail to automatically add and remove subscribers. You can even move them between lists directly from your application. - No need for your subscribers to re-confirm when you move them to our service. (There are some limitations, but, not many. Check the FAQ on their site for the details.) ~ Run campaigns for YOUR customers! Think offline gold! We have to preempt this by saying that your customer can not send their own campaigns! YOU send them, but, you create client account from within your account for your customers to login and look at the stats. And MUCH more! This is why Imnica Mail chosen as the most affordable Autoresponder Services: RecentPosts Blogroll converted by
  3. 3. Here some screenshots of the Aweber & Getresponse Alternative detailed campaign/broadcast statistic And this is the screen shot for the Split Testing Feature, You can Create A/B split test campaigns, send different versions of your email content and let Imnica Mail select a winner email version for sending to the rest of recipients. Single Optin Allowed Another feature that I like and not so many folks know about it is; Imnica Mail allowing Single Optin !! This is very important aspect for me! Many hosted email services require / force us to make double opt-in produces to get subscriber. But not anymore. With ImnicaMail You get the option to send emails to those who either confirmed their subscription (i.e. double option) or single opt-in. A lot of internet marketers have tested both options and find a single opt-in setting generates more revenue compared to a double opt-in setting. Why ? Because Imnica Mail Server is on UK so it’s not mandatory for the service to force “double opt-in” rule (subscribe AND click a confirmation link) under the CAN-SPAM law in the US.. This does away with confirmation links (which definitely increases the number of subscribers on your list). Double opt-in confirmation typically slashes the size of your list. List Import Enter your best email... Get Instant Access » Tags converted by
  4. 4. « PreviousPost Next Post » You can easily import your current subscriber by opening a support ticket, and your list will be imported without the need to re confirm again ! Finally this is the Imnica Mail Video Introduction by Richelo Killian (CEO) Now you can see why I called Imnica Mail as Aweber Alternatives, It’s impossible to list and display all the POWERFUL features available to you when you join Imnica Mail. The best possible way for you to experience all the features and the power of Imnica Mail is to signup & take advantage of the 30 day fully functional trial for only $1 This entry was posted in Email Marketing, Product Reviews Tags: Autoresponder, Aweber Alternative, Cheap Autoresponder services, Email Marketing, Getresponse Alternatives, Imnica Mail, imnica mail review Am very passionate or perhaps you might say addicted in making money online from the comfort of my room..! I have beautiful wife and 5 years old adorable daughter (small & happy family). I've been on this Internet Marketing industry in the last 4 years and really love building a residual passive income business. I also Love helping others to succeed - Paying it forward ! Sign in 2 people listening 0 comments + Follow+ Follow Post comment as... converted by
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