180 Days Of Collaborate10 Countdown Tweets


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Daily Countdown Twitter Posting for COLLABORATE10 Conference - 180 days

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180 Days Of Collaborate10 Countdown Tweets

  1. 1. # Date COLLABORATE 10 COUNTDOWN TWEET 1 17-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 183 days to go - Submit your presentation proposals today http://bit.ly/uXZCo #C10 2 18-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 182 days to go - Congratulations to Pat Dues for winning User Group Evangelist of the Year from Oracle #C10 3 19-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 181 days to go - Best of the Best Session Recordings of Collaborate 2009 available http://bit.ly/2Nm6SF #C10 4 20-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 180 days to go - last day to submit your presentation proposals is today (10.20) http://bit.ly/uXZCo #C10 5 21-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 179 days to go - Record number of presentation proposal submissions! Thanks to everyone who contributed! 6 22-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 178 days to go - As seen from space, Las Vegas is the brightest city on Earth! Come and shine yourself! #C10 7 23-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 177 days to go - Metalink retires in 2 weeks: Learn about its new avatar - MyOS - http://bit.ly/1MMUe3 #C10 8 24-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 176 days to go - view Oracle presentation at the inaugural GL SIG Meeting http://tinyurl.com/yjquald #C10 9 25-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 175 days to go - OAUG members get discounted pricing on vendorrate.com reports for service providers #C10 10 26-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 174 days to go - Review the 2010 Buyers Guide for Services and Solution Providers http://bit.ly/VRAUb #C10 11 27-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 173 days to go - EBS R12 webcasts are hidden gems waiting to be discovered by you http://bit.ly/1F07rT #C10 12 28-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 172 days to go - OAUG members presenting at Oracle Customer Services Day http://bit.ly/1SG9X2 #C10 13 29-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 171 days to go - Curious about Oracle EBS R12.1.2 - Read Metalink Note: 561580.1 for Pre-GA secrets #C10 14 30-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 170 days to go - Check out OAUG vendor product awareness sessions for NOV-09 http://bit.ly/4yAHj #C10 15 31-Oct-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 169 days to go - RT @COLLAB_10_OAUG: 1383 session proposals - selection committee's work cut out #C10 16 1-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 168 days to go - Join thousands for 20th birthday celebrations of OAUG at Las Vegas http://bit.ly/ScUhQ #C10 17 2-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 167 days to go - Steven R. Hughes is back in action as OAUG Executive Director!! http://bit.ly/2vcoIp10 #C10 18 3-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 166 days to go - Great opportunity for exhibitors to showcase products and services http://bit.ly/4qDWzn #C10 19 4-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 165 days to go - Great meetup event for Peoplesoft users at OAUG Link09 - check out www.link09.org #C10 20 5-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 164 days to go - OAUG Mini Theater at C#08 wins the IAEE Art of the Show Award! http://bit.ly/4fhr2Y #C10 21 6-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010:163 days to go-Trivia: 32 companies met in San Francisco in May 1990 & formed what? http://bit.ly/4w7sZX #C10 22 7-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 162 days to go - Include in your 2010 budget http://bit.ly/32Ihsb + $$ saving tips http://bit.ly/4eEVPu #C10 23 8-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 161 days to go - Metalink's new avatar: My Oracle Support (MOS) cheat sheet http://tinyurl.com/yeejl87 #C10 24 9-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 160 days to go - Oracle Users in Australia meet wtih 20:20 Foresight today http://bit.ly/1YTTEd #C10 25 10-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 159 days to go - Access My Oracle Support (MOS) without Flash plug-in https://supporthtml.oracle.com #C10 26 11-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 158 days to go - OAUG members elect a dream team as Board of Directors for 2010 http://bit.ly/3QsnKb #C10 27 12-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 157 days to go - Guten Tag! Deutsche Oracle Anwender Gruppe trifft sich in Nürnberg http://bit.ly/2b3GEw #C10 28 13-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 156 days to go - Having issues logging in to My Oracle Support (MOS)?Check out FAQ http://bit.ly/3Ibf7G #C10 29 14-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 155 days to go - OAUG is the Knowledge Factory for all things Oracle http://bit.ly/48nzub #C10 30 15-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 154 days to go - Have your voice heard and help to shape the future of Oracle https://mix.oracle.com #C10 31 16-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 153 days to go - Listen to OAUG President being interviewed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezxihe7ujOg #C10 32 17-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 152 days to go - A must read page today - Metalink to My Oracle Support FAQ page http://bit.ly/Pbuyt #C10 33 18-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 151 days to go - "What does OAUG mean to you? " Share your thoughts at http://bit.ly/1JME1I #C10 34 19-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 150 days to go - Submit your presentation proposals for NorCal OAUG Training Day 2010 www.norcaloaug.com #C10 35 20-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 149 days to go - Have you taken the monthly OAUG E-News Poll yet? http://bit.ly/3bZKTr #C10 36 21-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 148 days to go - Do you know anyone looking for an exciting business analyst role? http://bit.ly/6Qrszi #C10
  2. 2. # Date COLLABORATE 10 COUNTDOWN TWEET 37 22-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 147 days to go - Oracle-SUN merger code stuck in MySQL syntax http://bit.ly/iOVap #C10 38 23-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 146 days to go - Special OAUG hotel rates for conference attendees http://bit.ly/1krziY #C10 39 24-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 145 days to go - Send a question for 'Ask Steve' session to OAUG Fusion Council http://bit.ly/4LATnL #C10 40 25-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 144 days to go: Are you a Siebel 8.0 expert looking for a great workplace? http://bit.ly/6GjBVq ping me #C10 41 26-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 143 days to go: Get Social on Web 2.0 with Oracle http://getsocial.oracle.com #C10 42 27-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 142 days to go: Start Eating Healthy - Thanksgiving Dinner should be over by now www.pamf.org/prana #C10 43 28-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 141 days to go: Watch the OAUG Channel on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/user/oracleusersgroup #C10 44 29-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 140 days to go - Open Letter to European Commission from OAUG President Ray Payne http://bit.ly/82LWUp #C10 45 30-Nov-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 139 days to go - Please join for free educational sessions by OAUG partners in Dec http://bit.ly/8zSj7g #C10 46 1-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 138 days to go - User presentations were first featured in the 1991 OAUG conference at Washington D.C. #C10 47 2-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 137 days to go - Find out how you can volunteer for OAUG http://bit.ly/4BdzU6 #C10 48 3-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 136 days to go - attend this audacious webinar "Ask Us Anything About Oracle BPM" http://bit.ly/8v0Wr9 #C10 49 4-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 135 days to go - Join the OAUG Fusion Council quarterly call on Dec 9, 2009 9am PST http://bit.ly/5znyIW #C10 50 5-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 134 days to go - Currently at Las Vegas - conference venue - running Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon on 12/06 #C10 51 6-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 133 days to go - started & finished half marathon today at Mandalay Bay: 1 million sf convention center #C10 52 7-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 132 days to go - Submit your session proposals for OAUG Connection Point - EPM http://bit.ly/6b1f8m #C10 53 8-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 131 days to go - Please participate in the 2009 OAUG membership survey & win http://bit.ly/7lRhNI #C10 54 9-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 130 days to go - Oracle eTRM is available once again on My Oracle Support (MOS) http://bit.ly/6eVGcp #C10 55 10-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 129 days to go - 10 things you can do today to prepare for Oracle Fusion apps http://bit.ly/1AGqsN #C10 #OAUG 56 11-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 128 days to go - Session acceptance e-mails sent to presenters today. Did you also get one too? #C10 #OAUG 57 12-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 127 days to go - Join the "Financial Reconciliation to Reporting (RTR) Town Hall Meeting" on 04/21 #C10 #OAUG 58 13-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 126 days to go - "10 Steps to Success: Tips to achieve EBS certification" http://bit.ly/6nbIbi #C10 #OAUG 59 14-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 125 days to go: Tools to get manager approval for your conference attendance http://bit.ly/7tduIS #C10 #OAUG 60 15-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 124 days to go – OAUG Insight magazine Winter-2009 issue available online now http://bit.ly/7zSLYJ #C10 #OAUG 61 16-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 123 days to go - Use this great planning tool for your 2010 Oracle roadmap http://bit.ly/6bK95L #C10 #OAUG 62 17-Dec-09 Countdown to Collaborate 2010: 122 days to go- Congratulations to Homer & Marge Simpson -20th anniversary today-OAUG's next yr #C10 #OAUG 63 18-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 121 days to go - Search for OAUG Forum Sessions here http://bit.ly/6reCiL & plan yr daily agenda #C10 #OAUG 64 19-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 120 days to go - Trivia: OAUG, IOUG & Quest co-hosted the first COLLABORATE conference in 2006 #C10 #OAUG 65 20-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 119 days to go - OAUG Fusion Council Quarterly Call Recording Available now http://bit.ly/7u7JFu #C10 #OAUG 66 21-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010:118 days to go- ORACLE magazine gets up close with OAUG President Ray Payne http://bit.ly/5ER7eQ #C10 #OAUG 67 22-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 117 days to go - Test Drive APEX 4.0 hosted on Amazon Cloud http://tryapexnow.com #C10 #OAUG 68 23-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 116 days to go - Meet Oracle ACEs at Kaleidoscope 2010 http://bit.ly/5l1EM5 Register today #ODTUG #C10 #OAUG 69 24-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010:115 days to go - Trivia: OAUG formed Fusion Council in 2005 to prepare members for Oracle Fusion #C10 #OAUG 70 25-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 114 days to go - Merry Christmas wishes to each and every member of the OAUG family worldwide! #C10 #OAUG 71 26-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 113 days to go - Trivia: OAUG started offering free e-Learning classes for members in 2003 #C10 #OAUG 72 27-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 112 days to go - OAUG has announced Star Partner program members for 2010 http://bit.ly/4vCQiN #C10 #OAUG
  3. 3. # Date COLLABORATE 10 COUNTDOWN TWEET 73 28-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 111 days to go - Impressive List of Presenters for NorCalOAUG 2010 Training Day www.norcaloaug.com #C10 #OAUG 74 29-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010:110 days to go – Trivia: OAUG launched Customer Support Council in 1997 & improved support quality #C10 #OAUG 75 30-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 109 days to go - Las Vegas hotels give huge discounts via e-mail when you sign-up guestbook online #C10 #OAUG 76 31-Dec-09 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 108 days to go - 25% OAUG member discount on Oracle 11g, R12 and BI workshops http://bit.ly/Dr5Ef #C10 #OAUG 77 1-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 107 days to go - Wishing every member of the OAUG family a very happy & prosperous New Year 2010! #C10 #OAUG 78 2-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 106 days to go - Trivia: Anne Ristau won 2001 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/5OcSuP #C10 #OAUG 79 3-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 105 days to go - Free Access to Oracle EBS Rel 12.1.1 instance http://vis1211.solutionbeacon.net #C10 #OAUG 80 4-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 104 days to go - OAUG 20th Anniversary Celebration @COLLAB_10_OAUG - Sunday, April 18, 5.30-7.30pm #C10 #OAUG 81 5-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 103 days to go - Grab your popcorn & listen to 30min vendor presentations at the OAUG Mini-Theater #C10 #OAUG 82 6-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 102 days to go - Learn about EBS R12 Subledger Accounting (SLA) from Oracle http://bit.ly/5YE8wy #C10 #OAUG 83 7-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 101 days to go - Special event guest passes are available for only $75 each http://bit.ly/8MwjfM #C10 #OAUG 84 8-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 100 days to go – Sharing a Best Kept Secret: Your New Year Resolution Helper http://bit.ly/8nX7LF #C10 #OAUG 85 9-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 99 days to go - Join the social network of Oracle fans worldwide http://www.oraclecommunity.net #C10 #OAUG 86 10-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 98 days to go- OHUG 2010 conference: Participation-Connecting to a World of Resources www.ohug.org #C10 #OAUG 87 11-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 97 days to go - Oracle Profit Feb 2010 features a question from @ocp_advisor http://bit.ly/5DxXHd #C10 #OAUG 88 12-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 96 days to go - Register for Heartland OAUG Mini Conference on Feb 11, 2010 http://bit.ly/7pvqg9 #C10 #OAUG 89 13-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010:95 days to go-Trivia:Donna Rosentrater won 1999 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/84jdiL #C10 #OAUG 90 14-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 94 days to go - OAUG GL SIG hosts R12 Subledger Accounting (SLA) by Oracle http://bit.ly/5YE8wy #C10 #OAUG 91 15-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 93 days to go - Deep Dive into R12 Subledger Accounting with Oracle on 01/27 http://bit.ly/5Xl9Ry #C10 #OAUG 92 16-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 92 days to go - R12 Subledger Accounting (SLA) Case Study by Oracle on 02/03 http://bit.ly/5gRMJ7 #C10 #OAUG 93 17-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 91 days to go – Make the best use of Oracle Support: Top 5 best practices http://bit.ly/4p0N9c #C10 #OAUG 94 18-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 90 days to go - 10 Steps to Secure and PCI Complaint Credit Card Processing, Session 5.06 #NorCalOAUG #C10 95 19-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 89 days to go- NorCalOAUG 2010 Training Day today at Santa Clara Convention Center - see you there #C10 #OAUG 96 20-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 88 days to go- OAUG GL SIG & Oracle present Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA) today http://bit.ly/5YE8wy #C10 #OAUG 97 21-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 87 days to go- Pete Martinez http://bit.ly/4ThPGq to perform at OAUG 20th Anniversary Party 04/18 #C10 #OAUG 98 22-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 86 days to go - Trivia: George Somogyi won 2002 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/4YyhG8 #C10 #OAUG 99 23-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 85 days to go - Join the OAUG Linkedin group and network http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=54623 #C10 #OAUG 100 24-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 84 days to go - 100 Countdown Tweets For COLLABORATE10: See list so far http://bit.ly/8FreIl #C10 #OAUG 101 25-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 83 days to go – Please answer this single question poll http://polls.linkedin.com/p/74723/cqtzf #c10 #OAUG 102 26-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 82 days to go – EBS R12 Subledger Accounting Deep Dive with Oracle on 01/27 http://bit.ly/5Xl9Ry #c10 #OAUG 103 27-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 81 days to go - Triple digit registrations once again for OAUG GL SIG Webinar http://bit.ly/5Xl9Ry #C10 #OAUG 104 28-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 80 days to go - Attending TNT Spring 2010 Kick-off at SC Marriot 6pm onwards http://bit.ly/9XtuIZ #C10 #OAUG 105 29-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 79 days to go - OAUG Job Board matches your Oracle positions to candidates at www.oaugjobboard.com #C10 #OAUG 106 30-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 78 days to go - Trivia: Basheer Khan won 2003 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/8GMMcI #C10 #OAUG 107 31-Jan-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 77 days to go - OAUG members save $340 per person during event registration: Are you a member yet? #C10 #OAUG 108 1-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010:76 days to go - GL SIG & Oracle present a case study on R12 SLA usage on 03-FEB http://bit.ly/5gRMJ7#C10 #OAUG
  4. 4. # Date COLLABORATE 10 COUNTDOWN TWEET 109 2-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE2010: 75 days to go - David Ferguson of Diebold, Inc. is the new OAUG President. Congratulations David! #C10 #OAUG 110 3-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 74 days to go - 3rd GL SIG webinar by Oracle: EBS R12 SLA case study on 03-FEB http://bit.ly/5gRMJ7#C10 #OAUG 111 4-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 73 days to go - Thanks to half a thousand folks who signed-up for GL SIG webinar series by Oracle #C10 #OAUG 112 5-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010:72 days to go- Please check pg 11 for featured professional development topic http://bit.ly/bRsTrL #C10 #OAUG 113 6-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010:71 days to go- New avatar for Hyperion SOLUTIONS: OAUG Connection Point – EPM http://bit.ly/5BPa7G #C10 #OAUG 114 7-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 70 days to go - Trivia: John Stouffer won 2004 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/73tJjw #C10 #OAUG 115 8-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 69 days to go - Do you think OAUG is more relevant than ever before? Comment http://bit.ly/acjI8V #C10 #OAUG 116 9-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 68 days to go - Nominate someone for 2010 OAUG Member of the Year award today http://ow.ly/15gwB #C10 #OAUG 117 10-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 67 days to go - There are 100,000+ websites with "vegas" in their name, e.g. www.visitlasvegas.com #c10 #OAUG 118 11-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 66 days to go - Trivia: The OAUG website debuted in April 1995 - please visit www.oaug.org today #C10 #OAUG 119 12-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 65 days to go - Register by 02/14 for entry in "Sweetheart of a Deal" drawing http://ow.ly/16vNm #C10 #OAUG 120 13-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 64 days to go: Trivia- OAUG hosted the inaugural user group conference in Cannes, France in 1998 #C10 #OAUG 121 14-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 63 days to go - 新年快樂 Gong Xi Fa Cai - Year of The Tiger greetings for everyone in the OAUG family #C10 #OAUG 122 15-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 62 days to go - OAUG Elects 2010 President and Executive Committee - Congrats! http://ow.ly/16Cy7 #C10 #OAUG 123 16-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 61 days to go- Whom would you nominate for 2010 OAUG Member of the Year award? http://ow.ly/16CDJ #C10 #OAUG 124 17-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 60 days to go - Trivia: OAUG Conference hit an all time high of 8000 attendees in Orlando in 1999 #C10 #OAUG 125 18-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 59 days to go - COLLABORATE10 OAUG presentation sessions agenda and location http://bit.ly/7LhCtl #C10 #OAUG 126 19-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 58 days to go - Trivia: Lisa Laine won 2005 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/4qNPy2 #C10 #OAUG 127 20-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 57 days to go - Will we see you at COLLABORATE10 conference? Share your plans http://ow.ly/17KFY #C10 #OAUG 128 21-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 56 days to go - Nominate a company for 2010 OAUG Innovator of the Year award http://ow.ly/15gyh #C10 #OAUG 129 22-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 55 days to go - President Obama loves Las Vegas too! We hope to see you there! http://ow.ly/19p7c #C10 #OAUG 130 23-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 54 days to go - Wishing a Very Happy 20th Birthday today to OAUG! @OAUG1- Liked the Velvet Cake? #C10 #OAUG 131 24-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 53 days to go - Oracle Fusion Soup To Nuts seminars - a deep dive extraordinary http://ow.ly/19kq8 #C10 #OAUG 132 25-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 52 days to go - Women in Technology panel - engage with experts on April 21st http://bit.ly/b3rAE9 #C10 #OAUG 133 26-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 51 days to go - Please block calendar for GL SIG meeting on Tue April20 2-3pm http://bit.ly/aPSykJ #C10 #OAUG 134 27-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 50 days to go - Which Oracle conference are you attending? http://polls.linkedin.com/p/79178/tmbsj #C10 #OAUG 135 28-Feb-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 49 days to go - OAUG comp survey says IT Mgrs with certification earn higher http://bit.ly/d2Mi0D #C10 #OAUG 136 1-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 48 days to go- When in Dubai on March 17-18 for CP see world's tallest building http://ow.ly/1cNs9 #C10 #OAUG 137 2-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 47 days to go - GL SIG hosts webinar on IFRS transition Mar 16th Register at http://bit.ly/aLX4mH #C10 #OAUG 138 3-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 46 days to go - Build your personal conference agenda using Map Your Show http://bit.ly/9iLNAy #C10 #OAUG 139 4-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 45 days to go - OAUG hosts COLLABORATE10 Sneak Peek Conference Call for Key Member Contacts today #C10 #OAUG 140 5-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 44 days to go - Trivia: Sandra Vucinic won 2008 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/7NYf5S #C10 #OAUG 141 6-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 43 days to go - Results of an unofficial poll for OAUG Member of the Year 2010 http://ow.ly/1eQXq #C10 #OAUG 142 7-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 42 days to go - Just in time for the Oscars, COLLABORATE10 OAUG Forum movie http://bit.ly/dAdw9n #C10 #OAUG 143 8-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 41 days to go - International Women's Day today - Meet Oracle experts on 04/21 http://ow.ly/1frbz #C10 #OAUG 144 9-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 40 days to go - Last Day for presenters to submit their session content online http://ow.ly/1frhE #C10 #OAUG
  5. 5. # Date COLLABORATE 10 COUNTDOWN TWEET 145 10-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 39 days to go - Got an automated wake-up call today at 6am to register. Wonders of technology! #C10 #OAUG 146 11-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 38 days to go - Enjoy a dinner cruise on the historic Dubai Creek on March 17 http://ow.ly/1gUNj #C10 #OAUG 147 12-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 37 days to go - Take Accounting Ops–Best Practices Survey win conference pass http://ow.ly/1hKAs #C10 #OAUG 148 13-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 36 days to go - Get a hug from HOAUG at Connection Point in Budapest on May 4-5 http://ow.ly/1iUO6 #C10 #OAUG 149 14-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 35 days to go - Geeks it is Pi Day today 3.14 Happy Birthday Albert Eintstein http://bit.ly/dgvGzk #C10 #OAUG 150 15-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 34 days to go - GL SIG hosts webinar on IFRS transition and EBS R12 tomorrow http://bit.ly/aLX4mH #C10 #OAUG 151 16-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 33 days to go - Dot com celebrates 25th birthday today www.25yearsof.com Congratulations@VeriSign #C10 #OAUG 152 17-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 32 days to go - Early bird flies away tomorrow March 18: Last day for discounts http://ow.ly/1ndel #C10 #OAUG 153 18-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 31 days to go - Socialize with fellow OAUG members online at OAUG Connect http://connect.oaug.org/ #C10 #OAUG 154 19-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 30 days to go - Trivia: Steve Canter won 2009 OAUG Member of the Year Award http://bit.ly/6CcoUg #C10 #OAUG 155 20-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 29 days to go - On April 20th GL SIG features Oracle Financial Close Management http://ow.ly/1oKuu #C10 #OAUG 156 21-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 28 days to go - On April 19 listen to Cliff Godwin on Oracle EBS Apps Strategy http://ow.ly/1oKwt #C10 #OAUG 157 22-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 27 days to go - Ask your Oracle Fusion questions now to Steve Miranda of Oracle http://ow.ly/1p3kY #C10 #OAUG 158 23-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 26 days to go - Charles Phillips and Kurien to deliver keynote on April 19th http://bit.ly/ainZuF #C10 #OAUG 159 24-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 25 days to go - Top Presentation: Sub-Ledger Accounting Deep Drive by Jeannie Dobney on April 18th #C10 #OAUG 160 25-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 24 days to go - Top Presentation: Best Practices for Receivables by Cathy Cakebread on April 21st #C10 #OAUG 161 26-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 23 days to go - Top Presentation: Oracle Financials Road Map & Vision by Amrita Mehrok on April 19 #C10 #OAUG 162 27-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 22 days to go - Top Presentation: Planning for EBS Release 12 by Alyssa Johnson on April 21st #C10 #OAUG 163 28-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 21 days to go - Top Presentation: Oracle Fusion Apps Tech Overview by Basheer Khan on April 20th #C10 #OAUG 165 29-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 20 days to go - Next Gen Oracle Apps User Experience: a session on April 18th http://ow.ly/1rQQJ #C10 #OAUG 166 30-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 19 days to go - Meet OAUG 20th Anniversary event sponsors http://www.oaug.org/20years/index.html #C10 #OAUG 167 31-Mar-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 18 days to go- Daily Morning Workout Wellness Program by telegenic host Danny J http://ow.ly/1rQZY #C10 #OAUG 168 1-Apr-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 17 days to go - 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Oracle PROFIT Editor selects 10 sessions & thanks @ocp_advisor http://ow.ly/1vNDw #C10 #OAUG 176 9-Apr-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 9 days to go- New features at COLLABORATE10 make Sunday 04/18 attendance a must http://ow.ly/1vrmu #C10 #OAUG 177 10-Apr-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 8 days to go - List of Supply Chain Management sessions presented by Oracle http://ow.ly/1v2NW #C10 #OAUG 178 11-Apr-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 7 days to go - Whatever happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas & also on FMT Webinar http://ow.ly/1wF5u #C10 #OAUG 179 12-Apr-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 6 days to go - R12 Upgrade Guide, Project Plan and Essentials: buy online at http://ow.ly/1xcJe #C10 #OAUG 180 13-Apr-2010 Countdown to COLLABORATE 2010: 5 days to go - Encore presentations with audio content as if you were on site http://ow.ly/1xcMi #C10 #OAUG