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NCAGT Presentation: Professional Development_March 2011

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NCAGT PD Superhero

  1. 1. ! ! ! Becoming a IT’SBLE ! IN C R I ED ! Professional IT’S ONLIN E! Development IT’S Super Hero FREE!! Brian Housand / Katherine O’Connor / Elizabeth Fogarty ! East Carolina University
  2. 2. SlideShare  is  the  EASIEST  way  to  share  presenta5ons  and  documents  without   emailing  or  exchanging  Flash  Drives.  Think  of  it  as  YouTube  for  PowerPoint!
  3. 3. Professional  Development:  Teachers  and  presenters  can  create  a  profile   where  past  presenta5ons  are  posted  for  others  to  view  online.  This  is  another  way  to   share  informa5on  and  increase  your  digital   footprint.  
  4. 4. Weebly  allows  teachers  to  create  adver5sement-­‐free  websites  with  features   like  photo  galleries,  maps,  pictures  and   audio  players.   Weebly  also  allows  teachers  to  password   protect  students’  websites  for  greater   security.
  5. 5. Professional  Development:     Teachers  can  display/archive  student  work   to  document  their  own  best  prac5ces   teaching  as  they  move  toward  Na5onal   Board  Cer5fica5on  or  advanced  degrees.  Teachers  can  link  student  webpages  created   on  Weebly  documen5ng  student  work  to   their  own  central  site.
  6. 6. Webinars & Video Conferencing Elastigirl Powers: Super stretching ability - Be in two places at once! Purpose / Use: A multi-way exchange for distributing information to groups or individuals in separate locations Delivery: synchronous access Platforms: Skype, iChat, Facetime, DimDim, Ustream, etc. Ideas for use: conduct workshops without traveling! Two way video communication allows groups to see and hear each other.
  7. 7. Skype is an online audio and/ or video program whichallows for videoconferencing between two computers or many.
  8. 8. Professional Development: Set up a meeting of your professionallearning community on Skype to discuss the article that everyone read. Skype now offers FREE Group Video Conferencing for PC and Mac!
  9. 9. DIMDIM is a web-conferencing program which allows for audio and video sharing between up to four users. DIMDIM also allows users to sharedocuments and computer screens with the other users, as well as to communicate in chat.
  10. 10. Professional Development: Conduct a professional developmentsession for teachers in another school while sitting in your classroom,or bring a guest speaker to your class via DIMDIM.
  11. 11. USTREAM is a platform that allowsusers to stream live broadcasts on theweb. Viewers are able to participate via instant message. FREE to broadcast, but it is ad supported.
  12. 12. Professional Development: Have a shared professionaldevelopment day in which one school in a collaborative hires an expert to conduct a training at their school andother schools tune in via UStream. Later another school can hire the expert and others can tune in.
  13. 13. ! ! POLLS & SURVEYS DASH Power: Speed Purpose / Use: Quickly collect information from participants Delivery: Synchronous Platforms: google docs, todaysmeet, poll everywhere Ideas for use: Embrace the back channel, gather data on the spot, quick polls, etc.
  14. 14. ! !
  15. 15. ! ! Google Docs is a FREE alternative to Microsoft Office that lives in THE CLOUD! Collaborate on documents in REAL TIME with your participants. Instantly see what your collaborators are typing.
  16. 16. ! ! Professional Development: FORM function allows you to create and deploy web-based surveys with results that are automatically compiled in a spreadsheet.
  17. 17. ! ! Poll Everywhere is a web based polling service (class response system) that allows users to submit votes via the web, Twitter or text.
  18. 18. ! ! Professional Development: In the classroom, use Poll Everywhere to increase participation, attentiveness, to take attendance automatically, or to gauge students’ comprehension.
  19. 19. ! ! Before...
  20. 20. ! Discussion Forums ! Violet Powers: Invisibility and Energy Shield Purpose / Use: A multi-way information exchange allowing for all voices to be heard Delivery: Asynchronous Platforms: Google Groups and Blogging services such as WordPress or Blogger Ideas for Use: Create a forum to allow the continued exchange of ideas between Visits. AFTER!
  21. 21. ! !
  22. 22. ! ! Professional Development: Creating a Google Group specifically for a group of teachers (i.e., initially-licensed teachers, middle school math teachers) help teachers in like-content areas communicate across a school, a district, or an entire state.
  23. 23. ! ! WordPress  allows  users  to  create   professional  looking  websites  or   blogs  using  a  variety  of  available   widgets  ,  plugins,  and  themes.
  24. 24. ! ! Professional  Development:   Teachers  can  create  a  WordPress  site  that   features  recent  best  prac5ce  lessons  and   ideas.  Colleagues  or  principals  can  use  the   ‘Comment’  feature  on  the  site  to  provide   feedback  in  order  to  assemble  a  digital  best   prac5ces  porOolio.
  25. 25. ! ! Social Networks “Jack-Jack” Powers: Possibly a shape shifter Purpose / Use: Combination of all other tools. Careful, can be too hot to handle! Delivery: synchronous and asynchronous access Platforms: Facebook, Edmodo, Ning, etc. Ideas for use: Create a network for learning and discussion long after the PD is over.
  26. 26. ! ! Edmodo is a web 2.0 environment where teachers can safely share ideas, files and assignments with students and other teachers in real time. Edmodo is the fastest growing K-12 social learning network in the world.
  27. 27. ! ! Professional Development: Teachers can find and share meaningful web resources and materials. Teachers can collaborate with other faculty and students. Edmodo is mobile friendly.
  28. 28. ! ! Ning is an online platform where educators can create their own social networks. Professional Development: Teachers can construct a group or conversation around an effective instructional strategy or classroom management strategy.
  29. 29. ! !