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  • Thank them first -
  • That means that we work with experts and we help them build their credibility and influence. We help them create the content and we have all the relationships with publications. We actually have gotten to the point where publications are coming to us a trusted source of expert content. Really the reason why Peter asked me to come out is because we’re resource for agencies.
  • We don’t want to compete with you guys. Some people want to send over finished pieces and ask if we can place it. That’s not what we do. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that reach out to us to get pieces out there for their clients or companies.
  • We all know you know about this, I’m just here to show you some examples. Here’s our definition of content marketing.
  • There are at least 20 benefits for content marketing, these are 6 that we’re going to focus on and the 6 that we see people having the most success with. New Business – allows you to get your expertise and value out in front of your peers and clients to develop trust. We get people that reach out all of the time wanting to know moreCredibility – being published In reputable publications is going to gain you credibility and authority as a thought leader among peers, clients and prospective clients. 3rd parties endorsing you. Do you think being published into a reputable publication is meaningful for your brand if a client knows about it?Visibility – gaining brand recognition and awareness for your brand allows you to become more visible to more people. By having a positive SEO value with googles changesInfluence – Being a contributor gives you a platform to be able to take your expertise and have an effect on your industry or marketplaceFeedback – it’s going to allow you to engage and get feedback with current target markets and prospective target markets. Utilize content to get feedback on campaigns or changesRecruitment – being able to showcase your company so that you can acquire and retain top talent. We utilize articles in every aspect of recruitment that we do
  • When a lot of people hear content marketingGaining more influence, visibility, credibility, When a lot of people hear about content marketing. We’re doing content marketing. We have a social media. External validation. When a publication is allowing you to contribute to their site, they’re opening up their audience to your brand. Giving their endorsement to your brand. That’s an important piece. Platform with a controlled message.
  • The content needs to come from the leaders of organizations, not from interns, not from a PR hire, straight from the expert. It needs to be edited and formated into a way that’s appealing and it needs to be send/communicated with senior editors of publications. PR Newswire. Control over process. Don’t want a PR firm writing the expert content for you. You guys are the ones who need to be contributing. Edited by a professional. Understanding the guidelines of the publications.
  • This can be done in any industry. How many of you are getting published? How are you getting published into agency related publications? Both are valuable, you have to understand which is for what. This can be done in any industry. How many of you are getting published? How are you getting published into agency related publications? Both are valuable, you have to understand which is for what. Very few agencies are contributing to other industries publications. PLAYING TO THEIR EGO. I’m telling you before other agencies. The secret.
  • Teach Tennessee. Why am I telling you all this. It’s not to brag. It’s because I need you to understand that people are already doing this and getting results. This is to help you spark something in your mind. Not forbes. NEED YOU TO REALIZE THE DIFFERENT BENEFITS. Example of myself with NEEHS. Who has ever wanted to teach before? Barriers to entry
  • Daily Good article title “ What will be your legacy “
  • Physical altercation. Companies, orgs and individuals
  • What does the startup do: Helps visually impaired to design apps
  • Agencies are notoriously bad for marketing themselves. Clients are begging for this and their
  • Piecing together the right content to get to the right people. Strategy of how to get the content to them. Editorial team in experts.. So many agencies are confusing PR with long term branding. I actually read an article in the agency post about this. They’re willing to get quotes and mentioned. DEALING WITH JOURNALISTS Bosses. I’m VERY HAPPY THIS ISN’T my job because I know dealingwith senior editors is not fun. together the right content to get to the right people. Strategy of how to get the content to them. Editorial team in experts. Figuring out what senior editors are looking. Much easier to write up a press rleease and send it through pr newswire.
  • Hopefully you can utilize some of the tools and resources shown here today to implement into your company.
  • Thought Leadership for Agencies

    1. 1. Ryan O’Connell, VicePresidentContent MarketingThrough ThoughtLeadership
    2. 2. .BackgroundExperts/Thought LeadersContentOnline Publications
    3. 3. What We Are:Thought Leadership/Credibility FirmContent Provider to online publicationsResource for Agencies
    4. 4. What We’re NotPR FirmPlacement FirmSEO Firm
    5. 5. Content MarketingContent marketing through thoughtleadership is an avenue to engage targetedaudiences and to showcase yourexpertise, to gain credibility, visibility andattract prospective clients.
    6. 6. BenefitsNew Business Credibility VisibilityInfluence Feedback Recruitment
    7. 7. Content Marketing ThroughThought LeadershipVSWhat PeopleThink It IsWhat It Really Is
    8. 8. The ProcessExperts Quality Content SeniorEditor
    9. 9. IndustriesHealthcare* Education*Nutrition/Fitness Real Estate*Business FinanceTech Entrepreneurship WomenMarketing/Social Media Law*
    10. 10. Teach TennesseeBrand RecognitionEducate on alternative certificationprogramsHigher Quality Applicants
    11. 11. Teach TennesseeIncreased ApplicantsGrew brand recognition and credibilityHigher Quality Applications
    12. 12. Belo CiprianiConsistent ContentBrand RecognitionInspire and educate
    13. 13. Belo CiprianiSocial following National BrailleAssociationBrand Recognition Spokesman
    14. 14. Problem:Most agencies aren’t doing this.For their clients For themselves
    15. 15. Because it’s hardRelationships ExpertContentStrategy EditorialTeamTime
    16. 16. New Business Credibility VisibilityInfluence Feedback RecruitmentBenefits
    17. 17. It matters to you.It matters to your clients.Agencies aren’t doing it yet.You should.
    18. 18.