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Decreases unwanted or unnecessary checkout steps while placing an order.

Decreases unwanted or unnecessary checkout steps while placing an order.

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  • Yes, Its true One step checkout really works as the customer is always in search of shortcuts one step checkout reduces their time. Here i found another Magento extension which supports Magento 1.9.1 version. For more details visit: http://www.fmeextensions.com/one-step-checkout.html
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  • 1. Provide Best Customer Service Provide the Best Customer Service, if you want to improve your Business Sales & Traffic on your Website. But How? Press Next to Read More-> Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 2. How to Provide the Best Customer Service? Answer is simple, just help them to find, select the product on store. The most important point is checkout so make that easy, simple & fast. It motivate your customer to visit your store again & buy easily. Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 3. What is Checkout Process? ● Checkout is the part of an eCommerce sales & purchase process ● Last point of purchase ● Having 5 or more than 5 steps, by default ● Not all steps are important, but still customers have to follow all these ● Most irritating steps to the customer ● May resolve this, Learn more-> Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 4. Easy Checkout Process Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 5. Decreases Unwanted Checkout Steps/Pages ● Use Magento One Page Checkout orSingle Step Checkout Extension ● Provide the easy, simple & less time consuming checkout service ● All unnecessary questions are removed and all the steps are combined into one. Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 6. Frontend Screen Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 7. How It Does Work? ● Customer chooses a product from the shop, sets amount and parameters ● Then, click checkout button ● Customer can select any one option to payment, as a Guest or Register User ● Next simple fill the billing form, then shipping method ● Last review the order & then click on Place An Order Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 8. Store Owner Benefits ● Reduces Checkout From 6 Steps to One ● Change checkout title and description ● Set a default shipping and payment method ● Disable unnecessary fields like Company, Fax, etc ● Enable or disable Discount coupons on checkout page ● Easy-to-customize ● Full admin support Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 9. Customer Benefits ● Simply fills in their address and chooses delivery/payment methods on the same page ● No confusion while registration ● Add multiple products to the shopping cart ● Can comment before placing the order ● Purchase as a “guest” or “registered user” ● Save address on address book and use as and when required during checkout ● Auto-update & all checkout steps appear simultaneously on a single page Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 10. Other Features ● Easy to install & config ● Front end can be easily customized with HTML/CSS ● Support multiple stores and multiple languages ● Supports Terms & Conditions block on checkout page ● User-friendly interface ● Open source 100% Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 11. Check the Free & Paid Checkout Extension AdvancedSingle Page Checkout Magento Extension http://goo.gl/p7Pf8L Free Single Step/Page Checkout Extension http://goo.gl/nCJKiH Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/
  • 12. Contact Us Check the Similar Magento Extension http://goo.gl/Fa8rAv E-mail ID: Magento@ocodewire.com Website: http://magento.ocodewire.com/ Twitter: @oCodeMagento Presesnted by: http://magento.ocodewire.com/