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Big, Social and media-rich

Big, Social and media-rich



Keynote for OLAC Conference (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 19 October, 2012

Keynote for OLAC Conference (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 19 October, 2012



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  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
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  • Game info: see: http://www.gamespot.com/features/the-digital-revolution-how-consumers-are-driving-the-future-of-games-retail-6396713/ Digital forms include: Downloadable Content (DLC), social network games, mobile gamesWith 17 hours to go, Project Eternity crowdfunded role-playing game has already raised $3.4Mhttp://venturebeat.com/2012/10/16/with-17-hours-to-go-project-eternity-crowdfunded-role-playing-game-has-already-raised-3-4m/
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  • TV info: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444657804578050851508091938.html 10% stat: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444165804578010371602729036.htmlTV Everywhere: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/05/tv-junkies-rejoice-you-can-now-watch-shows-and-movies-just-about-everywhere/index.htm“Some companies (including Cablevision, Cox Communications, DirecTV, and Time Warner Cable) let you stream live TV, but others limit you to viewing video-on-demand shows and movies only after the program initially airs. In addition, you may find that some providers restrict viewing to within the home on devices connected to the same home network as your cable box or DVR. Other providers, including AT&T (U-verse), Comcast (Xfinity), and Dish Network, let you watch programming anywhere you can access Wi-Fi or receive a 3G or 4G cellular signal.”YouTube stats: http://www.labnol.org/internet/youtube-statistics-2012/20954/
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Big, Social and media-rich Big, Social and media-rich Presentation Transcript

  • OLAC 2012 19 October 2012Big, social, and media-richEric ChildressConsulting Project ManagerOCLC Research The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Talk Map• Big patterns• Media patterns• 50 years ago The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Big Patterns The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Players & positions shift…New companiesblend:•retail/advertising•devices/OS•content•social The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • The creative ecology• Passing… • Rising… • The exclusive reign of: • The “everyman” creative • a professional creator class corps, • Low cost means of • publishing houses as composing, editing and gatekeepers, and, publishing • TV network & cinema • Mobile devices as capture studio executives as and creation platforms primary selectors of mass • It’s all content culture • Content is becoming • Big corporate funding & social control • Crowdfunding of creators • Publisher owns copyright • Many copyright strategies • Packaged media • Digital The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Resources are social• GoodReads 11M members (390M books on their shelves)• LibraryThing 1.6M members (76M books cataloged)• Mendeley - 1.6M researchers (200M research documents)• Academic.edu - 1M users (1.6M papers) The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Media Patterns The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Patterns - GamingGaming • New business model:• Physical media Crowdfunding • US, UK, Japan, & Project Eternity crowdfunded Australian sales falling role-playing game • Console games dying? • Game stores under pressure• Digital format content • Sales rising • Many forms, channels The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Tidbit (Gaming) • Game consoles can serve as platforms for more than games… The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Patterns – Audio (Music) Compact discs LPs • 30 yrs ago: Oct.1982: 1st • 2011: LP sales (3.9M) - up commercial release: Billy 39% over 2010 Joels 52nd Street • 1st CD to beat its LP sales: Dire Straits Brothers in Arms (1985) The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Patterns – Audio (Music) (2) Digital music: Other trends: • 2011: digital track sales • Streaming/cloud exceed CD sales • iTunes Match • Most popular track in 2012 • Amazon Cloud Player (thru July): • New business models: • “Somebody That I Used • Crowdfunding To Know” / Gotye • Records: Lots of sites • New: tour-funding… • Internet radio • 360 deals • Pandora (150M users) - • Labels and artists share 6.53% of all radio listening tour, recording, etc. in the U.S revenue The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Tidbit (Music) – 1-bit symphony The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Tidbit (Music) – Algae music The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Patterns – TV & On-demandDVR / devices / on-demand Network TVDelayed viewing (DVR) • Brand: Viewers know show, but • 7-14 days later: Significant may not know network viewership for some shows• “TV Everywhere” initiative – watch • Older viewers - steady shows on any device • Younger viewers - down • Also: apps from ABC, HBO, etc.• 10% of U.S. tablet owners watch videos daily• Netflix = 33% of all peak-hour downstream Internet traffic in North America• YouTube = 4B hours watched/month The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Tidbit (Netflix) • Netflix will caption 100% of videos by 2014 The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Patterns - Films Industry worries: Theatrical releases: • Rise of low-cost movie • Movie tickets sales rental & subscription • 1.57B (2002) – 1.28B services (2011) • Streaming revenue up • Revenue up (due to • Threat of Internet piracy significant price • Declines in DVD sales increases) • Blu-ray rising significantly • Studios like selling live • Overall DVD sales “experience” (e.g., 3D) – no declining threat of piracy The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Tidbits – What films sell well? The world’s libraries. Connected. Source: the Numbers
  • Tidbit – How hit films are born The world’s libraries. Connected. Source: the Numbers
  • Tidbit – Harry Potter franchise The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Fifty years ago… The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • On 5 October1962, Dr. Noreleased – 1stBond film starringSean Connery ;worldwidepremiere was inLondon The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • 50 years ago… Love Me Do On 5 October 1962 “Love Me Do” was released as a single (B- side: “P.S. I Love You”) in the U.K. The song is an early Lennon–McCartney composition, principally written by Paul McCartney in 1958– 1959 while playing truant from school at age 16. Source: Wikipedia. The world’s libraries. Connected.
  • Thank you The world’s libraries. Connected.