6 health benefits you will get when your boyfriend plays video games


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Looking to give your boyfriend some space when you come home without it turning into an argument video games is one of the ways to reduce stress

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6 health benefits you will get when your boyfriend plays video games

  1. 1. Brought to you by: www.elderscrollsonlineamerica.com Michael onimbo.
  2. 2. Benefits  Video games have a healing effect for men  Video games reduce stress on both women and men  Video games provide pain relief to you and your man  Video games, improve your decision-making skills for your man  Improve eye sight for boyfriend  Sharing this content
  3. 3. Healing effects of video games  Reduce stress for men  Reduce high blood pressure  Enjoy time playing with boyfriend  Your boyfriend has some alone time  Gives you time to relax when he plays video games
  4. 4. How it benefits women  If your men has reduced stress levels that means he does not have to shout at you.  He has a way to channel his frustration on the game so you don’t have to be a target.  When your man has reduced levels of blood pressure he does not get sick like kidney failure, heart disease, impotence etc.  And also for women one of the best benefits for the woman is having a rest time when you come home and having a nice relaxing shower.
  5. 5. Reduce stress and depression  Helps unwind  Helps not to think about work deadlines  Helps not to think bosses who are too hard on you
  6. 6. Benefits of reduced stress  Video games helps both couples relax after having a hard day.  Especially coming home playing a pc game helps not to think about work deadlines which does help in reducing both of your stress levels.  There is nothing as worse as coming home and thinking about how bad your boss is so unwind and release your mind from your horrible boss.
  7. 7. Video games provide pain relief  Act as a distraction from a hard day if your body is tired fro working a long shift.  Sometimes we can be mentally tired after a hard days work so enjoying some video games can help reduce stress.
  8. 8. Video games, improve your decision-making skills  Video games game require fast paced decision making so the player has to act fast in the game to survive the game.  This leads to fast paced decision making and will in the long run help with making fast paced decision making in life.
  9. 9. Improve eye sight  Games like call of duty do require you as a player to be attentive and watch.  So in the long run this helps to improve eye sight as in the end of the day it is a exercise for the eyes.
  10. 10. Sharing this content  Sharing this content to one of your girlfriends will surely help one of your girls dealing with stress with her bf.so do share and thanks for reading.