Bulletin - October 18, 2009


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Bulletin - October 18, 2009

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Bulletin - October 18, 2009

  1. 1. Sunday, October 18, 2009 Sunday, October 18 1:00pm Four Ticket’s Drama Rehearsal - Sanctuary (Interpretive Sign Language provided at 8:15 service.) 2:00pm Woman-to-Woman Training - Fellowship Center Monday, October 19 4:00pm Men’s Golf Night - Contact Don Wallace for Course Site 8:15 and 9:45am - Blended Worship Telephone: 503 657-4221 6:30pm Adult Handbell Rehearsal - Room D2 7:00pm Four Ticket’s Drama Rehearsal - Sanctuary  Worship Singing - Pastor Dave LeRud, leading 7:00pm Essence - Crossroad Café  Denominational World Harvest Offering Tuesday, October 20 9:00am Women’s Bible Study - Fellowship Center  Adult Choir: Like A River Glorious 11:30am Quilters - Room C6 7:00pm 3rd Service Worship Team Rehearsal - Sanctuary  Vocal Trio by Linda Buck, Shirley Peery, Yvonne Swift: Wednesday, October 21 In the Garden 6:45pm Childcare- Rooms B3,C1/2 7:00pm NO SWAT (grades 1-6)  Message by Pastor Tom Hurt 7:00pm Adult Choir- Sanctuary 7:00pm JR High Youth- Room C7 Lifted Up: From Death to Life- A Story of Grace 7:00pm Prayer Gathering- Room C6 7:00pm SR High Youth- Room D5 Ephesians 2 7:00pm WOW Bible Study- Rooms D2/ D3 7:00pm Growth Groups- Rm C4/C5 Thursday, October 22 6:00pm Celebrate Recovery Meal - OCHP (916 Linn Ave ~ north of church) 7:00pm Celebrate Recovery Meeting - OCHP (916 Linn Ave ~ north of church) 11:15am - Contemporary Worship 7:00pm The Inn Worship Service - Sanctuary Friday, October 23  Worship Singing - Pastor Andrew, leading 10am-1pm Warm Springs Foster Parenting Seminar - Fellowship Center  Denominational World Harvest Offering Sunday Services, October 25 8:15am, 9:45am, 11:15am, 6:00pm  Message by Pastor Tom Hurt  Message: Pastor Tom Hurt Lifted Up: From Death to Life- A Story of Grace Attention Parents... October 21st & November 11th Ephesians 2 There will be NO SWAT (mid-week programming for grades 1-6) due to school closures on those days. Childcare will be available at the church for children up to age 5 only. 6:00pm - Sanctuary Prayer Gathering Praying According to the Father's Will - Avoiding Distractions - Pastoral Staff— Lead Pastor, Tom Hurt; Music/Worship/Prayer, Dave LeRud; Small Groups/Next Generation, Andrew Anderson; Student Ministries/Church Outreach, Erin Loftis; Junior High, Josh Shelton; Children, Sue Burson; Visitation, Leroy Myers Ministry Directors— Nursery, Marilyn Brown*; Early Childhood, Brenda Heinsoo; SWAT (Wed. Evenings), Raelene Gilmore; Women, Sandy Richter; Men, Don Wallace* Marriage, Tom & Liz Dressel*; Primetimers(55+), Allen & Eleanor Odell* Support Staff— Church Office: Leah Bellamy, Esther Entenman, Kay Neumann; Maintenance: Jerry Wheeler * Volunteer
  2. 2. Coming Events  Praise the Lord for our Junior High and Senior High Youth Pastors and their Friday, October 23  11:00-1:00pm volunteer staff. Thank the Lord that He has given us such high quality leaders Warm Springs Children’s Protective Service is holding an Information and and for the youth who are growing in the Lord through these ministries. Recruitment Seminar for foster parenting at OCEC. Bring your own lunch  Give thanks to God for the Christian heritage of our nation. Pray that new (beverages will be provided) and join us in the Fellowship Center. leaders will arise in our government who will live, speak and govern from a Questions? Call Tami at 503 819-5947 Biblical world view.  Pray for our Denominational Superintendent, Pastor Bryan Eckhardt, and the Fall Family Fun Festival team of leaders in the denominational office. Pray that their leadership will help the local churches grow and be built up in Christ. (an alternative to Halloween)  Pray for a renewal in the church across Oregon City and our state. Pray that pastors will faithfully teach the Word of Truth and that people of all ages will Saturday, October 31st  6:00-8:00PM be drawn to Jesus as we live and work in the community as witnesses For families with children up thru 6th grade. for Christ. This is a fun evening of games, stories, prizes,  Ask God to use you to be a faithful steward of Kingdom resources, a crafts, cider and lots & lots of candy! generous person to those around you who are in need and an obedient follower of Jesus in your financial life. ( No scary or gruesome masks, please.)  Pray for our military personnel around the world. Pray especially for those in Donations of candy are gladly received at the lobby bin provided. battle areas. Ask God to bring these wars to a resolution that will lead to stability in the Middle East and safety from terrorism in our world.  Pray for President Obama and our congressional leaders. Ask the Lord to Teens & Adults! powerfully speak into their hearts and minds so that legislation that is proposed and signed will be in line with God's values. Join the Christmas Musical Chorus  Pray for Goldie Parham along with other members and friends of our church family who are suffering from chronic illnesses. Pray for those recovering Would you like to be part of a fully-staged musical theatre from recent surgeries. And pray for those under hospice care and for those production? OCEC’s December 3rd-6th Dessert Theatre who have recently suffered the death of loved ones. performances of Four Tickets to Christmas will include an Adult Chorus and a Teen/Young Adult Ensemble. Rehearsals have just Church Prayer Focus— begun and interested singers are welcome to join the Tremont Evangelical Pastor Ed & Debbie Kelly project. Here are some particulars: Pastor Nathan & Megan Kochendorfer  Adult Chorus: Rehearsals are Wednesdays 8:15-9:00pm in the Missionary Prayer Focus— Sanctuary, plus a rehearsal retreat November 6th & 7th at OCEC. Gordon & Nicki Elliott ~ Bolivia  Teen/Young Adult Ensemble: Rehearsals are Wednesdays 8:15- 9:00pm in the Sanctuary, plus choreography rehearsals on Sunday They all joined together constantly in prayer... Acts 1:14 afternoons, and a rehearsal retreat November 6th & 7th at OCEC. 6:00am Monday through Friday: OC House of Prayer* (916 Linn Ave) 8:00am Mondays: Moms in Touch (mothers of adult children) - OCHP* Questions? Contact Pastor Dave – 503-656-8582 x110, or davel@ocec.net 4:30pm Tuesdays: Moms in Touch (mothers of college/career) - Call 503 557-1647 7:00pm Wednesdays: Prayer Gathering - Room C6 9:00pm Wednesdays: Prayer Gathering - Sanctuary OCEC Primetime Luncheon & Program (for adults 55+) Stewardship of God’s Resources Thursday, November 5th  12:00noon ...held in the Church Fellowship Center 2009 Needs General Budget Missions Yearly Needs 1,236,853 Featuring the ministry of Warm Springs Indian Reservations 23,786 Weekly Needs Tami Wattenbarger - Speaker Received Last Sunday 15,916 The luncheon will be potluck. Last names beginning with— 2,365 Actual Received Year-to-date 807,834 105,141 A-H, bring hot dish; I-S, bring salad; T-Z, bring dessert Proposed Need Year-to-date 975,211
  3. 3. More Weekly News & Up-coming Events Weekend to Remember! (2 Weekends in November) Morning for Men! ~ Saturday, November 7th Meeting in the Fellowship Center November 6-8  Vancouver Hilton Hotel 7:00am Men with Vision ~ Special Guest November 20-22  Portland Red Lion 7:30am Men’s Prayer Breakfast ~ Menu items include: Ham & Cheese or Bacon & Onion Omelets, Hash Browns Wedding Shower ~ Proposed Schedule ~ Saturday, November 7th  2:00pm Friday Fellowship Center 5:00-7:00pm Register at Hotel 7:00-9:30pm Why Marriages Fail All ladies are invited to attend. A wedding shower will be held in the Fellowship Can We Talk? Center in honor of Beth Burson on Saturday, November 7th at 2:00pm. Beth and Taylor are registered at Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Saturday An RSVP is appreciated to hostess, Sandy Liptak at 503 524-0859. 8:30am-12:30pm Unlocking the Mystery of Marriage From How to Wow What Every Marriage Needs 2:00-4:45pm We Fight Too ...a Worldwide Day of Extraordinary Prayer for Children and Schools Marriage After Dark Saturday, November 14th  9:00am - 1:00pm Evening Date Night OCEC Fellowship Center Sunday 9:00am-12:30pm Woman-to-Woman Man-to-Man How Marriages Thrive Leaving a Legacy  If you are a member or regular attendee of Oregon City Evangelical, your cost is only $95 per couple. Register today!  Contact Don & Karon Wallace at Grand Central today or call them at 503 657-4221 or email at dwallace@q.com. Did you know— Moms in Touch International is hosting a historic prayer event and inviting  that items to appear in a Sunday bulletin must be submitted to the church Christian women to Arise! Cry Out! for the generations. office by the Monday prior to the Sunday suggested? When using email,  Register your attendance online at www.MomsInTouch.org send to office@ocec.net Subject Line: Bulletin Announcement For more information, call Tonja Willey at 503 481-2732.  that the Lietzke family extends their thanks to those who helped provide meals during Cheryl’s recuperation from ankle surgery? They also Love Came Down at Christmas appreciated the care provided by the toddler SS teachers during the time Women’s Ministry Christmas Banquet their grandchildren were with them. Friday, December 11th  6:30pm  that the family of Mona Wickstrom extends their appreciation to all who Fellowship Center cared for Mona during her last years. A memorial service celebrating her life was held on October 2nd. Ladies, if you would like to help by providing a manger centerpiece, please contact Debbie McClaflin at 503 453-5950. Tablecloths, dishes, cutlery and napkins will be provided. Ticket sales will begin Sunday, November 1st.
  4. 4. More Dates to Consider — October is Pastor Appreciation Month. November 1 STANDARD TIME - Set clocks back ONE hour The Pastor-Parish Relations Committee* wants to encourage us as a church to pray for and recognize our pastors throughout the year. On Sunday, November 6-8 Weekend to Remember - Vancouver Hilton 1st, we want to devote a few minutes of each morning worship service to pray 13 Date Night (childcare provided) as a church for our pastors. We also want to take a special love offering at the 14 ARISE: Mom’s in Touch World-Wide Prayer conclusion of each service. Please consider how you might prepare for and be 20-22 Weekend to Remember - Portland Red Lion involved in this special gift for our pastors. Larry Brakefield (chair), Sue Free, 22 Women’s Ministry Thank Offering Larry Griggs, Doug Hepler, Marguerette Langsev, Jacquie Peterson, Cam 22 Annual Congregational Meeting - 6:00pm Seward. 25 Thanksgiving Eve Service - 7:00pm December 3-4 Four Tickets to Christmas Dessert Theatre Campbell Soup Labels & 6 All for One Service at Millen Auditorium Commemorative Postage Stamps 7 Primetimer’s Christmas Dinner -12noon Don’t discard those Campbell Soup labels or postage stamps! 11 Women’s Ministry Christmas Dinner -6:30pm 12 Wedding These are collected in a container on the lobby coat rack. 13 Christmas Hang-ups presented by the Friendship Co. Choir When a good supply is received, they are sent to the 19 Wedding American Indian School in Arizona and they, in turn, buy many 24 Christmas Eve Service items for the mission school. The bar code is NEEDED, but the entire label from cans can be left in the container. Foreign & Commemorative Stamps are also received. Please leave plenty of paper around each stamp. If a stamp Women’s Ministry Thank Offering is torn or mutilated in anyway it is considered worthless. Thank you for your part Ladies, you are encouraged to participate on November 22nd. in helping missionaries meet the needs of Arizona’s Indian children. A Conference-wide effort of Women’s Ministry is to raise funds (thank offering) for the written Word in Central Asia. There is a small but growing evangelical Junior High - Recycle Project presence there even though legislative efforts are being made to restrict Cell Phones Cell phones only. Accepting NO chargers or accessories. resources available to Christian ministry. The New Testament has been fully translated into the local language and is available in portions. The Old Inkjet Cartridges Only small sizes that will fit into the palm of your hand. Testament translation is almost complete. Our offerings will be channeled Laser Cartridges & Toner Cartridges NO fax cartridges, NO large printer through OMS International and help those working to complete the translation cartridges. as well as providing funds for printing and distributing the whole Bible in the Items can be left in the receptacle provided on the lobby coat rack. local language. If you have questions, call Pastor Josh at 503 804-4088. Looking for Quilters Gift-giving Ideas! Meeting on Tuesdays at 11:30am ...helping to raise funds for ministries Room C6 Chinook Book Community Coupons Have you ever wished you could learn how to quilt? Fund-raiser for Women’s Ministry (Retreat Scholarships) Have you done some quilting and just haven’t gotten The new edition of Chinook Book has over 300 coupons and resources for around to starting up again? exploring our community and supporting local, sustainable business. Cost: There’s plenty of room for you to join the Quilters on Tuesday mornings. You $20 will enjoy the cozy atmosphere and fellowship as well as the cup of tea ‘n more. 2010 God’s Creation Calendars It simply takes one stitch at a time to create a colorful quilt. Why not stop in and Fund-raiser for Children’s Library (New Items) see what the Quilters are patching up on now! Don’t miss out! Calendars have beautiful scenic photography enhanced by inspiring scriptures. They are made of high-quality heavy weight stock with gloss coated photo Time to Gather Your Dishes! pages. Costs: $9 for 1; $15 for 2 or $20 for 3 Dishes that have been left at the church or returned to the church are needing Scripture Magnetic Notepads to be claimed. They are located on the cart in the Fellowship Center. Kitchen Fund-raiser for Children’s Library (New Items) space is needed for several up and coming activities. Notepads are full color 60-page notepads with magnet featuring an illustrated Those items not claimed by TODAY will be disposed of or donated. Bible verse. Cost: $4 for 1; $7 for 2 or $10 for 3. Five designs are available --------------------------------------------------------------------- Items are available for purchase from the church office (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm). Please note, water bottles and drink containers left behind Calendars & Notepads can be purchased from the Children’s Library on Sundays. at the church will be held two (2) days only then disposed.