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Ocean Shelling | Franchise Project

Ocean Shelling | Franchise Project

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  • 1. OCEAN SHELLING® Yachting & Surf Wear www.oceanshelling.com
  • 2. Franchising ProjectHistory of franchisorFrom a long experience in the fashion industry, specializing in apparel, yachting and surfwear the founders of Ocean Shelling began to engage in franchising project.Ocean Shelling was founded in 2009 with the idea of its founders to create, initially, a lineof clothing for surfers and sailing enthusiasts. Subsequently, in order to meet the needs ofthe yachting & surf industry, the range of items has been expanded, and is still beingexpanded, adding bags, accessories, swimsuit ect.Thanks to the introduction of our Sea Kit borns the concept that is summarized by ourslogan: "Are you ready for the ocean?"Basically we wanted to create a store able to meet the needs of the junior contemporarymarket along with the adult contemporary market where they can prepare for a day at thebeach which can be understood as a day spent at the beach surfing or sailing, with a crossover for day and evening wear.It was then the first flagship store was to open in Honolulu, Hawaii in order to test theperformance of the store, customer requirements and the approval of the products.Ocean Shelling is always sourcing new products, in fact recently adding a more moderncontemporary new line both adults and the junior market.Initially, the franchising born treating only high quality items but over time we haveintroduced a lower end high volume goods at inexpensive prices to meet the needsdictated by the period that we find the market in at this time. www.oceanshelling.com
  • 3. Technical DescriptionBrand: Ocean Shelling ®Franchisor Company: LimitedDescription: Retail Sales Of Yachting & Surf Wear, Shoes, Jewelry, Handbags And Fashion AccessoriesDate Of Founding: 2009Launch Year Of Franchising: 2011Stores In Franchising:Average Size Of The Store: Starting From 40 Sq. Mt.Personnel (Including Owner): 1 + 1 Part TimeIdeal Location: City Centers, Tourist Places, Shopping CentersCatchment Area: At Least 15.000 InhabitantsInitial Investment: Starting From USD 20.000/30.000Profile: Woman / ManAverage Annual Turnover: $ 70,000 First YearDuration Of Contract: 5 YearsPrevious Experience : NoEntrance Fee: NoPeriodic Fees: NoFees For Advertising: NoTraining: Yes www.oceanshelling.com
  • 4. PresentationThe franchising Ocean Shelling has been on the market for only a short period of time.Although Ocean Shelling is a new brand the company distinguished itself locally andabroad.In a very difficult period for the world economy Ocean Shelling aims to solve the problemthat many women settle for work as employed or temporary basis for three months or sixmonths, giving some confidence to all those women they want their own businesses sothey can manage themselves and find a way that makes them feel cheap out and gratifiedat the same time as it deserves one of our affiliate.Here we speak of the main features of our franchise.The lack of inventory is important because it involves a devaluation of the investment andtherefore allows to have a store always renewed with new articles.The low investment (were talking a minimum of twenty thousand USD plus VAT) youcan gradually grow with a new brand that certainly in a short period of time will besuccessful. We believe that currently stores Ocean Shelling can certainly give an answer toall those women entrepreneurs who want to do but do not want to invest big capital.The contract provides that the Ocean Shelling franchise is no charge, royalty-free with noentry fee. This is because it tries to establish the relationship with the franchisee and thefreedom to choose whether to stay with the brand Ocean Shelling or not.The initial supply of goods including investing together with furnishing and alladvertising material is fine for a business from 30 to 50 square meters. In stores open atleast with this investment we are able to properly provide the goods and to allow thefranchisee to enjoy our activities.The timing for the resumption of capital are set depending on the location of the store.If put on a road or a shopping mall is going to have a very short time to recover all thecapital. Do not neglect but also in areas that may be commercial but not considered thebest point. Some minor route for example. The important thing is that there is a flow ofpedestrian traffic.It goes without saying that this activity is not rich but no one is an activity that veryhonestly recommend to all those young people who want to achieve in a store that willmake them admire all those who come and see a shop Ocean Shelling. www.oceanshelling.com
  • 5. At present what we want to express is that having an Ocean Shelling franchisee is thedream of many young people, witness that more than 2.000 requests for information for apossible opening received from all over United States and abroad.The type of store and goods can be customized according to demand. For example, if atown should be so Swimwear, they may be brought into the room as the prevailing marketcompared to other items. In essence our woman will be the entrepreneur to assess andunderstand (even more on our board) if the point of sale increased focus on an articlerather than another. The articles do not stop those who can see but now we can say thatthere are dozens of products that will be introduced gradually in-store for the beauty ofthe contemporary woman who is our first thought, surely winning. www.oceanshelling.com
  • 6. Detailed informationProducts:Clothing for contemporary women/men.Style:Yachting & surf wear, handbags, jewelry, lingerie, fashion accessories.The Ocean Shelling franchising still develop the introduction of new products such asspring we will offer and introduce some new items, swimwear sandals, and flip flops andalso beach towels and a small Jewelry line.Early in the investment includes a wide range of goods and furniture, consisting ofdisplays, table, shelves, mannequins, film wall for decoration of the shop. Normally we donot provide the cash register but on demand we can provide it scaling the amount oninitial investment. We would like to clarify that a cash register is sufficient basis, withoutany specific program.The selling point:The ideal surface of the store between 30 and 50 sq. mt. The ideal location is the mainshopping street, the historic center, shopping mall. Find a store it is the franchisee. Thecosts of rent shall be borne by the affiliate. It is the responsibility of the franchisee to dealwith painting and lighting.Exclusive Zone:The exclusive zone consist of an area of 10 km or 60,000 inhabitants, in some areas, thearea of exclusivity may be the entire province.Education and training:You do not need any experience but it is important to have a good relationship with thepublic and being a dynamic person. The training takes place in our office for mattersconcerning the commercial and in-store once opened, through trade manager. As for thearticles, the franchisee is accompanied in factories, in order to really understand the itemsyou are going to sell in the store. www.oceanshelling.com
  • 7. No inventory:A fundamental point of Ocean Shelling franchise is that there are no inventories. Giventhat the initial supply is chosen by the franchisee, it has the right (by contract) to return thegoods that are not welcome change with its goods they prefer. Even after opening thestore, the franchisee may return unsold goods once every two months changing them withgoods in his store to be more. This solution has two positive effects: lack of inventory, orany capital firm, and the continuous renewal of more modern and fresh goods for theirstore.Since it is not an account of sale or consignment, the goods are owned by the affiliate.Low prices:Ocean Shelling branded goods are competitively priced compared to shelling the marketdespite the good quality of the articles. For example, jewelry necklaces to $ 8.90 / $ 9.90,shoes from $ 70 , scarfs $ 15, bags starting from $ 28 and so on. www.oceanshelling.com
  • 8. Business PlanDevelopment plan of the franchiseBelow is the Business Plan of the franchising project developed on the basis of datacollected internally. The figures are indicative of an activity developed with the goalsdeveloped by the Ocean Shelling and with an initial investment of USD 35,000.00.The achievement of these objectives can be affected from the location of the store and socan vary by 20%, 30%, 40% even up to 500% (well established shopping center).ConsiderationsAs you can see we have reported two solutions: one that provides access to financing andself-financed. The choice of methods obviously depends on financial possibilities of thefranchisee.The difference between the two plans is in the entity of the costs which have increased byabout USD 600.00 per month in the solution with funding, this figure is calculated on anaverage between the city (where rents have the greatest effect but there is a greatercatchment area) and the periphery (lower rents and lower basin user charges).The other values remain unchanged and provide for continued growth average dailyturnover and a steady increase in the number of customers.It is clear that compliance with specific objectives and therefore the success activity, areinextricably linked to the commitment and capabilities franchisee. We provide the tools,support and experience but it is responsibility of the franchisee to use these resourcesproperly. In Business Plan does not set impossible targets we wanted, so much so that, asalready said, we have assumed a growing number of customers per month as a regime inthis market will account for 40% of sales. It is clear that advertising and looking forcustomers has a positive effect on development time activity.The plan developed by us as it is "cautious" in some respects so to allow good potentialand falls faster investment. The important thing is knowing how to exploit the fullpotential yields available and the results will not be long in coming. www.oceanshelling.com
  • 9. Business Plan Without Funding Daily Monthly monthlyMonth Turno- Purchases Costs Turnover profit ver6 160,00 4.560,00 2.736,00 1.900,00 -76,0012 210,00 6.840,00 4.104,00 1.900,00 836,001st year 57.180,00 34.308,00 22.800,00 72,0018 270,00 9.680,00 5.808,00 1.900,00 1.972,0024 330,00 12.320,00 7.392,00 1.900,00 3.028,002nd year 118.800,00 71.280,00 22.800,00 24.720,0030 350,00 14.230,00 8.538,00 1.900,00 3.792,0036 360,00 15.130,00 9.078,00 2.900,00 3.152,003rd year 172.050,00 103.230,00 28.800,00 40.020,0042 370,00 16.030,00 9.618,00 2.900,00 3.512,0048 380,00 16.930,00 10.158,00 2.900,00 3.872,004th year 194.460,00 116.676,00 34.800,00 42.984,0054 390,00 17.830,00 10.698,00 2.900,00 4.232,0060 400,00 18.730,00 11.238,00 2.900,00 4.592,005th year 216.060,00 129.636,00 34.800,00 51.624,00 www.oceanshelling.com
  • 10. Business Plan With Funding Daily Monthly monthlyMonth Turno- Purchases Costs Turnover profit ver6 160,00 4.560,00 2.736,00 2.500,00 -676,0012 210,00 6.840,00 4.104,00 2.500,00 236,001st year 57.180,00 34.308,00 30.000,00 -7.128,0018 270,00 9.680,00 5.808,00 2.500,00 1.372,0024 330,00 12.320,00 7.392,00 2.500,00 2.428,002nd year 118.800,00 71.280,00 30.000,00 17.520,0030 350,00 14.230,00 8.538,00 2.500,00 3.192,0036 360,00 15.130,00 9.078,00 3.500,00 2.552,003rd year 172.050,00 103.230,00 36.000,00 32.820,0042 370,00 16.030,00 9.618,00 3.500,00 2.912,0048 380,00 16.930,00 10.158,00 3.500,00 3.272,004th year 194.460,00 116.676,00 42.000,00 35.784,0054 390,00 17.830,00 10.698,00 3.500,00 3.632,0060 400,00 18.730,00 11.238,00 3.500,00 3.992,005th year 216.060,00 129.636,00 44.424,00 42.000,00 www.oceanshelling.com
  • 11. Turnover minimum achievableThe minimum annual turnover, on a catchment area of 20,000 population is up from70,000 USD.Keep in mind that this is a year of crisis for United States and the world we can alsoprovide this information only on the basis of the few outlets who have completed a year ofbeing open to the public.These data will be updated periodically. www.oceanshelling.com