Mobile Brand Strategies: Actions Speak Louder Than Words


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Presentation given by Ocean Observations in Stockholm on November 30, 2010.

Phones are no longer about talking - now they DO things that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. The same should be true for your brand strategy. Here we provide an overview of the current mobile landscape and technologies, with a focus on leveraging mobile possibilities to create more meaningful brand interactions and experiences. Also includes inspiration from Japan with insights into how Japanese brands are currently using mobile.

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Mobile Brand Strategies: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. 1. Mobile Brand Strategies // Actions speak louder than wordsNovember 30, 2010
  2. 2. Say hello to:
  3. 3. app stores! and tablets! and ‘droids! oh #@!&! The road is being paved as we move forward.
  4. 4. Isn’t it just a smaller screen? ROAR.
  5. 5. // Behavior // Media // Usage // Technology Accelerating Change
  6. 6. New Ways to Interact Wifi/3G GPS Touchscreen Camera Microphone Speakers/Headphones Accelerometer Proximity/Light Sensors Gyroscope Augmented Reality More than talking... Phones now DO things!
  7. 7. We choose who to talk to. That goes for people and brands. New Rules of Engagement
  8. 8. Everything else is spam.
  9. 9. The Rise of the Participatory Age
  10. 10. Transparency is trumping privacy.
  11. 11. Gaming is a force to be reckoned with: + = MINDBLOWING Source:,,
  12. 12. Narrative format is losing relevance and impact. Source:
  13. 13. Build things that are: A. Entertaining B. Useful C. Both
  14. 14. “It’s no longer about communicating products, It’s about creating Communication Products.” “Create things that DO things, and then see what people do with them.” -Gareth Kay Director of Brand Strategy, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners
  15. 15. Creating Meaningful Interactions: 1. Don’t talk, DO
  16. 16. Agency Credit:Wieden + Kennedy, PortlandNike Livestrong/ChalkBot:
  17. 17. Agency Credit: R/GA NewYork
  18. 18. Creating Meaningful Interactions: 1. Don’t talk, DO 2. Understand WHEN and HOW to add Value
  19. 19. Mobile Motivations
  20. 20. Needs an address. A balance. Support. And a hug. ASAP! On-Demanding
  21. 21. What’s the score? Did anyone “like” my status? Is the new product in? ...What about now? First-to-Know
  22. 22. Killing Time. Looking for something new. Something unexpected. Killing Time
  23. 23. Mobile-Managing Access to my digital data and ability to complete transactions, no matter time nor place.
  24. 24. Mobile Contexts
  25. 25. Streetsmarts GPS is for tourists. Location based is about more han satellite tracking hmm, food... hmm, food... hmm, food... It’s always there, ready to be local.
  26. 26. Social Currency You have a conversation piece in your pocket.
  27. 27. Agency Credit: 72andSunnyHardee’s Parisian Pickup:
  28. 28. Agency Credit: Crispin Porter + BoguskyBaby Carrots Xtreme Xrunch Kart:
  29. 29. Portable Fan Club The Power of Social Proof
  30. 30. Agency Credit: Big Spaceship
  31. 31. We’re Better Together A platform where small actions drive big change.
  32. 32. The interface to everything Life is a Game.
  33. 33. Agency Credit: JungVon Matt, StockholmMini Getaway Stockholm:
  34. 34. iButterfly: Agency Credit: Dantsu
  35. 35. Tokyo電車
  36. 36. Shake Me Wake Me Using mobile technology in a useful way.
  37. 37. Drutten & Gene Using augmented reality to promote the new film.
  38. 38. Twitter Twitter is seen as casual, spontaneous, informal, public and open - that is not usually the way Japanese are.
  39. 39. iComic A concept that works - now also in the mobile.
  40. 40. Love Plus Virtual reality - a life in an other dimension.
  41. 41. Key Takeaways Technical and cultural changes make NOW the most exciting time to be a marketer. Mobile is Mass - and will soon overtake desktop. Mobile technology provides possibilities for interacting that were never before possible. Don’t use mobile as just another channel to fill with unwanted clutter. You must add value by providing tools or enjoyment. Create meaningful interactions by understanding how your target values and needs apply to different mobile contexts. Be generous. Mobile allows “marketing for good.” Mobile is not an afterthought to your strategy or plan. If not already, it will soon be the most important way to connect with your target.
  42. 42. The New Questions: • Who do you want to reach? • What do you want them to think/feel/do? • What do you want to achieve? • What do we want them to take away about your brand? • Who needs your help? • How do they want to engage with you? • What is the REAL unsolved problem? • How can you create meaningful interactions? FROM: TO:
  43. 43. THANK YOU! ocean_sthlm@twitter