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Lesson  Plan 5-  Direct Speech
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Lesson Plan 5- Direct Speech


Efah- LP 5

Efah- LP 5

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  • 1. Name: AshsaripahAhanapiah Subject: EnglishClass: Year 9A3 (mixed ability) Date: 12/10/2011 (Wednesday)No. of pupils: 34 (16 boys, 18 girls) Time: 11.40am-12.30 p.m.Session: 50 minutes Topic: Direct SpeechAim Students will be able to use direct speech with the correct punctuations and various reporting verbs.Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. Identify the use of punctuations in direct speech with 80% accuracy. 2. Spot the use of reporting verbs and the tense in direct speech with 90% accuracy. 3. Transform comics’ dialogues to direct speech with various reporting verbs. 1. Familiar with punctuations.Pupils’ Previous 2. Language items in Chapter 1-6 in Gateway to English 3.Knowledge:Resources required: Whiteboard, markers, attendance sheet Microsoft Word Powerpoint Projector LaptopReferences: Gateway to English Student’s Book 3. Chapter 6, page 68. Gocomics. Retrieved June 30, 2011 from http://www.gocomics.com/
  • 2. Topic/ Time Teacher Activity Pupil Activity ObjectivesSubtopicIntroduction 3 minutes Tell the students the Understand lesson To ensure lesson objectives for objectives students know today – show slide no. 2. what they will be Prepare selves doing today. Make sure students know what they will be doing.Content 10 minutes Do a brief recap on Listen attentively Activate students’ punctuations – commas, and contribute to knowledge onChapter 6: exclamation marks, discussion punctuationsDirect Speech capital letters and full Answer questions stops (when and how when called they are use) Answer questions Show slide no. 5 – ‘i am from the hungry’ and ask Powerpoint slides students to put in the punctuations Able to identify punctuations. Show slide no. 6 – ‘dad i am hungry’ and ask Understand the students to put in format of writing punctuations direct speech. Explain the use of speech marks – “Dad, I am hungry.” Add a reporting verb to the sentence and introduce it to the students – “Dad, I am hungry”, said John. (slide no. 7) Explain the three elements found in direct speech (slide no. 8) 7 minutes Exercise 1 – slide no. 9 – To punctuate three to check students’ individual work (3 sentences in understanding on minutes) 3minutes punctuations individually e.g. 1) i do not want to see you again shouted Apply knowledge Amalina that has just learned. Do corrections with students immediately. Exchange paper with neighbour in
  • 3. class12 minutes Distribute a comic strip 1 Read through the Use comic to on ‘2 cows and a text silently. increase interest chicken’ among students. Ask questions Ask students to read when necessary. To be able to through the passage in 3 change comic Listen attentively minutes. dialogue into to teacher’s direct speech. Ask students whether explanation. they understand what Understand how to they read. create direct Show the different types speech out of the of reporting verbs and comic passage. emphasize on the tense. Apply knowledge (slide no. 15) on punctuations, Ask students if they speech marks and know any. (slide no. 16) reporting verbs to the exercise. Write the reporting verbs that are not in the Able to work in slide on the board. group. Do the next exercise – Provide ideas Model students to during group transform the sentences discussion. from the comic strip into Use the list of direct speech reporting verbs on e.g. “How can you just the board when lay around the clover all doing group work. day?” asked the chicken. Identify different “The world is your kinds of reporting CLOVER!” exclaimed the verbs. chicken. (slide 18) Divide students into group of 4 or 5. Ask each group to continue transforming the rest of the dialogue within 5 minutes. Then, check answers with students.10 minutes Distribute comic strip 2 Work in group and Practice writing to each group – ‘Calvin complete given the Direct Speech and the Hobbes’. work in Microsoft based on a comic. Word. Group work –ask students to download Discuss with group the exercise from members. Slideshare and type the
  • 4. answers in Microsoft Word. Students are given only 5-7minutes to complete work.Group 5 minutes Ask each group to select Select a presenter. To developpresentations one presenter to present leadership Listen to their work to the class. skill. presentations – Ask students to listen to especially what To improve on answers suggested by reporting verbs do speaking/read each group. the other groups ing skills used.Closing 3 minutes Review today’s lesson. Listen attentively Review what to teacher. was learned Summarize main points in writing direct speech.
  • 5. Appendix 1Comic Strip 1 – ‘Cows and a chicken’Group Activity 1 worksheet  Continue the story – complete Group Activity 1 worksheet.  Discuss with your group what reporting verbs will you use.  Please make sure that you use different reporting verbs for every direct speech.
  • 6. Appendix 2Group Activity 1 worksheetGroup: ______________Class: ______________ Date: _______________“How can you lay around all day in your clover?!!”______________ the chicken. “The world is yourOYSTER!!” the chicken ________________. “You canlay here and waste your life away”, _______________the chicken. “But I’m going out into the world andmake something of myself!!” ________________ thechicken enthusiastically.Later…“I thought the world was your oyster”,_______________ the black-headed cow to thechicken. “I found out I’m allergic to shellfish”, thechicken _______________ in exhaustion.
  • 7. Appendix 3Comic Strip 2 – ‘Calvin and Hobbes’Group Activity 2 Worksheet  Rewrite the sentences as direct speech.  Write your answers on a manila card.  Complete work within 7 minutes.  Use different reporting verbs for every direct speech.  Choose a leader.__________________________________________________________________________________Comic Strip 2 – ‘Calvin and Hobbes’Group Activity 2 Worksheet  Rewrite the sentences as direct speech.  Write your answers on a manila card.  Complete work within 7 minutes.  Use different reporting verbs for every direct speech.  Choose a leader.