Portfolio contents5(week10)


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Portfolio contents5(week10)

  1. 1.  Person #1 <br />A.<br />An education guide is very important. When I do not understand the articles which I purchased how to use, the reason is useful very much.<br />I think most of products to have a hard time very much to use it without an education guide. <br />Even if there is the product which it is broken, and was impossible of use, I can clear it with an education guide.<br />I think that there is not the person who does not read an education guide if I purchase a product.<br />B.<br />・You must decide at first how you make it to make an education guide. I get some information and must collect the materials of the list.<br />・I put illustrations and must make an education guide easy for a reader. With a correct language, you must think about a readability.<br />・You must tell it about safety to make an education guide. I write an answer as the question of the person who has finished reading an education guide and must devise it. <br />・At first you must write the purpose of the product to make a better education guide. I think that it is difficult if I do not understand a purpose whereas I use it. <br />・Finally it is it is simple, and to write it that is important to make an education guide most. It is not absolutely good to write a useless sentence. <br />C.<br />・You must write the safety of the article. You must try it once. <br />・You must confirm the movement of the article. I cannot make an education guide if I do not understand movement.<br />・I think that it is a method good most that work by oneself to be concrete to write a sentence to explain.<br />・You must perform the movement of the article to answer by a question.<br />・The operation check is very important to look for trouble.<br />D.<br />When an education guide is useful, I am seen a lot. For example, I am necessary when I did not understand usage when I purchased an article.<br />Most things are written if I read and can understand. When it treats an article, it is very advantageous to understand usage. <br />I cannot get over unless I understand usage when an article broke down afterward. <br />Actions to be taken when it broke down are written to much education guides. <br />There is often time when trouble is recovered only with an education guide.<br />Without an education guide, I think that there is the recovered trouble part when I am not recovered.<br />Person #2<br />A.<br />When I use an instructional guide , I learn how to use article to use. When I do not understand how to use, I am useful very much. <br />I think that the instructional guide whom I can understand if I read is very splendid. <br />I want you to increase the instructional guide whom anyone can understand more.<br />B.<br />・I write intention with a mobile telephone.<br />・Education writes the call method of the mobile telephone to there being it.<br />・The education guide must write the rate method of the mobile telephone.<br />・You must write measures method when you broke down.<br />・You must teach the charge method of the mobile telephone.<br />・I write the usage of the email. I cannot give wrong information.<br />・You must teach the usage of the camera function in detail.<br />・The latest mobile telephone must write what the Internet can use.<br />・You must write matters that require attention when you use the mobile telephone.<br />・You must write the phone number of the receptionists such as questions.<br />C.<br />I think our company should do the following research before designing an instructional manual. <br />First, I think our company should confirm our company's daily work in various fields. <br />Second, I think our company should confirm that our company want what kind of talented people that is necessary for our company.<br />Third, I think our company should confirm the item wanting a new employee really to understand a policy and an aim of the own company, a basic idea. <br />Fourth, I think our company should realize aim of ours company in the future.<br />Finally, I think our company should examine an instructional manual of another company's and examine what kind of an instructional manual structure is easy to understand for a new employee<br />D.<br />1.Instruction<br />The written information that tells you know how to do or use something.<br />2.Manuals<br />Manual work involves using your hands or your physical strength rather than your mind.<br />3. Decide <br />To make a choice or judgment about something, especially after considering all the possibilities or arguments.<br />4. List<br />A set of things, names, numbers etc usually written one below the other, for example so that you can remember or check them.<br />5. Material<br />A solid substance such as wood, plastic, or metal.<br />Person #3<br />A.<br />http://www.slideshare.net/oceanflying/conceptmap-slide7week10<br />B.<br />http://www.slideshare.net/oceanflying/conceptmap-slide8week10<br />C.<br />1. Slant <br />To slope or make something slope in a particular. <br />2. Information<br />Facts or details that tell you something about a situation, person, event etc.<br />3. illustration<br />A picture in a book, article etc, especially one that helps you to understand it.<br />4. Connect<br />To join two or more things together.<br />5. Software<br />The sets of programs that tell a computer how to do a particular job.<br />D.<br />Q1. When we connect another computer using remote access software, How does the Windows Live Messenger plays a part? <br />Q2.When we make Instruction manuals, how does it decide to list materials?<br />Q3. Should we use formatting to clarify our message?<br />