Ocean Exchange Fast Facts


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Find out how Ocean Exchange has had impact over its three years of existence.

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Ocean Exchange Fast Facts

  1. 1. Fast Facts About Us MeetInnovatorsWhoCanAdvanceYourWork Extend Your Cross Industry Network
  2. 2. By The Numbers Solutions Registered 72 Accelerated Path to Adoption 14 Working with our Delegate Network 43 Our Global Delegate Network Delegates 450 Countries Represented 18 Industries Participating 23 Universities Participating 17 Prize Money Awarded $ 500K Paid College Internships 48 Years in Existence 3
  3. 3.   We Will Introduce You to a World of Innovators Innovators from around the world are registering cutting edge sustainability solutions in materials, devices, processes and systems on OCEANEXCHANGE.ORG   The Exponential Power of Cross-Industry Collaboration 2013 WINNERS   CertainTeed (USA) Teledyne (USA) Thordon Bearings (Canada) WITT (England)   ECOsubsea (Norway)
  4. 4. Known Relationships Started at Ocean Exchange Event Extend Your Cross Industry Network You work with all Delegates MeetInnovatorsWhoCanAdvanceYourWork Innovatorscollaboratewitheachother Industry Solution Registrations Make Connections
  5. 5. Collecting Solutions Inspiring Action to improve environment, economies and health. INCREASE CONNECTIVITY: Accelerate scientific and technological innovation with a new way to connect and find people who have the missing piece that will complete what you are working on. BREAK SILOS: The place where scientists, businessmen, non-profits and government all exchange ideas and learn from each other. THINK DIFFERENTLY: An environment where different kinds of thoughts can productively collide and recombine. We lead innovators to places they never even dreamed of… INNOVATION ADVOCATES FOR THE COMMON GOOD The Thrill of Accelerating Innovation •  Drive worldwide recruitment for solutions •  Connect innovators around the world •  Change the trajectory of transformative solutions GROW YOUR REPUTATION FOR ADVANCING FIRSTS: Finding the big or key solution first Promoting the next big innovation Creating breakthrough solutions LEAD INNOVATION COLLABORATION: You drive the call for solutions focus. Innovators bring you working solutions outside your realm of knowledge, which is the most valuable. Participants make new connections and begin to work together. INSIGHTS INTO SOLUTION APPLICATIONS: Our global network of experts is validating and identifying all the ways each solution can be used. You help innovators realize the full potential of their solution. YOU IMPROVE INNOVATION SELECTION AND ADOPTION
  6. 6. Join the Leaders Accelerating the Adoption of Innovation WORLDWIDE SPONSORS Demographics of DelegatesSolutions registered Countries Represented Resource Efficiency 14 Water Quality/ Coastal Env. 12 Ocean Characterization 11 Waste Mgmnt/ Recycling 9 Alternative Energy 6 Materials 6 Supply Chain 5 Agriculture/Food/Forestry 4 Safety & Health 3 Sustainable Development 2 0   10   20   30   40   50   60   70   80   90   100   Intl  Diplomats   Independent   Research   Media   Government   Innovators   FoundaBon   University   Corporate   Ocean Exchange has sponsored 48 college interns, providing an unique experience to work with innovators and meet global change makers Australia Bahamas Canada Costa Rica Czech Republic Ecuador Finland Germany Great Britain Israel Italy Japan Norway Seychelles Spain Switzerland Turkey United States  
  7. 7. Join Our Growing Numbers and Shape the Future MeetInnovatorsWhoCanAdvanceYourWork Extend Your Cross Industry Network