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167 multi purpose-reefs_final


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Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. ASR UNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINMarine Consulting and ResearchNEW ZEALAND • UNITED STATES • INDONESIA • WORLDWIDE• Innovative and patented Beach Protection Solutions• Cutting edge Simulations of Hydrodynamic Processes• Leaders in Ecological Monitoring and Protection• Recognized global leaders in Multi-Purpose Reefs and Surf Science
  • 2. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINMulti-Purpose Reefs for Coastal Protectionand Amenity EnhancementAn Innovative and Sustainable Solution to Address Coastal ErosionBoscombe Multi-Purpose Reef, UK
  • 3. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINChallengeLoss of Beaches and CoastalInfrastructureLoss of Economic andRecreational ResourcesSignificant Problem for CoastalCommunities Worldwide.Cape San Blas, FL 2004
  • 4. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINTraditional Coastal Protection Solutions• Seawalls• Groins/Jetties• Emergent Breakwaters• Beach Nourishment
  • 5. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINSeawalls• Accelerate erosion of beach• Only protect uplandstructures• A ‘last line of defense’Wave EnergyInWave EnergyReflectedSouth Palm Beach, FL
  • 6. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINGroins and JettiesMoveProblemDown theBeachNew JerseySedimentBoynton Inlet, FLSediment
  • 7. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINEmergent Breakwaters• Tombolos inhibit natural flow ofsand• May cause downstream erosion• Negative aesthetic appeal32nd Street, Miami, FL
  • 8. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBeach Nourishment and Restoration• Replaces lost sand• Does not stop erosion• Repetitive applications required• Average cycle: 5 - 10 years• Expensive• Typical Cost ≈ $3 Million per MileSt. Augustine, FL
  • 9. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBeach Nourishment and RestorationMany stakeholders areadvocating for:“Managed Retreat”Due to high cost ofrepetitive nourishments
  • 10. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINASR Solution: “Managed Advance”Utilize Multi-Purpose Reefs to:• Push Threatened Coastlines Seaward• Retain Beach Sediment• Enhance Ecological Amenities• Enhance Recreational Amenities• Enhance Economic Growth Narrowneck Multi-Purpose Reef, Gold Coast, Australia
  • 11. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINMulti-Purpose Reefs:The Environmentally Sensitive Future of Coastal ProtectionCoastal ProtectionEcological EnhancementEnhanced Recreational AmenitiesEconomic Growth
  • 12. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINMulti-Purpose Reefs: A technology inspired by NatureNature’s wayOffshore reefsnaturally protectthe coast
  • 13. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINMulti-Purpose Reef SchematicReefNavigation - Mooring BuoysFishing / DivingSalientOriginal ShorelineSurfingDivingCalmSwimmingZoneSurfing / Fishing Surfing / FishingLongshore flowLongshore flow
  • 14. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINASR Multi-Purpose Reef Projects:ConstructionCompleteDesignPhaseIndiaAustraliaVentura, CAUK
  • 15. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINObjectivesWiden the beach and dunesalong Surfers Paradise Esplanade Improve the surfing climate atNarrowneckCost:Benefit 1:60-1:80(Raybould and Mules, 1998)Narrowneck Multi-Purpose Reef – AustraliaFindings after 10 years of monitoring by University of NewSouth Wales using ARGUS Coastal Monitoring System:Beach width was same in 2008 as it was at thecompletion of reef project in 2001Salient
  • 16. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Multi-Purpose Reef, UK
  • 18. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef Construction
  • 19. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef ConstructionTotal Volume = 13,000 m350m
  • 20. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef – Coastal ProtectionCompleted Summer 2009Pre-Construction April 7, 2007March 22,2010
  • 21. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef – Coastal ProtectionBoscombe Reef(low tide)Salient Formation(March 2010)
  • 22. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef – Surfing EnhancementWave Breaking on Laboratory Model Wave Breaking on Reef
  • 23. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef – Surfing Enhancement
  • 24. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef: Ecological EnhancementHard stable substrate promotes greater biodiversity than sandy bottom
  • 25. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINBoscombe Reef - Economic EnhancementMedia coverage of theBoscombe Reef Projectgenerated over (US $20million) in freepublicity for theregion.ProjectBenefit toCost RatioEstimate20:1
  • 26. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINKovalam Reef, IndiaKovalam Beach, 2009
  • 27. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINKovalam Reef – Site Specific SolutionMulti-Purpose Reef attached to the Southern HeadlandSingle Layer of 28 Geotextile Sand Filled Containers38 m110 m
  • 28. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINKovalam Reef: Completed February 2010Total Volume =4100 m338m
  • 29. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINKovalam Reef – Coastal ProtectionSeptember 2009 August 2010
  • 30. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINKovalam Reef – Coastal ProtectionFirst year ofKovalam reefmonitoringrevealed a stablebeach profilecycle.March2010September2010March2011September2009POST-REEF
  • 31. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINKovalam Reef – Ecological EnhancementColonisationby marineorganismsstarted only2 weeks aftercompletion ofthe reef.1 year later, a largevariety ofmarine life inhabits thereef.
  • 32. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINKovalam Reef – Surfing EnhancementClick toplay videoKovalam reef hasreceived extensivepraise for highquality surfingwaves, and has beenfeatured by surfcompanies includingPatagonia, Surfline,and Quiksilver.
  • 33. ASRUNDERSTAND, INNOVATE, SUSTAINMulti-Purpose Reefs -Video