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A4 b4 my record and iti advising
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A4 b4 my record and iti advising


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  • 1. “My Record” and ITI Advising – Streamlining Paths to Employment for Internationally Trained Immigrants (ITI) through Advising and Credential Recognition Services Nov 3, 2010 Funded by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration
  • 2. Jane Brown CIITE Project Manager, Credential Recognition Sally Burgess CIITE Project Manager, Advising Presenters
  • 3. CIITE Project Colleges Integrating Immigrants to Employment • Initiative of the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology • Funded by the Provincial Government • Managed by CONNECT Strategic Alliances
  • 4. CIITE Project Vision Internationally trained immigrants (ITIs) have access to programs and services in the Ontario [college] system that build on their qualifications and expedite their securing employment in their field of expertise or in a related field. 4
  • 5. Phase 1: December 2003 – December 2004 Identify barriers ITIs face in college system. Funded by MTCU and MCI. Phase 2: September 2005 – December 2007 Develop and test selected immigrant focused practices and services in the college system. Funded by MCI. Phase 3.1: April 2008 - March 2009 Implement immigrant focused practices and services in the College System. Funded by MCI. Phase 3.2: April 2009 - March 2011 Ongoing implementation of immigrant focused practices and services in the College System. Funded by MTCU. Project Progression
  • 6. Map of Ontario Colleges
  • 7. Current CIITE Products and Services Pre-entry Advising Services • 25.75 CIITE-funded (total of 48) advisors advising ITIs at 18 colleges Colleges Advisement System • Customer Relationship Management tool to track and record client information collected by ITI advisors My Record/Record of Education and Experience (REE) • Electronic portfolio containing international academic and experiential information 7
  • 8. ITI Advising Objective: To identify and develop pathways to employment for Internationally Trained Immigrants (ITIs) through action at and by the Ontario colleges.
  • 9. ITI Advisors Assisting clients in the search for the best bridge from their prior training and work experience to the Canadian employment they seek – identifying and accurately assessing their options – making good choices given their objectives and constraints – focusing on all options, not only college education as the pathway
  • 10. • Network of advisors across province • Familiarity with post secondary programming • Support through admissions processes and systems • Basic assistance with financial aid and awards • Information and support with credential recognition Value for your clients
  • 11. My Record… • is an online application • allows an applicant to an Ontario College to record their international education and experience • info is sent to and evaluated by a credential evaluation agency • is a virtual process Record of Education and Experience (REE)… • is a secure report produced when a client completes the My Record process • contains validated international academic credentials and self-reported work experience • is transmitted electronically to colleges they have applied to What is My Record and the REE
  • 12. Sample REE – Cover page & Contact Details 12
  • 13. Sample REE - Validated Educational History & Credentials Obtained 13
  • 14. Sample REE- Detailed Credential Analysis 14
  • 15. Benefit for ITIs • Obtaining a REE will facilitate equitable and consistent college credential recognition • Access to a clear, consistent process which places education, knowledge and skills into a portable document • Credible, consistent and timely evaluations of international academic credentials • International post-secondary education credentials will be evaluated at no cost (a $200 value) • Participants will receive both a REE and a credential evaluation report from either WES or ICAS – The credential evaluation report can be used when they are seeking college admission, employment, academic recognition, and/or licensing and accreditation 15
  • 16. Questions? Jane Brown Project Manager, Credential Recognition 519.400.7448 Sally Burgess Project Manager, Advising 416.351.0330 x2246