Puertollano, a City for investment


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Puertollano is the key of your business
success: a city under continuous
development, a city for investment.

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Puertollano, a City for investment

  1. 1. Puertollano is the key of your business success: a city under continuous development, a city for investment. Puertollano, a City for Investment.
  2. 2. Puertollano, a city for investment. Industrial city in Castilla-La Mancha. Puertollano is the best option for those who are searching for a place in where to invest. A city under a business expansion and diversification process. Our city offers numerous advantages to investors: a strategic location in the mid-south of Spain with an excellent transport network; a modern city that commits to the development of new technologies and renewable energy; a high-qualified labor environment; a wide and competitive offer on industrial land and interesting incentives for national, autonomous and local investments. Puertollano is a city with a population of more than 52,000 inhabitants, located in the center of Spain. It is the most important industrial center in Castilla-La Mancha and one of the main areas of industrial activity in the mid-south of Spain. This productive potential has its origin in the transformation of energy resources such as coal at and oil. After a finished first stage based in the traditional mining industry, Puertollano has now one of the biggest open cut mines of the country, exploited by ENCASUR (Endesa Group). Our city has as well one of the most important petrochemical complexes in Spain, which belongs to the REPSOL-YPF group. Besides, the city has two thermal power stations: E.ON-Puertollano Thermal Power Plant and ELCOGAS, a combined cycle power plant which is pioneer regarding Integrated coal Gasification with Combined Cycle (IGCC). Moreover, Puertollano is furthering R&D projects related to hydrogen production and CO2 capture. Today, Puertollano is still committed to energy development linked to clean and renewable energy. The industrial activity of the city is currently immersed in a process of diversification. Since 2004, our city has been chosen by different companies related to solar energy, such as SILICIO SOLAR and SOLARIA ENERGIA & MEDIOAMBIENTE. Pyramid of Population of Puertollano 02000 2000 Workforce Workforce A City for Investment 2005 2007 2009 50.082 50.838 51.959 Source: National Statistics Institute. Population of Puertollano IN PUERTOLLANO, A 69% OF INHABITANTS ARE WORKFORCE, WHICH MEANS A TOTAL OF 35,461 INHABITANTS: -MEN: 17,812 -WOMAN: 17,649 Source: Local Council Population Registry Source: National Statistics Institute Edited by: Puertollano Observatory Center.
  3. 3. Source: 2009 Economic Yearbook of La Caixa. Edited by: Puertollano Observatory Center. Puertollano Albacete Villaseca de la Sagra Azuqueca de Henares Toledo Guadalajara Trillo Ciudad Real Talevera de la Reina Tomelloso 508 239 179 147 142 137 135 91 81 75 27 67 94 117 125 130 135 202 221 239 City/Town Industrial Rate National Ranking Albacete Puertollano Toledo Talevera de la Reina Ciudad Real Guadalajara Cuenca Azuqueca de Henares Villaseca de la Sagra Tomelloso 346 201 186 150 139 135 98 71 61 53 47 72 79 95 103 108 153 206 226 260 C i t y / T o w n Economic Activity Rate National Ranking International City of Energy Puertollano banks on an industrial sustainable diversification; therefore it has become the “International City of New Energies”. Puertollano has boosted projects relating industrial research and technology and innovation development, such as the ISFOC -Institute for Concentration Photovoltaic Systems- and the National Center on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation. New innovation projects strength the objective of making Puertollano a reference regarding renewable energy, an example of energy evolution, a city that has evolved from coal to the sun. Puertollano is also an example for its education offer with specialized and high-qualified education in energy and innovation. During years, educational basis are being consolidated in order to give an answer to the need for human and technological resources as a result of the new industrial network. A City for Investment In August, 2008, RENOVALIA ENERGY opened one of the biggest solar photovoltaic parks in the world, with a nominal power rating of 47,60 Mw. Currently, RENOVALIA projects the construction of three new thermo-solar plants with a power rating of 50, 12.4 and 8 Mw, respectively. In May, 2009, IBERDROLA RENOVABLES opened the first 50 MW field of thermoelectric solar energy, which estimates a production of over 100 million Kwh per year.
  4. 4. Industrial Land. Land for industrial development and economic activity. Puertollano has a wide and competitive offer on qualified industrial land, which is adapted to each industrial project needs and provided with all the necessary facilities and infrastructures: all at a very competitive price. The city has five industrial areas differentiated according to the economic activities prevailing in each of them. All are provided with a good accessing infrastructure and they all are perfectly communicated to the main industrial and urban locations thanks to high-capacity roads. Industrial Land Besides, Puertollano is connected to the conventional and freight railroad network and to the high speed (AVE) train, as well as to the air transport thanks to the Ciudad Real Central airport, located at less than 20km. Fundescop web site, www.fundescop.net, provides investors with all the required information on purchase processes, requirements and application forms to acquire lots in the industrial estates, especially in La Nava, information about the investor’s responsibilities and the price of land for each industrial estate. 2004 2006 2007 +1.000.000 +1.500.000 +2.000.000 Source: National Statistics Institute. Total Industrial Surface of Puertollano (m2 )
  5. 5. SEPES 207,900 m2 ARAGONESAS 81,800 m2 LA NAVA 2,000,000 m2 CERRO DE LA AZUCENA 62,400 m2 ESCAPARATE 112,600 m2 Business Parks and Industrial Estates in Puertollano. Aragonesas Industrial Estate It is the nearest Industrial Estate to the Petrochemical complex. You can access it via the new East bypass which directly links the Industrial Estate to the A-41 Ciudad Real – Puertollano highway, as well as, to the South bypass, which is connected to the N-420 national road (heading for Cordoba). The economic activity of the Estate is based on manufacturing and petrochemical auxiliary industry. Sepes Industrial Estate This Industrial Estate is located near the CR-504 Puertollano – Calzada de Calatrava road and it is very close to the Petrochemical complex. It is connected to the A-41 Ciudad Real – Puertollano highway, thanks to the new East bypass. Its business activity is mainly based on petrochemical auxiliary industry, such as industrial assembly and boiler making services. Cerro de la Azucena Industrial Estate It is located in the CM-410 regional road (heading for Almodovar del Campo). It is comprised of business and commercial companies. Escaparate Industrial Estate It is a private Industrial Estate close to the N-420 national road. All businesses here are based on commercial activities. La Nava Business Park This Business Park is located at the south-east of Puertollano, close to the N-420 national road. It is projected to be directly connected to the A-41 Toledo – Córdoba (toll) motorway. FUNDESCOP, the Development Agency for Puertollano is responsible of industrial land management. The Agency gives the necessary information on lots availability and purchasing requirements. La Nava Business Park currently has available lots and the purchasing process is currently open. Industrial Land Competitive price at 2 – 5 /m2 for all the projects that will create employment.
  6. 6. La Nava. The Business Park of Puertollano. Industrial Land With an area extension around two million square meters, La Nava is one of the most important industrial areas in Castilla-La Mancha. Many businessmen and entrepreneurs have chosen La Nava as the ideal place to develop their investment projects. The Industrial Estate is divided into lots of 2,000 and 100,000 m2 , provided with all the required facilities and infrastructures a company may need: electrical grid with a range of voltages (low and medium rate), drinking water, natural gas and fiber-optic telecommunications. Lots price ranges from 2 to 5 /m2 for employment creation projects. This Estate also has a ‘Business Park for SMEs’, meant for meeting the SMEs needs, which offers 34 industrial buildings of about 300 and 450m2 at a lower price. Finally, the Chamber of Commerce in Ciudad Real offers a center aimed at entrepreneurs. This center is comprised of offices and buildings in which entrepreneurs can start and develop their business career. This great industrial area is mainly aimed at business activities related to renewable energy. SEPES 207,900 m2 ARAGONESAS 81,800 m2 LA NAVA 2,000,000 m2 100% in use 100% in use Development in three phases Phase1 Phase2 Phase3 Main Infrastructures Electrical grid with a range of voltages (50w/m2 supply guaranteed). Drinking water. Drains and sewage systems. Fiber-optic telecommunications. Natural gas. Direct access to the N-420 road and to the future motorway. Local public transport. 4* Hotel with services like nursery, restaurants, business center, etc. (Under construction). LA NAVA III-I 276.73 84.26 135.07 LA NAVA II LA NAVA I Estimated Investment for La Nava Business Park (EURm)
  7. 7. LA NAVA I Total area: Area in lots: Available area: Companies: Companies in production stage: 343,636 m2 260,367 m2 0 m2 4 4 Business Park LA NAVA II Total area: Area in lots: Available area: Companies: Companies in production stage: Price / m2 developed: 438,215 m2 256,388 m2 16,648 m2 20 17 2 – 5 Business Park LA NAVA III Total area: Area in lots: Available area: Companies: Companies in production stage: Price / m2 developed: 1,096,854 m2 736,317 m2 319,077 m2 23 5 2 – 5 Business Park Industrial Land La Nava – Phases and Characteristics.
  8. 8. Economic Aids and Subsidies. Supporting productive investments and employment creation. Economic Aids and Incentives Puertollano is one of the municipalities with more public aids granted for employment creation investments. The Council of Puertollano supports the implementation of businesses and companies via discounts in industrial land and local tax reductions, such as tax on buildings, installations and works (ICIO) and property tax (IBI). The Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha is committed to support business projects in the Region and offers an aid-package covering most of the investors needs: quality and design investment and MAIN INCENTIVES FOR INVESTMENT *MINER (Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade) *Regional Incentives (FEDER – Ministry of Economy and Finance *ENTREPRENEURIAL INVESTMENT INCETIVES (Regional Government of Catilla-La Mancha) SMALL PROJECTS OF INVESTMENT (MINER) BeneficiariesRequirementsEligibleInvestmentAidAmount · Processing Industries. · Activities aimed at providing industry services to companies, healthcare services and those related to rural tourism, leisure, environment as well as projects concerned with information society, innovation and new technologies development. · Processing industries and production service companies promoting new technologies. · Tourism establishments. · Leisure centers. · Industry and support companies. · Intermediate organism. · Natural, artificial, public or private persons. . Self-employers and joint- ventures. · Minimum investment: 240,000 · Creation of employment: minimum 3 jobs during at least 3 years. · Min. Investment: 600,000 for new and modernization projects. · Max. Investment: 600,000 for expansion projects. · Investment ranges from 30,050 to 901,518. · Min. Investment: 120,000 for corporations and 30,000 for joint-ventures and self- employers. · Creation of employment: at least 1 job. · Land. · Services supply. · Development & external works. · Civil works. · Capital goods. · Planning works. · Investments in tangible or intangible fixed assets. · Civil works. · Capital goods. · Planning works. · Land. · Civil works. · Capital goods. · Technical projects. · Information technology. · Planning works. · Land. · Civil works. · Capital goods. · Planning works. · Investments in tangible or intangible assets. · Up to 50% of eligible investment. · Up to 30% of eligible investment. · Up to 30% of eligible investment. · Up to 50% of investment (up to a maximum of 200,000).
  9. 9. Economic Aids and Incentives promotion, business expansion and modernization, promotion and internationalization of foreign trade and training and permanent employment support. Puertollano is the only city in the region that benefits from the economical aids granted by the Coal Mining National Plan, which enhances the consolidation of a new and alternative industrial system. In our web site investors can find all the necessary information on economic aids and subsidies, as well as hyperlinks to the corresponding institutions. *These incentives are not mutually exclusive: all of them may be applied to the same project. The amount of the incentive can reach the 50% of the eligible investment for SMEs. PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT (Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha) (subject to notification) SOCIAL SECURITY DISCOUNTS (Ministry of Labor and Immigration) ObjectiveAids Promoting indefinite-term contracts for unemployed people. Promoting indefinite-term contracts for unemployed people. · Up to 8,000 for unemployed women. · Up to 4,000 for unemployed men. · Up to 9,000 for groups out of the labor market and victims of gender-based violence. · Self-employers (freelancers): 2,000 for the first permanent employee. Discounts on the social security quotas. MAIN AIDS AIMED AT THE SUPPORT OF PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT TAX REDUCTION ON BUILDINGS, INSTALLATIONS AND WORKS FREE BUSINESS ADVISE SERVICES - FUNDESCOP - ObjectiveAids Discount on the ICIO quota if works are considered of special or municipal interest. Fudescop will consider requirements such as local interest works and supporting the creation of employment. · Advice and follow-up on the implementation of projects in Puertollano. · Processing Subsidies and incentives. A reduction up to 75% (depending on each project). MAIN AIDS / INCENTIVES OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF PUERTOLLANO
  10. 10. Bilbao Barcelona Valencia Malaga Algeciras Lisbon Madrid A Coruña Seville Zaragoza Puertollano Valladolid Gijon Palma CartagenaHuelva Transport Network Transport Network. PUERTOLLANO Puertollano has become a strategic place in the mid- south of Spain. An excellent net of infrastructures allows communication between Puertollano and main cities and ports in Spain. By road, Puertollano has direct connection to the A-43 Levante – Extremadura highway and it is projected a direct access to the AP-41 Madrid – Córdoba (toll) motorway. Since 1992, there is a train station for the high-speed train (AVE) which connects Puertollano to Madrid in just over an hour and Puertollano to Seville / Malaga in an hour and a half. Puertollano is also linked to the conventional train network and there is a freight train station close to La Nava industrial area. Ciudad Real Central Airport is situated less than 12.4 miles (20 km) from Puertollano. It is the first international private airport for public use in Spain. The airport comprises the best logistics area in southern Europe. The airport infrastructure is also comprised of a Dry Port of 17 hectares which is totally integrated in the European Combined Transport Network, becoming the second infrastructure most important in Spain. A-5 A-4 A-3 A-2 A-1 A-6 CM-400 A-43 Bilbao Barcelona Valencia Malaga Algeciras Lisbon Madrid A Coruña Seville Zaragoza Puertollano Valladolid Gijon Palma CartagenaHuelva AIRPORT PORTS ROADS AVE
  11. 11. ROADS A-41 Ciudad Real – Puertollano highway: integrating part of the A-43 Levante – Extremadura – Lisbon highway, as well as the AP-41 Madrid – Toledo – Cordoba motorway. RAILROAD ·High-speed train (AVE): Madrid – Seville – Malaga route. Train departures and arrivals every 30 minutes. Shuttle trains from/to Puertollano – Ciudad Real – Madrid. CLOSEST SEA PORTS ·Valencia. ·Cartagena. ·Malaga. ·Algeciras. ·Barcelona. ·Bilbao ·Lisbon. ·Conventional train: Badajoz – Merida – Alcazar de San Juan. Connection to any station of the Spanish railroad network. ·Freight train station at La Nava industrial area. Transport Network AIRPORT International Ciudad Real Central Airport (12.4 miles far from Puertollano). Access: ·A-41 Ciudad Real – Puertollano highway. ·Train station under construction: high-speed train (AVE) and conventional and freight train. ·Main technical characteristics: · Runway length: 4,000 m (4376 yards) ·Runway width: 60 m (65.64 yards) ·Operation: 24h / 365d 2009: ·Operations: 3,813 ·Passengers: 53,600 passengers ·Freight: 1,113,000 kg (2,448,600 pounds) DISTANCIAS ROAD MADRID: 242 Km / 150.04 miles SEVILLE: 290 Km / 179.8 miles LISBON: 540 Km / 334.8 miles VALENCIA: 390 Km / 241.8 miles AVE MADRID: 70 Min. SEVILLA: 90 Min. MÁLAGA: 100 Min. BARCELONA: 240 Min. AIRPORT MADRID: 250 Km / 155 miles BARCELONA: 726 Km / 450.12 miles VALENCIA: 400 Km / 248 miles SEVILLE: 276 Km / 171.12 miles PORTS VALENCIA: 390Km / 241.8 miles CARTAGENA: 400 Km / 248 miles ALGECIRAS: 436 Km / 270.32 miles HUELVA: 378 Km / 234 miles
  12. 12. Human Resources. An added value for the present and future. Training & Workforce EDUCATION AND TRAINING Puertollano has a skilled workforce historically get used to work in a leading industry environment. Our city offers a high-quality education focused on specialized training in different industry sectors and services. This educative offer is in constant adaptation to the labor market needs. Talking about innovation and new technologies, Puertollano offers high-quality training on solar and hydrogen technology. The Red Virtus center, located in our city, provides specialized vocational training. It is worth pointing out the Aeronautical Training Center, which is one of the only few in Europe having been granted with a certification by the Spanish Ministry of Public Works to offer training courses for Technicians in the Maintenance of Aircrafts. SPECIALIZED CENTERS · University: University Study Center – University of Castile-La Mancha. · Red Virtus: Excellence Training Center (Aeronautics and New Technologies). · Research & Study Centers: ISFOC (Institute for Concentration Photovoltaic Systems) National Center on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation.
  13. 13. Higher Technician / Architect (University Degree) Administrative Manager Administrative Assistant grade 1 Administrative Assistant grade 2 Secretary / Administrative Assistant Auxiliary Staff CATEGORY 1,004.10 971.75 913.53 895.86 874.80 855.45 4.38 4.38 4.38 4.38 4.38 4.38 100 100 100 100 100 100 Source: Provincial Agreement for Metallurgical Industries (2009) Average Wage Structure in the Industry Sector Agriculture & Fishing Industry Construction Services No previous job Total Sector *Unemployment 52 565 936 3,157 600 5,310 WORKFORCE AVAILABILITY Source: Public Employment Service of Castile–La Mancha (data for Puertollano). Last Update: 01/31/2010 *Unemployment: unemployed active workforce. Training & Workforce 897 2685 1728 5,310 < 25 25-44 >45 Total Age *Unemployment +Women 3039 Men 2271 = *Registered Unemployment 5310 Wage ( /month) Transport Supplement ( /day) Incentive Supplement ( /month)
  14. 14. Puertollano, with more than 52,000 inhabitants, is a rich and attractive city which offers an excellent quality of life thanks to different factors such as national transport connections (high-speed train –AVE-, Ciudad Real Central Airport), high training and education level, medical and health services, warm temperatures and good weather (number of sun hours per day), excellent social tolerance feeling, good-value-for-money services and even integration of nature in urban areas. Our city is at the citizen service: it is a warm city which offers all big city privileges mixed with the peace of a village. Traditional buildings live in harmony with sustainable development which results in an urban area in touch with nature. The main responsibility of Puertollano is based on its own history which is represented in our artistic heritage, such as our ‘Fuente Agria’ (a bitter water fountain), the Quality of Life. A base for development. Quality of Life monument dedicated to mining workers known as ‘El Minero’ and an ancient thermal spa called ‘La Casa de Baños’. Talking about open nature spaces, Puertollano is located at a privileged place close to the ‘Valle the Alcudia’ and ‘Dehesa Boyal’ valleys. Puertollano has become in the city with the best public network of sport facilities in the Region. Our city offers numerous places for sports such as paddle, athletics, martial arts, swimming, etc. Besides, here you can find one of the best sport specialty centers of Spain. The region of Castile-La Mancha, specifically Puertollano, is renowned for its gastronomy. It is worth pointing out the tasty and traditional tapas, which is our sign of hospitality, as well as our regional cuisine. Our gastronomy gets a new vision with our regional wines, which will fully satisfy the most discerning gourmets.
  15. 15. Fundescop, Development Agency of Puertollano, is a local entity responsible for enhancing the socioeconomic and business development in Puertollano. Fundescop was founded in 1998 by the Council of Puertollano together with the main Trade Unions (UGT and CCOO), business representatives, the Federation of Entrepreneurs (FEPU) and the Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real. The Agency for the Development in Puertollano is a private non-profit making foundation, which currently consists of representatives of each founding entity.
  16. 16. The Board The governing body and representation of Fundescop is its Board. The Board may also grant legal representation of the Foundation to one or several of its members either jointly or separately. The Board is made up of a Chairman, the current Mayor of Puertollano, one member of each Political Party with representation on the Council (PSOE, PP and IU), the founding Trade Unions (UGT, FIA-UGT and CCOO) the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Puertollano (FEPU) and the Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real. The Board meets regularly to oversee the Agency day- to-day activities and decide issues concerning the economic development of Puertollano. -Establish and define general policies on management, administration and procedures of the Foundation. -Control, oversee and monitor the procedures of the Foundation. Responsibilities of the Board -Guarantee the implementation of the founding and basic objectives and bylaws of the Foundation and, if appropriate, agree its modification. -Draft and approve the Foundation annual accounts and the required documentation for its presentation. The Board BOARD Managing Company CHAIRMAN Public Notary Secretary Public Notary Audito FEPU Representatives UGT and CCOO Representatives Local Political Parties Representatives (right to speak) CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Representatives (right to speak) (right to speak) (right to speak and right to vote) (right to speak and right to vote) (right to speak and right to vote) (right to speak and right to vote) (right to speak and right to vote)
  17. 17. OBJECTIVES The main objective of Fundescop is to “promote the development of Puertollano by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens, as well as to create the required conditions for investment and creation of employment in our city. Besides, Fundescop works for the training of qualified workers according to the needs of the productive sector“. Fundescop works every day for the development and future of Puertollano. -Promotion of Puertollano. -Enhancing the business development. -Management of Council-owned industrial land. -Promotion of skilled and permanent employment. -Promotion of technology innovation and company modernization. Activities of Fundescop: -Enhancing training of citizens. -Encouragement of social economy and self- employment. -Fostering entrepreneurial spirit. Fundescop *