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  • If you were asked who would be most likely to discover new drug treatments for the 7000 rare diseases that affect 25 million Americans, you would probably say the pharmaceutical industry. That’s what pharmaceutical companies do, right?   Well – you would be wrong. At the rate the pharmaceutical industry is discovering new rare disease drugs today, it would take hundreds or even thousands of years to get treatments for the rare diseases we already know about, let alone the ones we have not yet discovered.  
  • Stephen Larson
  • 3 lustig online and community resources

    1. 1. Lab To Launch Workshop Dec 8 2012
    2. 2. Jobs In Life Science Research Pre-1990 1990-2010 Post-2010Academic Scientist Academic Scientist Academic ScientistPharma Scientist Pharma Scientist Pharma Scientist Biotech Scientist Biotech Scientist Biotech Scientist Other Other Other ?
    3. 3. New Life Science Jobs in the 21st Century Virtual Drug Company Expert Consultant Service Provider/CRO Social Media Expert Non-Profit Foundation Scientist DIY-Bio/Citizen Scientist Science Marketplace Patient Advocate Science Lobbyist Science App Developer Crowdfunder
    4. 4. Parents Ran Own Drug Research Program2010 FDA approves drug treatment for Addi and Cassi2011 NIH announces expanded clinical trial
    5. 5. 7000 rare diseases
    6. 6. 25,000,000 people
    7. 7. Pharmageddon“The pharmaceutical industry is imploding in slow motion” – Forbes 2012110 Drug Patents Expiring 1 in 13 clinical success rate $4 Billion Per Drug300,000+ Layoffs 8
    8. 8. 3000 years (5013 AD)
    9. 9. Open Science Revolution
    10. 10. Open Science is About Removing Barriers to Research Use Online Data and Tools To Generate IdeasShare Research Data Innovation Raise Money by and Ideas Online Cycle Online Crowdfunding Find Experts and Shop Online for Research Services
    11. 11. Lab to Launch Speakers10:00-10:30 Andy Shiau – Translational Research 10:30-11:00 Susan Gorman & Mark Nuell – IP Checklist11:00-11:30 Kevin Lustig – Online Research Tools11:30-12:15 Lunch (Thai)12:15-12:45 Scott Stanton – Financing Options12:45-1:15 Kent Prior – Running a Virtual Company1:15-1:45 Maria Thompson – Science Consulting1:45-2:00 Mary Canady – Social Media Marketing2:00 pm Open Forum and Closing
    12. 12. Open Science Revolution =Online Science Revolution
    13. 13. Open Science is About Removing Barriers to Research Use Online Data and Tools To Generate IdeasShare Research Data Innovation Raise Money by and Ideas Online Cycle Online Crowdfunding Find Experts and Shop Online for Research Services
    14. 14. “think of the speed of innovation theopen web has unleashed. Then imaginethat transformative efficiency appliedto science and technology.” James Boyle
    15. 15. Open Access +Community +Citizen Science
    16. 16. Open Access
    17. 17. Community
    18. 18. Science Networks Science Advocacy Groups Crowdfunding Community Labs Science Blogs Science WorkshopsDIY-Bio Meet-Up Groups
    19. 19. Citizen Science
    20. 20. The Problem: Life Science Research Involves Laboratory Experiments Expensive equipment Technical experts Tracking tools
    21. 21. Community DIY-BIO labs http://challenge.assaydepot.com/community-laboratory-spaces/ 38
    22. 22. Assay Depot is an Online Marketplace for the Citizen Scientist Browse 17,000+ ServicesCommunicate with 8,000+ Vendors Purchase & Track Progress Rate and Review Services Share Data Reports www.assaydepot.com
    23. 23. Online Access to 17,000+ Lab Services Prices and Turn-around Times Link to Technical Details
    24. 24. Citizen Scientists Can Now Run Thousands of Life Science Experiments Online  Access to research services  Access to technical experts  Web-based sourcing tools
    25. 25. One person can run an entire drug discovery research program from concept to clinic
    26. 26. Open Source Drug Research 49
    27. 27. http://browser.openworm.org
    28. 28. Open Science CompetitionsBe HEARD Unites Science Organizations Worldwide http://challenge.assaydepot.com/rare-disease-challenge
    29. 29. Open Science Revolution
    30. 30. Lessons Learned from Building Two StartupsIt’s not easy to start a company but it’s worth it!Only work on ideas and projects that are important to you.It’s more fun to run a company without venture capitalist (VC) backing.Going virtual can dramatically improve your quality of life.It’s difficult to get customers. Start marketing now.Big is not necessarily better. Simple products can transform entire industries.Select co-founders who share a common vision but have different skillsets.