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Van Der Graaf Presentation

  1. 1. Manufacturer of Heavy Duty High Precision Drum Motors
  2. 2. Company Profile• Modern manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada, and Holland utilizing the latest technology and expertise. MENU
  3. 3. What Is a Drum Motor The Van der Graaf Drum Motor is a one component conveyor drive in which the motor, gear drive, and all moving parts are enclosed inside the drum. MENU
  4. 4. Design Benefits The Drum Motor Design: Increases Reduces o Versatility o Maintenance o Space utilization o Downtime o Durability o Noise o Production o Energy & o Safety Operating Costs MENU
  5. 5. Drum Motor Assembly MENU
  6. 6. Comparison to Conventional The Drum Motor offers a much less complex and more efficient way to power your belt conveyor. MENU
  7. 7. Comparison Video MENU
  8. 8. Savings Compared to Conventional MENU
  9. 9. Drum Motor Features• Lubricant/Cooling An oil bath ensures that heat is transferred through the lubricant, onto the drum, to dissipate on the belt. MENU
  10. 10. Drum Motor Features• Hermetic Sealing Van der Graaf manufacturers and engineers seals that are specific to the industry to provide a leak proof environment. MENU
  11. 11. Drum Motor Features• Honed and Ground Gears Using alloy steel, gears are machined and honed to AGMA/DIN6 standards and exceed OSHA low-noise requirements. MENU
  12. 12. Electric MotorSupply Voltage• Van der Graaf designs Drum Motors specific to each environment.• The drum motor can be supplied in all standard voltage or any nonstandard voltage and frequency for three phase or single phase applications.General Torque Curve GraphVacuum Pressure Impregnation Process Video MENU
  13. 13. General Motor Torque Curve This graph illustrates the typical start-up configuration and the general motor torque curves for Van der Graaf drum motors. BACK MENU
  14. 14. Vacuum Pressure Impregnation(VPI) MENU
  15. 15. Lagging• Urethane Utilizes a unique ribbon flow method of coating cylinders with high durometer urethane.• Hot Bond A vulcanization process that adheres colandered rubber to the exterior of a drum motor shell. The result is a seamless, durable, and tear resistant finish.• Ceramic Rubber lagging with ceramic tiles embedded improves traction and abrasion resistance. Typically used for larger HP drives that work in harsher environments. MENU
  16. 16. Tungsten Carbide Infusion• As an alternative to conventional lagging, Van der Graaf has developed a traction coating layer of infused tungsten particles embedded into the surface of the drum using a thermo spray system. MENU
  17. 17. Range of Drum Motors• Available in both standard material and stainless steel, Van der Graaf Drum Motors can be used in all applications in order to enhance any bulk or material handling system.• Varieties include: o Diameter Sizes (4 – 36 inches) o Various Belt Speeds (3 ft/min – 1800 ft/min) o Horsepower (0.10 – 250) MENU
  18. 18. Sanitary Series Drum Motors (SSV) o Ideal for the food industry o Essential to conveyors requiring sanitary wash down• SSV Labyrinth Sealing System o Prevents contaminants from penetrating the sealing integrity of the unit. o SSV drum motors are capable of handling 2000psi wash down pressure. MENU
  19. 19. Cross Drive• This design has all the benefits of the Drum Motor combined with the flexibility of an external electric motor for quick and easy installation. MENU
  20. 20. Extreme Duty• The Extreme Duty Mining Series Drum Motor is a robust unit for mining applications able to withstand heavy shock loads.• Engineered for the harshest environments. Diameter: 20 – 36 inches Horsepower: 50 – 250 MENU
  21. 21. Industries• The Van der Graaf Drum Motor is built to meet the requirements of any application. Our industries include: o Airport Baggage Handling o Postal/Parcel o Food o Mining & Aggregate MENU
  22. 22. ROI Summary• Reduced maintenance and downtime – only an oil change every 50,000 hours• Enhanced space utilization – fit more lines into less floor or overhead space• With 96% mechanical efficiency, power savings of over 30% are possible• AGMA/DIN 6 gear standards reduce operating noise• Enhanced operator safety by eliminating external moving parts MENU
  23. 23. Principle Van der Graaf adheres to one principle: “Design a superior product to meet customer needs in a changing marketplace”As a result VDG has been the premiere supplier of conveyor belt drives for over 60 years worldwide and continues to answer the demands of the material handling industry. Thank You MENU
  24. 24. Menu Title Tungsten Carbide Company Profile Range of Drum Motors What Is a Drum Motor SSV Design Benefits Cross Drive Extreme Duty Comparison to Conventional Industries Savings ROI Summary Oil Lubricant VIDEO Hermetic Sealing Comparison VPI Honed & Ground Gears Lagging Electric Motor Tungsten Carbide Torque Curve Cross Drive Lagging Drum Motor Assembly
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