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Rare earth demand drivers
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Rare earth demand drivers


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Objective Capital's Rare Earths, Speciality & Strategic Metals …

Objective Capital's Rare Earths, Speciality & Strategic Metals
Investment Summit 2012
Ironmongers' Hall, City of London
13-14 March 2012
Speaker: Bill de Lucy, Denver International

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  • 1. RARE EARTHS, SPECIALITY& STRATEGIC METALSINVESTMENT SUMMIT Rare earth demand drivers Bill de Lucy – Managing Director, Denver International IRONMONGERS’ HALL, CITY OF LONDON ● TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, 13-14 MARCH 2012
  • 2. WelcomeTo the World of Real Assets
  • 3. Financial Crisis• Protect yourself from the current global financial crisis• Our current distressing economy• More money is being printed
  • 4. Money Becomes Worthless• In the last 30 years the volume of goods has quadrupled• The money supply increased forty-fold (Prof. Hamer)• That means there is too much money for a limited number of goods• Money becomes worthless!
  • 5. Could Government Bankruptcies happen?There were 20 hyperinflations in the 20th century Year(s) Country Year(s) Country Year(s) Country 1914 China 1988 Nicaragua 1992/98 Russia 1921 Austria 1990 Peru 1994 Angola 1921/45 Hungary 1990 Zaire 1997 Thailand 1923/48 Germany 1990 Mexico 1998 Brazil 1921/89 Poland 1990 Bosnia 1999 Ecuador 1943 Greece 1990 Yugoslavia 2001 Argentina 1985 Bolivia 1992 Georgia Now... Who Next?
  • 6. Comparing Gold with Silver
  • 7. U.S. National Debt
  • 8. Dow vs. Silver
  • 9. Sample caseIndium, Gallium, Hafnium, Bismuth
  • 10. Positive Strategy of Metal• These precious and strategically rare metals are urgently needed for 80% of all branches of industry and are indispensable• Alternatives are in the distant future
  • 11. IndiumIN 49 – Annual world production 600 t (approx)
  • 12. IndiumKey Industries & Usage• Engine Bearings• Flat screens and touch screens• Medical technology• Solar technology• Illuminating diodes• Displays (Mobile Phone, Navigation Screens)• Space Industry
  • 13. GalliumGA 31 – Annual world Production 130 t (approx)
  • 14. GalliumKey Industries & Usage• Illuminating diodes• LED lights• Electrical high-frequency components• Integrated circuits/ computer chips• Laser• Solar cell technology used as electricity for satellites• Low- non-toxic mercury substitute used for filling thermometers
  • 15. HafniumHF 72 – Annual world production 52 t (approx)
  • 16. HafniumKey Industries & Usage• Nuclear technology• New high capacity power plants• Computer chips - Intel processors• Flash light bulbs with especially high light efficiency• Super alloys which allow turbines to operate at higher temperatures making them more efficient• Plasma torch to cut steel
  • 17. BismuthBI 83 – Annual world production 5,700 t (approx)
  • 18. Bismuth• Over 500 applications around the world - it is a very widely used element:• Abdominal therapeutics• X-ray contrast medium• Substitute for lead without toxic characteristics (e.g. Water pipes)• Optical glass• High quality lacquer/emulsion paint• Plastics and printing ink• Refrigerant for atomic reactors (does not store radiation)• Antiseptic burn ointment and powder• All electronic devices• Plasma torch to cut steel
  • 19. TantalumTA 73 – Annual world production 1,270 t (approx)
  • 20. TantalumKey Industries & Usage• Ultra small capacitors with high capacity SMD technology• Mobile phones and automobiles• Medical implants, bone nails, prostheses, maxillary screws, dental and hip replacements• Super alloys used during the construction of turbines and airplane engines (high temp.)• Chemical industry• All electronic devices• Plasma torch to cut steel
  • 21. TelluriumTE 52 – Annual world production 250 t (approx)
  • 22. TelluriumKey Industries & Usage• Alloying constituent for steel, cast iron and copper alloys• Photodiode and thin layer solar cells• Optical Memory (DVD-RW, CD, Blue Ray-RW etc.)• Coloration of glass and ceramics• Cover for undersea electric cables• Solar cells
  • 23. Silver GranulatesAG 47 – Annual world production 25,500 t (approx)
  • 24. Silver GranulatesKey Industries & Usage• Currency• Jewellery and silverware• Dentistry• Photography and electronics• Mirrors and optics• Other industry and commercial applications• Medical industry• Clothing• Water Filtering /antibacterial
  • 25. Metals Increase in Value Monday, 21 May 2007In May 2007 after years of negotiations inMadrid, Odyssey Marine Explorationreceived permission to seek the Britishflagship HMS Sussex, which sank in astorm in 1694 off the southern coast ofSpainThe wreck itself is the greatestsunken treasure ever found…One million pounds sterling in goldand silver coins with a current value ofup to €12 billion
  • 26. Our Metal selection in daily life
  • 27. Modern aircraft
  • 28. Turbines and Engines
  • 29. Aerospace Industry
  • 30. High-tech Electronics
  • 31. Mobile phones & Communication Technology
  • 32. Medical Techniques
  • 33. Navigation Systems
  • 34. Storage Media (CD)
  • 35. USB Sticks and Hard Drives
  • 36. Photovoltaic & Solar Technology
  • 37. LED Lights
  • 38. Laser Techniques
  • 39. Colours and Paint
  • 40. Optic (Glass and Lenses)
  • 41. Pharmaceuticals
  • 42. Alloy Components
  • 43. Metals needed in a mobile phone • Antimony Indium • Lead • Palladium Gallium • Platinum • Tin • Lithium Tantal • Gold • Beryllium Silver • Copper • Arsenic
  • 44. Increasing Demand• Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources:• The trend toward miniaturisation continues so the need for rare metals increases to hundreds of tons per year
  • 45. Summary• 100 % Physical ownership• Protection against inflation and devaluing of currency
  • 46. Metals - Driving The World