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Mammalogy lab 8
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Mammalogy lab 8


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  • My best advice is for you to follow the slides along with your lab notes. Cody gave us some tips to identify several groups, try to use them in order to distinguish the different species in the pictures. Good luck!!
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  • 1. Mammalogy Lab 8
    Lagomorpha and Rodentia
  • 2. Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Chordata
    Subphylum Vertebrata
    Class Mammalia
    Subclass Theria
    Infraclass Eutheria
  • 3. Order Lagomorpha
    Family Ochotonidae- Pikas
    Family Leporidae- Hares and rabbits
    Lepuscalifornicus- black-tailed jackrabbit
    Sylvilagusaquaticus- swamp rabbit
    Sylvilagusaudubonii -Audobon’s cottontail
    Sylvilagusfloridanus- eastern cottontail
    Family Prolagidae- Mediterranean giant pikas
  • 4. Family Ochotonidae
  • 5. Lepuscarnifornicus
  • 6. Sylvilagusaquaticus
  • 7. Sylvilagusaudubonii
  • 8. Sylvilagusfloridanus
  • 9. Order Rodentia
    The Order Rodentiais devided into 5 different Suborders, and they are:
    Suborder Sciuromorpha
    Suborder Castorimorpha
    Suborder Myomorpha
    Suborder Anomaluromorpha
    Suborder Hystricomorpha
  • 10. Suborder Sciuromorpha
    Family Aplodontidae- Mountain beaver
    Aplodontiarufa- mountain beaver
  • 11. Family Aplodontidae
  • 12. Suborder Sciuromorpha
    Family Sciuridae- squirrels
    Ammospermophilusinterpres- Texas antelope squirrel
    Ammspermophilusleucurus- white tailed antelope squirrel
    Cynomysludovicianus- black tailed prairie dog
    Glaucomysvolans- southern flying squirrel
    Sciuruscarolinensis- eastern gray squirrel
    Sciurusniger- eastern fox squirrel
    Spermophilusmexicanus- Mexican ground squirrel
    Spermophilusspilosoma- spotted ground squirrel
    Spermophilustridecemlineatus- thirteen-lined ground squirrel
    Spermophilusvariegatus- rock squirrel
    Tamiascanipes- gray footed chipmunk
    Tamiasquadrivittatus- colorado chipmunk
    TamiasStriatus- Eastern chipmunk
  • 13. Ammospermophilusinterpres
  • 14. Ammospermophilusleucurus
  • 15. Cynomysludovicianus
  • 16. Glaucomysvolans
  • 17. Sciuruscarolinensis
  • 18. Sciurusniger
  • 19. Spermophilusmexicanus
  • 20. Spermophilusspilosoma
  • 21. Spermophilustridecemlineatus
  • 22. Spermophilusvariegatus
  • 23. Tamiasquadrivittatus
  • 24. Tamiasstriatus
  • 25. Suborder Sciuromorpha
    Family Gliridae- dormice and hazel mice
  • 26. Suborder Castorimorpha
    Family Castoridae- beavers
    Castor canadensis- American beaver
  • 27. Castor canadensis
  • 28. Suborder Castorimorpha
    Family Heteromyidae
    Chaetodipushispidus- hispid pocket mouse
    Chaetodipusintermedius- rock pocket mouse
    Chaetodipusnelsoni- Nelson’s pocket mouse
    Chaetodipuspenicillatus- desert pocket mouse
    Dipodomyscompactus- Gulf Coast kangaroo rat
    Dipodomyselator- Texas Kangaroo rat
    Dipodomysmerriami- Merriam’s kangaroo rat
    Dipodomysordii- Ord’s Kangaroo rat
    Dipodomysspectabilis- Banner-tailed kangaroo rat
    Liomysirroratus- Mexican spiny pocket mouse
    Perognathusflavescens- plains pocket mouse
    Perognathusflavus- silky pocket mouse
    Perognathusmerriami- Merriam’s pocket mouse
  • 29. Chaetodipushispidus
  • 30. Chaetodipusnelsoni
  • 31. Dipodomysmerriami
  • 32. Dipodomysordii
  • 33. Dipodomysspectabilis
  • 34. Perognathusflavus
  • 35. Perognathusmerriami
  • 36. Suborder Castorimorphia
    Family Geomyidae- pocket gophers
    Cratogeomyscastonops- yellow faced pocket gopher
    Geomysarenarius- desert pocket gopher
    Geomysattwateri- Attwater’s pocket gopher
    Geomysbreviceps-Baird’s pocket gopher
    Geomysbursarius- Plains pocket gopher
    Geomysknoxjonesi- Knox Jone’s pocket gopher
    Geomyspersonatus- Texas Pocket gopher
    Geomystexensis- Central Texas pocket gopher
    Thomomysbottae- Botta’s pocket gopher
  • 37. Cratogeomyscastonops
  • 38. Geomysbreviceps
  • 39. Geomyspersonatus
  • 40. Geomystexensis
  • 41. Thomomysbottae
  • 42. Suborder Myomorpha
    Family Dipodidae- Birch mice, jerboas, and jumping mice
    Zapushudsonius- meadow jumping mouse
    Family Platacanthomyidae- malabar spiny dormouse and pygmy dormice
    Family Spalacidae- blind more rats, African mole rats, zokors, and bamboo rats
    Family Calomyscidae- mouse-like hamsters
    Family Nesomyidae- African and Malagasy endemic rats and mice
  • 43. Family Dipodidae
  • 44. Family Platacanthomyidae
  • 45. Suborder Myomorpha
    Family Cricetidae- New World rats, mice, voles, hamsters, and relatives.
    Baiomystaylori- northern pygmy mouse
    Microtusmexicanus- Mexican vole
    Microtusochrogaster- prairie vole
    Microtuspinetorum- woodland vole
    Neotomaalbigula- white-throated woodrat
    Neotomafloridana- eastern woodrat
    Neotomaleucodon- white-toothed woodrat
    Neotomamexicana- Mexican woodrat
    Neotomamicropus- southern plains woodrat
  • 46. Baiomystaylori
  • 47. Microtusmexicanus
  • 48. Microtusochrogaster
  • 49. Microtuspinetorum
  • 50. Neotomaalbigula
  • 51. Neotomafloridana
  • 52. Neotomamexicana
  • 53. Neotomamicropus
  • 54. Suborder Myomorpha
    Family Cricetidae(cont…)
    Ochrotomysnuttalli- golden mouse
    Onychomysarenicola- Mearn’s grasshopper mouse
    Onychomysleucogastor- northern grasshopper mouse
    Oryzomyscouesi- Coues’ rice rat
    Oryzomyspalustris- marsh rice rat
    Peromyscusattwateri- Texas mouse
    Peromyscusboylii- brush mouse
    Peromyscuseremicus- cactus mouse
    Peromyscusgossypinus- cotton mouse
    Peromyscusleucopus- white footed mouse
    Peromyscusmaniculatus- deer mouse
    Peromyscusnustus- northern rock mouse
    Peromyscuspectoralis- white ankled mouse
    Peromyscustruei- pinyon mouse
  • 55. Ochrotomysnuttalli
  • 56. Onychomysleucogastor
  • 57. Oryzomyspalustris
  • 58. Peromyscusattwateri
  • 59. Peromyscusboylii
  • 60. Peromyscusleucopus
  • 61. Peromyscusmaniculatus
  • 62. Peromyscuspectoralis
  • 63. Peromyscustruei
  • 64. Suborder Myomorpha
    Family Cricetidae(cont…)
    Reithrodontomysfulvescens- fulvous harvest mouse
    Reithrodontomyshumulis- eastern harvest mouse
    Reithrodontomysmegalotis- western harvest mouse
    Reithrodontomysmontanus- plains harvest mouse
    Sigmodonfulviventer- tawny-bellied cotton rat
    Sigmodonhispidus- hispid cotton rat
    Sigmodonochrognathus- yellow nosed cotton rat
  • 65. Reithrodontomysmegalotis
  • 66. Reithrodontomysmontanus
  • 67. Sigmodonhispidus
  • 68. Suborder Myomorpha
    Family Muridae- rats, mice, voles, gerbils, hamsters, lemmings
    Musmusculus- house mouse
    Rattusnorvegicus- brown rat
    Rattusrattus- house rat
  • 69. Musmusculus
  • 70. Rattusnorvegicus
  • 71. Suborder Anomaluromorpha
    Family Anomaluridae- scaly tailed squirrel
    Family Pedetidae- Springhare
    Pedetescapensis- springhare
  • 72. Family Pedetidae
  • 73. Suborder Hystricomorpha
    Family Ctenodactylidae- gundis
    Family Bathyergidae- blesmoles and mole rats
    Cryptomyshottentotus- African mole rat
    Family Hystricidae- Old world porcupines
    Hystrixcristata- North African crested porcupine
    Family Petromuridae- dassie rat
    Family Thryonomidae- cane rats
    Family Erethizontidae- New World Porcupines
    Erethizondorsatum- North American porcupine
  • 74. Family Bathyergidae
  • 75. Family Hystricidae
  • 76. Erethizondorsatum
  • 77. Suborder Hystricomorpha
    Family Chinchillidae- chinchillas and viscashas
    Family Dinomyidae- pacarana
    Family Caviidae- cavies
    Caviaporcellus- Guiena pig
    Family Dasyproctidae- acuchis and agoutis
    Family Cuniculidae- pacas
    Family Ctenomyidae- tuco-tucos
    Ctenomysmagellanicus- Magellanictuco-tuco
  • 78. Family Chinchillidae
  • 79. Family Dinomyidae
  • 80. Family Caviidae
  • 81. Family Dasyproctidae
  • 82. Family Ctenomyidae
  • 83. Suborder Hystricomorpha
    Family Octodontidae- degus, rock rats, and viscaha rats
    Family Abrocomidae- chinchilla rats
    Family Echimyidae- American spiny rats
    Family Myocastoridae- coypu and nutria
    Myocastorcorypus- corypu (nutria)
    Family Capromyidae- West Indian hutias
    Family Heptaxodontidae- giant hutias
  • 84. Myocastor coypus