Da Vinci Robotic Surgery | Robotics Hysterectomy | Dallas, Plano, Frisco


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The Women's Specialists of Plano in Plano, TX (http://obgynplano.com) offer the da Vinci robotic hysterectomy for patients. This innovative technique allows for a faster recovery, less blood loss, minimal scaring and a quicker ability to return to normal activities following a hysterectomy.

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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery | Robotics Hysterectomy | Dallas, Plano, Frisco

  1. 1. This article was originally posted on http://obgynplano.com on June 29, 2011 Robotics Hysterectomy | da Vinci Robotic Surgery | What is Robotic Surgery | Plano, TexasThere are many reasons why a woman may choose to have, or need a hysterectomy. Ahysterectomy is the removal, or partial removal of the uterus. The uterus is the large, hollow,female organ that resides in the female pelvis between the bladder and the rectum. It is where afetus grows once an egg has been fertilized.Hysterectomy statistics include:• 10% of Hysterectomies are performed because of (due to) cancer• 30% of Hysterectomies are performed because of (due to) Fibroid Tumors• 20% of Hysterectomies are performed to eliminate pain caused by Endometriosis• 16% of Hysterectomies are performed to repair a prolapsed Uterus.• The remaining 24% of Hysterectomies are performed for reasons such as recurrence of pain and heavy bleeding, severe infection, and post delivery trauma.Regardless of the reason a woman might be receiving a hysterectomy it is still a big decision,which accompanies an understandable amount of stress. Today, the complications following ahysterectomy can be lessened with new tools, techniques and medical technologies. Thegynecologists at the Women’s Specialists of Plano use a system called the da Vinci roboticsurgery which makes the entire surgery and recovery process a lot simpler than it once was.The robotics hysterectomy da Vinci system is a highly technical system of small, precise,electronic tools that robotically assist a physician in surgically removing the reproductive organswithout causing major incisions or long recovery periods. The list of pros for a roboticshysterectomy includes: • Less pain • Fewer complications • Less blood loss • Shorter hospital stay • Low risk of wound infection • Quicker recovery and return to normal activitiesWhat is robotic surgery? It’s a fairly simple process. The da Vinci robotic surgery allows doctorsto see the organs through a microscope via a 3d screen without the need to make largeincisions. The robotic arms of the da Vinci allows precise movement and act as the surgeonshands eliminating unsteadiness. The surgery leaves the patient with just a couple of very tinyincisions that usually do not require sutures.OBGYN’s are constantly asked “What is robotic surgery and how will it benefit me?” frompatients. Two Women’s Specialists of Plano recipients of robotics hysterectomy recentlyprovided the following feedback regarding their recent procedures:According to Patricia, “After battling breast cancer and going through numerous surgeries, thelast thing I wanted to do was go under the knife again. But when my OBGYN found a benigntumor on my ovary, he recommended a hysterectomy. The first thing that came to my mind was
  2. 2. that I would be left in a considerable amount of pain because of a huge incision and out of workfor six to eight weeks. After looking at my specific situation, we decided on the robotichysterectomy method. The surgery was fast and I was in recovery within a very short period oftime. I barely had to take any painkillers and I had no complications whatsoever. My scars arebarely visible. Even after one week, I felt good enough to go back to work, but still stayed homebecause of my doctor’s advice. I would recommend the robotic hysterectomy to anyoneconsidering a hysterectomy.”Sharon, another patient who underwent a hysterectomy via da Vinci robotic surgery, shares asimilar experience.“After several years of experiencing inconsistent, crampy, long periods—coupled with abnormaland inconclusive pap smears, I was ready for a hysterectomy. My doctor recommended therobotic hysterectomy technique and after doing my own research on the technology, I knew itwas for me. Not only was the surgery a breeze, but the post-op recovery was trouble-free andbrought with it minimal pain and scarring. Technology is a beautiful thing and it has allowed thissurgery to become easier and the result as if it has never happened.”The benefits of the robotic hysterectomy have been documented by thousands of patients anddoctors. Because the procedure is highly technical, it requires a skilled, trained surgeon. Whilenot all patients are candidates for this procedure, more and more are and are turning towardsthe method because of the benefits it brings.According to the doctors that make up the Women’s Specialists of Plano, "The skillfulness of therobotic tools and the dexterity of the 3D technology allows for the effectiveness of traditionalopen hysterectomy surgery and brings it to the minimally-invasive setting."Any woman considering or being faced with a hysterectomy, should discuss all of the optionswith their OBGYN. The robotic hysterectomy is one such consideration to be discussed.