Ayurvedic treatment for allergies with home remedies


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http://www.planetayurveda.com/allergformula.htm : Read more about ALLERGY care pack of planet ayurveda makes an effective ayurvedic treatment for all types of allergies that includes various amazing products like tulsi capsules, curcumin capsules etc.

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Ayurvedic treatment for allergies with home remedies

  2. 2. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM INTRODUCTION The immune system is a complex system that defends the body against foreign invaders, such as virus and bacteria. Allergy involves an exaggerated response of the immune system to certain foreign substances such as food or pollen (Allergy producing substances).
  3. 3. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM INTRODUCTION Allergens are the substances that are foreign to the body and can cause an allergic reaction. IgE is the allergic antibody.
  4. 4. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM CAUSES OF THE ALLERGY Common allergy triggers include Airborne allergens – Pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander. Specific food items – Peanuts, wheat, soy, eggs, sour substances, milk, curd, buttermilk etc.
  5. 5. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM CAUSES OF THE ALLERGY Insect stings – Such as bee stings. Medications – like penicillin or penicillin antibiotics.
  6. 6. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM SYMPTOMS OF ALLERGY Allergic rhinitis (Hay fever) may cause: Itchy runny nose, itchy watery swollen eyes, and congestion. A food allergy may cause: Swelling of the lips, tongue, throat, hives, and anaphylaxis.
  7. 7. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM SYMPTOMS OF ALLERGY Atopic dermatitis / an allergic skin condition that is also known as eczema may present with: Red, itchy or inflammatory skin with peeling or flaking of the skin sometimes. Insect sting allergy may cause: Edema at the local site, itching, cough, chest tightness, wheezing etc. Drug allergy may include: Itchy skin with swelling, rashes, hives, and anaphylaxis etc.
  10. 10. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM COMPLICATIONS OF ALLERGY Anaphylaxis Another Allergy Asthma
  11. 11. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM COMPLICATIONS OF ALLERGY Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis Eczema Dermatitis etc.
  13. 13. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM HOME REMEDIES IN ALLERGY Honey- Consuming local honey from where you live will facilitate your body gets used to the allergens in the environment there. This work like a natural allergy shot and considered as valuable herbal remedy. Onion and Garlic – Both onion and garlic are high in quercetin, an oxidant that may avoid cells from releasing histamine and remove toxins present in the body.
  14. 14. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM HOME REMEDIES IN ALLERGY Vitamin C – Load up on vitamin C during allergy season as it acts as antihistamine. It is suggested to have 1000 to 2000 mg of vitamin C every day to avoid the symptoms. Care is to be taken when some people have allergy from sour substances. Ginger – Ginger juice with honey works wonder in allergic patients. Ginger can be added to tea also for reducing symptoms.
  15. 15. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM HOME REMEDIES IN ALLERGY Tulsi – Juice of Tulsi leaves is proven best for allergic patients.Tulsi is well known for its anti-inflammatory, anti allergic actions and cures various allergies. Black pepper with Jaggery – Roast black pepper on low flame and make powder out of it mixing with jaggery. Have this combination 3 to 4 times a day up to half teaspoon daily.
  16. 16. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM HOME REMEDIES IN ALLERGY Neem - Juice of fresh leaves of Neem every morning purify blood and helps in pacifying symptoms like skin rashes, boils and itching etc. it clears the toxins from blood present in the body. Drink lots of water for easy expectoration.
  18. 18. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM GUIDELINES IN ALLERGY Avoid use of perfumes, smells, paints, dust, pollens etc, that causes allergy. Avoid food items like curd, banana, freeze and cold items and others also which aggravates the symptoms in asthma.
  19. 19. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM GUIDELINES IN ALLERGY Consume leafy vegetables and high fiber diet. Drink plenty of water; use Luke warm water if person is having Asthma, Sinusitis or Throat Infection. Practice Yoga and Meditation.
  20. 20. Planet Ayurveda recommends these supplements for the patients suffering from Allergy ALLERGY CARE PACK Effective Herbal Remedies for allergies of all types. Also helps in curing Asthma, Sneezing, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Pollen Allergy and Dust Allergy. ALLERGY CARE PACK WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  21. 21. ALLERGY CARE PACK Allergy Care Pack of Planet Ayurveda is made from the most effective herbal remedies for upper respiratory tract infections like Asthma, Bronchitis, Breathlessness, Eosinophilia and other Allergies. It comprises following formulations- •Aller-G capsules •Tulsi capsules •Curcumin capsules •Praanrakshak churna WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM BENEFITS OF ALLERGY CARE PACK
  22. 22. PRAANRAKSHAK CHURNA Praan Rakshak Churn is purely an herbal formulation consists of various amazing herbs which are very well known for their actions on respiratory tract infections. Vasa and Madhuyasti helps in breaking mucus plug. Kanthkari, Shirish and Bharangi acts very effective and powerful Antihistamine that cures asthmatic attacks. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  23. 23. INGREDIENTS IN PRAANRAKSHAK CHURNA WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM S.NO HERB USED ENGLISH NAME LATIN NAME QUANTTY 1 Shirish Mimosa Tree Albezzia Lebbock 60mg 2 Vaasa Malabar Nut Adhatoda vasica 60mg 3 Anantmool Sarasprilla Tylphora asthmatica 30mg 4 Dalchini Cinnamon Cinnamomum 20mg 5 Bharangi Clerodandrum Clerodandrum Serratum 20mg 6 Madhuyashti Licorice Glycerrhiza 10mg
  24. 24. Curcumin is a pure herbal remedy used in various health ailments. Antioxidant present in the Curcumin takes away free radicals from the body and stimulates immune system. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM CURCUMIN CAPSULES
  25. 25. It is an astonishing herbal product for various allergies and infections. Curcumin acts as a Natural Antibiotic which takes care of all types of allergies. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM CURCUMIN CAPSULES
  26. 26.  Ingredients packaging & Quantity 60 vegetarian capsules in food grade HDP Bottle containing 100% pure Standardized 500mg extract of Curcumin.  Other Ingredients = Silica gel (Desiccant to absorb moisture moisture) No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, starch or chemicals. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM INGREDIENTS IN CURCUMIN CAPSULES
  27. 27. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ALLER-G CARE CAPSULES Aller – G Care – It is another herbal formulation that contains a number of herbs known for Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory Actions. It has many valuable herbs like Haridra, Neem, Shirish and Ashwagandha.
  28. 28. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM ALLER-G CARE CAPSULES All these herbs are beneficial in treating all types of allergy especially in pollen allergy. It is suggested in various skin diseases and respiratory disorders. It makes an Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for all types of allergies
  29. 29. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM INGREDIENTS IN ALLER-G CARE FORMULA S.NO HERB USED LATIN NAME PARTS USED QUANTTY 1 Haridra Curcuma longa Extract 200mg 2 Neem Azadirachta indica Extract 200mg 3 Shirish Albezzia lebbock Extract 100mg 4 Ashwagandha Withania somnifera Extract 100mg
  30. 30. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM TULSI CAPSULES Tulsi - Tulsi is an effective formulation that has wonderful effects in many health diseases like Auto Immune Disorders, Chronic Sinusitis, Asthma, Allergy, Diabetes, Cancer etc.
  31. 31. WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM TULSI CAPSULES It enhances whole Immune system and promotes health. As it is a powerful antioxidant, helps to clear the channels by throwing toxins out from the body.
  32. 32.  Planet Ayurveda is the major manufacturer of ALLERY CARE PACK WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
  33. 33. OUR EXPERTS Dr. Vikram Chauhan, BAMS, MD (AYURVEDA), CEO & Founder of Planet Ayurveda and Krishna Herbals Co. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, BAMS- Gold Medalist, MD (Alt. Med.) Dr. Vaidya Madan Gulati, BAMS- Gold Medalist), MD (AYURVEDA) Vaidya Anthony Rouse, Graduate in Ayurveda Company Address- #3604, Sector-23-D, Chandigarh (U.T), India Contact Us- 0091-172-5073604 0091-9915593604 WWW.PLANETAYURVEDA.COM
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