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Delicious - Web 2.0 Tool #1
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Delicious - Web 2.0 Tool #1


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Delicious is a free social bookmarking service that allows a user to tag, save, organize, and share websites.

Delicious is a free social bookmarking service that allows a user to tag, save, organize, and share websites.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. SocialBookmarking
    Web 2.0 Tool #1
    Web Wizardry Series
    2010 – 2011
    Amy Oberts
    Library Media Specialist
    Oakland Elementary School
  • 2. What is Social Bookmarking?
    Click here to view the video explanation. (Length: 3 minute, 22 seconds)
  • 3. delicious
    The Tool’s Purpose:Delicious is a free social bookmarking service that allows a user to tag, save, organize, and share websites. Upon registering for an account, a user installs three, bookmarking buttons to an Internet browser of his/her choice. As the user discovers new websites, s/he uses the buttons to seamlessly save the sites’ names, URLs, notes, etc.
    Quick Descriptors:
    • A One-Stop Place to Store Your Favorite Websites
    • 4. A Catalog of Your Favorite Websites
    • 5. A Networking Tool for Sharing Websites
  • Why “Tag?”
    • Access your favorite sites from any computer (or device) with Internet access.
    • 6. Have a “searchable” catalog of yourpersonal sites.
    • 7. Explore the sites other users are saving.
    • 8. Share sites with colleagues through the networking, sending, and/or linkroll features.
  • Positive Features
    Potential Pit-Falls
    Considerations Before Creating an Account
    The booking marking buttons needto be installed on every computer you will be using to access and manage your sites.
    A site is automatically made public within your accountunless you intentionally check the “private” option.
    Your tagged sites won’t automatically organize themselves…“bundling” tags requires a little more time.
    Existing bookmarks saved to computers can be imported.
    Tagging a site takes less than10 seconds.
    District 87 recently installed the “bookmarking buttons” on the remote server. (Firefox browser only)
    The delicious team provides excellent—and timely—tech support.
  • 9. Example Account:
    View my delicious profile by clicking here.
    Note:The sites I have marked “private” do not appear for general viewing.
    May ISee aSample,Please?
    Delicious’ Three Bookmarking Browser Buttons:
    The Parts of a delicious Bookmark:
  • 10.
    Delicious recently became part of the Yahoo! Company.If you already have a Yahoo! account, your ID and password can be used to get started.
  • 11.
    • If you are creating a Yahoo! Account, you will need to access your email account and verify your registration (…before actually signing into the delicious site).
    • 12. The option to “import bookmarks” will be offered the first time you access your account. If you have a significant number of bookmarks saved on various computers, this can be a time saver. However, some users prefer to revisit sites and add tags, one site at a time.
    Account Activation,continued
  • 13. Install the Buttons
    • The “delicious toolbox” is located at
    • 14. Buttons can be installed on an unlimited number ofcomputers and devices.
  • Start Tagging!
    Make a bookmark “private” by clicking the box “do not share.”
    Internet Explorer Example:
    When I discover a new site,I click the “tag” icon:
    I can list multiple “tags” (descriptors). As you continue to use delicious, you will notice the “auto completion” feature.
    Delicious rememberspreviously tagged sites! (This prevents duplicate bookmarks.)
  • 15. Start Tagging!
    Firefox Example:
    When I discover a new site,I click the “tag” icon:
    The option of “tweeting” or emailing is immediately available:Click the “Send”
    Tab to access these features.
    Toggle between the “Tags” and “Send” tabs, as needed.
  • 16. Account Navigation
    After logging into my account, I typicallycheck the top, right corner first:
    Email notifications sent via deliciousappear in this corner, too:
    The top, right corner also containsthe “Search Delicious” feature.Four search options are available.
  • 17. Account Navigation, cont.
    Two menus appear along the top of a user’s account:
    These are the links I prefer to use.
  • 18. Organizing (Bundling) Tags
    Click the “Tags” link.
    Click the “manage tag bundles” link.
    Think about commonalities betweentags. (The tags “ToDo,” “ToBuy,” “ToVisit,” etc.are part of my “Action Tags” bundle.)
    A single tag can be included inmore than one bundle.
  • 19. A Social Bookmarking Network
    Click the “Network” link.
    I look at the profiles of peoplewithin my network, as wellas “fans” who are looking atmy delicious account.
  • 20. Odds & Ends
    • Links I Keep Handy:
    Getting Started with delicious –
    Delicious tools –
    • A common frustration expressed by new delicious users is locating the three bookmarking buttons along the Internet browser menu.I.E.: right-click within the top, gray menu > customize > add/remove commandsFirefox: right-click within the top, gray menu > customize > drag/drop icons
    • 21. A multi-word tag requires “camel humping.” The tag“To Do” is not typed with a space in between the words. Instead, use capital letters or the _ symbol to join words.(ToDo or To_Do)