Social media a beginner's guide - by obergine


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Social media for beginners - this presentation includes some top tips and advice for those within the drinks and hospitality industry.

Content includes a best practice tips for setting up and using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube

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Social media a beginner's guide - by obergine

  1. 1. Social Media – a beginners guide Wednesday, 6 July 2011
  2. 2. Introductions
  3. 3. Who is Obergine?Full service digital marketing agency.We create online and mobile solutions that add valueto our clients and their customers.Clients include: Concha y Toro Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery Oxford University Press University of Reading
  4. 4. About the presentersJeremy AndersonDigital directorJeremy is a founding partner of Obergine and isresponsible for client services and digital StorrsDigital consultant and project managerAnna leads the Concha y Toro account for Obergine fordigital and print marketing
  5. 5. About the presentation
  6. 6. Social media – what’s all the hype? Facebook me! Uh oh, I’ve been tagged! Is it just a load of buzzwords? Retweet Hashtags Like us THE Wall
  7. 7. So…just what is social media?“An online engagement and interaction of groupsof people with similar interests” Conversation Interaction Engagement A place to hang out and communicate Sharing of news, ideas and opinions Providing a point of view not just expertise An extension of your sales team without the overheads
  8. 8. Is it really that important?YES… Social networking accounts for a quarter of all time spent on the internet Over 40% of companies in the UK are heavily involved in using social networks to win new business Only 5% of companies do not engage in social media on any level
  9. 9. How can social media benefit my business? Builds brand awareness and perception Increases online visibility and drives traffic to your website Improves customer insight Enhances customer service and feedback Aids customer loyalty Identifies potential issues and business opportunities
  10. 10. Social media marketing top tips
  11. 11. So what are the core social media channels?Content creation Content sharing
  12. 12. Where do I start?Quick wins
  13. 13. Why Twitter matters…a micro-blogging platform to gain instant updates fromyour friends, industry experts, customers and competitors Over 95 million Tweets are written each day… …at a rate of 4 million Tweets per hour Twitter is the most popular website used by organisations as part of their social media strategy But only 27% of companies use Twitter as a customer service tool
  14. 14. Twitter tips140 characters or lessCustomise your Twitter profile or riskbeing classed as spamFollow. Observe. EngageDon’t just broadcast - reply andcommentInclude links using URL shortenersUse #hashtags
  15. 15. Use the tools available
  16. 16. Get listed on Google Places
  17. 17. Why Facebook matters…“a place to connect and share with the people and organisations in your life” Facebook is the second most visited site in the UK after Google 48% of the UK population are Facebook 48% users Facebook advertisers in the food and drink industry receive 257% better click through rate
  18. 18. Create a Facebook PageCreate a page not a groupInclude company informationGrab your vanity URLPublish engaging content ofdifferent formatsPlan aheadCustomiseIncentivise with promotionsBe responsive and personable
  19. 19. Why blogging matters…A content creation channel “that allows users to reflect,share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form ofan online journal” 47% 47% of companies own a corporate or brand blog In May alone there were over 100,000 blogs posted in the UK containing the word “cocktail”
  20. 20. Best practice – BlogsChoose a blogging tool: Blogger,WordPress, Tumblr or within yourCMSCreate your own editorial scheduleand topic repositoryBlog regularlyGet creative and open upconversationInvite influential guest bloggersfrom the hospitality industryAdd RSS
  21. 21. Why YouTube matters…“A place to discover, watch, upload and share videos” YouTube holds 55% of the UK market share for online video 2 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day YouTube is the fastest growing social network in the UK with a monthly reach of 17.7 million adults per month
  22. 22. Best practice - YouTubeCreate and customise your ChannelUpload and optimise your videos:keyword tagging, relevantthumbnailsEngage with the YouTubecommunity
  23. 23. Integrate your channels Increase your community by connecting your channels: • Blog it • Embed it • Tweet it • Add it to your Facebook Page Build in feeds Integrate your online AND offline channels
  24. 24. Measure and measure againOnly 7% of marketers are measuring the impact of socialmedia Define your business goals Align your metrics and tools Use the free tools Trends Actionable insights
  25. 25. Takeaways
  26. 26. Top tools and further informationTool URL Function Twitter management Social media measurement Social media measurement Web analytics Facebook page monitoring Insights Digital marketing best practice Digital marketing best practice Google Places listing
  27. 27. Top takeaway tips Start with Twitter then Facebook – you don’t have to do everything at once Create a Facebook Page not Group Brand your social media channels Do not hide behind a brand name Integrate your channels with links and content sharing facilities Add RSS to your blog Don’t neglect your channel – interact on a daily basis Be nice! Be generous. Give back to those who interact and share your content Youre human – so communicate like a human
  28. 28. Thank you
  29. 29. Thank youIf you wish to discuss your digital or print marketing activities with Obergine, please contact ususing the details below. Jeremy Anderson Obergine Anna Storrs The Jam Factory Mob: +44 (0)7718 781189 27 Park End Street Tel: +44 (0)1865 245777 Oxford OX1 1HU Email: United Kingdom Web: Twitter: Facebook: