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VENSYS Safe City Presentation 2014 …

VENSYS Safe City Presentation 2014

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  • 1. City Wide Surveillance in IRAQ 2014 1  
  • 2. 2 VENSYS Solution Portfolio for Video Surveillance Industry Vertical Critical Infrastructure Urban Management Cyberspace Security Transportation Hubs Data Access Solutions Border Security ISTAR Platforms Emergency Management Law Enforcement Real Time Analytics Introducing  AGT  Interna2onal   2  
  • 3. Public Safety   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 3
  • 4. CCTV Strategic Partnerships   CCTV Armada Ships – Technology Partners www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 4
  • 5. CCTV – 3 x Channels to Consider   Video Monitoring Archiving System Traffic Monitoring System www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr Face Recognition System 5
  • 6. Video Surveillance Solution Requirements   Security Systems Networking Systems Search To View www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr Integrate with another system 6
  • 7. Safe City Designs with Vensys Expertise   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 7
  • 8. eSpace Safe City   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 8
  • 9. City Wide Surveillance   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 9
  • 10. City Wide Surveillance – Monitoring System   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 10
  • 11. Disaster Prevention Center   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 11
  • 12. Disaster Prevention Center   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 12
  • 13. City Wide Surveillance – CCTV Design   Streets, squares and intersections are monitored and recorded along 24 hours with PTZ dome cameras are placed on poles for city surveillance. Monitoring is provided via www.vendeka.com.tr   cable or wireless from center. www.vendeka.com.tr 13
  • 14. New Generation Intelligence IP CCTV   TRANSMIT ANALYZE COMPRESS CAPTURE INTEGRATE STORE www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr EXPORT 14 SEARCH VIEW
  • 15. New Generation Intelligence IP CCTV   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 15
  • 16. Campus IP CCTV   www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 16
  • 17. City Wide Surveillance   •  Monitoring, record and research will be made for city surveillance from only one center or more. •  Public and highway safety •  Follow and control of vehicle which entering and departing to city. •  Detterence •  Detection and prevention of terrorism •  Investigation of traffic accidents •  Fast response to traffic accident •  Dedection of public safety threats www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr 17
  • 18. City Wide Surveillance   18 •  City wide surveillance system is effective in the prevention of mugging. And detects a mugger. •  City securty camera systems can be used for catching criminal of extortion •  City surveillance systems can be used for preventing looting events and detecting looter •  City security cameras can be used to identify criminals in terrorism events •  City security systems can be used for catching criminals of bombing events •  City security cameras prevent sale of drugs and addictive substances in streets www.vendeka.com.tr   •  City security systems can be used to determine the errors that whoever in traffic accidents www.vendeka.com.tr
  • 19. Automatic Plate Recognition (APR)   19 •  Vehicle plate can be recorded by Automatic Plate Recognition, if recording had been entried in the same time, the system warns the user. •  Plate Recognition works in motion. •  Search for Stolen and suspicious vehicle www.vendeka.com.tr   www.vendeka.com.tr •  When it is on police car, The system can capture vehiche plates at 200 MPH ( 320 km/h)
  • 20. Automatic Plate Recognition (APR)   20 Airport •  Presents airport all security solutions as that solve the problems of passenger and personnel •  The purpose is to protect passengers before boarding an aircraft. It provides blocked the entrance to prohibited areas and management of this area. •  Helps to ensure that airline business services Seaport •  For providing high limit security systems at seaport, when peopleand items are moving. This actions must be watched on earth and sea. •  Provide to see large area •  For input and output seaport, LPR, video and control should be provided www.vendeka.com.tr   •  Container movements should be watched and reduce delays www.vendeka.com.tr
  • 21. IP Tabanlı Kapalı Devre Kamera Sistemleri 21  
  • 22. IP Tabanlı Kapalı Devre Kamera Sistemleri 22  
  • 23. Automatically Plate Recognition 23  
  • 24. Automatically Plate Recognition 24  
  • 25. Enterprise Video Management (EVM)   •  Architecture   •  Features   •  Centralized  Configura2on   •  Intui2ve  User  Interface   •  Enterprise  Friendly  System   Administra2on   •  •  •  •  25 –  Client  Server   –  Hierarchical  Role  based  Security   –  Plan  Manager  (GIS  and  GPS)   –  SoJware  Deployment   –  Scrip2ng   –  Standard  Databases,  Backups,   Virtualiza2on   –  Licensing   •  Affordable  Failover   •  Network  topology  independent   •  www.vendeka.com.tr   wnership   Total  Cost  of  O www.vendeka.com.tr –  Discoverable   –  Just  in  2me  training   –  Simplicity   Mul2cast   Event  and  Alarm  Management   Repor2ng  Engine   Customizable   –  –  –  –  Plug  ins   Interfaces   Scrip2ng   SDK   •  Enterprise  level  Performance  
  • 26. Key Feature : Federation   Investigator • Enables  city  wide   surveillance   • Remote   monitoring  of   stores  /  branches   26 The investigator can be connected simultaneously to multiple Omnicast directory (local & remote) with different sets of credentials Depending on his credentials, the investigator can: •  View live/playback video •  Control PTZ •  Listen to audio •  Manage events and metadata Monitoring Control System access Administration Transport Authority School School administrator decides what to share with the federation users LAN LAN www.vendeka.com.tr   Omnicast Server www.vendeka.com.tr Omnicast Server
  • 27. Key Feature : Multi-Streaming   27 Multi streaming Recording stream 4CIF @ 15 FPS Viewing stream Megapixel @ 30 FPS Low bitrate stream CIF @ 4 FPS Remote stream VGA @ 10 FPS INTERNET www.vendeka.com.tr
  • 28. Key Feature : Redundancy   28 Encoders Encoders Failover and redundancy Failover Directory Encoders LAN X Failover/Redundant Archiver. Failover Virtual Matrix. Archiver www.vendeka.com.tr Archiver X Archiver Fail-Over Archiver
  • 29. Key Feature : IT Friendly   Ease of deployment » Active Directory Integration » Silent Installation support for efficient mass deployment » Auto-discovery of IP cameras/encoders » Copy configuration template to all cameras » Intuitive and comprehensive user interface www.vendeka.com.tr 29
  • 30. Recording Storage Units   30 •  Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Units •  Network Attached Storage (NAS) Units •  Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid DP (Double Parity) Technology •  Redundant Fan, Power Supply, Ethernet Port •  Cascade Connection •  Redundant ve Fail-Over support •  Data Transfer (Bandwidth) to 400 Mbps •  SCSI and iSCSI interface •  Web-based Graphics-supported interface •  Unlimitted archive capacity time www.vendeka.com.tr
  • 31. Management Software Options   •  Multi-monitor Support 31 •  Virtual Matrix Structure •  Sistem Integration (BIS Building •  Map-icon Support systems, Access, Fire etc.) •  According to need,modular license •  Video Wall Support •  Manageable Authority Profiles •  CCTV Keyboard Support •  System Integrity from Network Managemen t www.vendeka.com.tr Map Divided Full Screen
  • 32. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)   www.vendeka.com.tr 32
  • 33. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)   33 IVA 1 - Line and Direction Conditional Analysis IVA 2 – Multi-line and Direction Conditional Analysis IVA 3 - Orbit Conditional Analysis IVA 4 – Line and Size Conditional Analysis IVA 5 – Border Violation + Traipse + Unclaimed Goods Conditional Analysis IVA 6 – Lost Property Conditional Analysis IVA 7 – Speed Limit Conditional Analysis IVA 8 – Colour Conditional Analysis Experience at Video Analysis www.vendeka.com.tr
  • 34. InfraRed Light   With Standard IR … www.vendeka.com.tr 34 With Smart Infrared…
  • 35. Thermal Imaging VMS Surveillance Solution Video Management Software Thermal Cameras Ethernet Fabric Thermal İmaging System www.vendeka.com.tr 35
  • 36. 36 Thermal Imaging İnfrared Imaging www.vendeka.com.tr Optic Imaging