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Olivier Bareau Bio
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Olivier Bareau Bio

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  • 1. From an early age Olivier Bareau has always been interested in new technology.He continued thisthroughout school and university from which he graduated with a degree in graphic art andadvertising in 1992 at the MJM (Nice)Minimalism becomes an important influence for Olivier and he cites Bauhaus, both the movementof the 20 th century and 80s music as a major factor. His drawing began to become more simple,preferring to use only black and white. Oliviers reasoning for this was that otherwise youd onlyrecording the image you saw and not reality."I remember being sat for hours in front of Klein Monochrome"Olivier decide it was better to go back to grassroots level and go out onto the street to find realimages after understanding than inanimate objects have life from the works of Ernest PignonErnest.This also Tied in with another Of oliviers influences, The dutch painter MC Escher, who broughtgeometry to several generations by twisting images, despite the fact that Olivier never understoodMaths.Having dabbled with standard cameras and a brief interlude of procinf and creating music, Olivierat the end of 2003 bought his first digital camera, a Sony DSC F717."I learned everything i know with this camera, and still very fond of this useability, but finally hadto move on "Having had his first photos accepted on the site Flickr, Olivier splashed out on a Nikon reflex.Initially he found that he was taking pictures not of the standard become accustomed to.Admitting that he could just retouch his pictures, Olivier prefer to use Cokin optical filters findingthat the image present itself more realistically.Binging back his passion for new technology Olivier participated in panoramic photo and HDRsoftware trials."This was more of my computer side than photo side. I obviously understand that it is easier tochange the image by technology but i believethe image should stand by itself."Thirty second is the rule ! After that it is not reality !"One thing should be known. Olivier doesnt do portraits.Oliviers passion is the city he grew up in.Nice is the city where you can often find him carrying up to 15 kg of camera equipment. BeingBuilt like a rugby player helps him in this as he walks all around the city looking for the perfectmoment or image .