Another side of social networks


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This my report in English class. I hope it's of help.

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  • Good morning, everyone! It’s my honor to give you the presentation named another side of social networks. OK, let’s begin.
  • From the first slide, you already knew that my name is Xu Yueshen, and my major is computer science. So what kind of person am I? In life, I’m just like the upper picture, full of passion. But in research, I’m likely to be a little serious-minded. I come from Wei Fang City, a beautiful city, I suppose so. And I spent 4 four years in xidian university, Xi’an city. I have many hobbies, and list some of them. OK, let’s get down to business.
  • I’m sure that you are familiar with those social network websites, just like sina micro blog, renren community and LinkedIn. Of course, there are many other social network websites. They’re diverse!
  • With their help, you can pour out your heart to anyone else. You can make friends with anyone. You can also know hot news even earlier than edits. And the expense is very low.
  • But I just wonder if you have such a feeling that you will be anxious if you don’t scan those websites just for a short time. And farther, you may believe relationships and news in those websites can take place of real ones in the real world. If you do, I’m afraid you have been buried in social networks. First of all, it is harmful to your health and your work. Too much disordered information occupies your brain so that you can’t concentrate on your work.
  • And that’s not all. You may not have enough time to chat with your real world friends and family. This will undermine those relationships. In the end, you may be an odd who knows much, but is not welcomed.
  • Here I just want to give you a few suggestions. First, be sure to take out door sports several times a week. It’s helpful for your body and good for your brain; Second, limit the time spent in scanning social network websites. For example, only browse them after dinner for no more than one hour a day. Third, cherish friendship and family ties. They are above price.
  • Another side of social networks

    1. 1. Yueshen Xu Zhejiang University Computer Science and technology Another Side of Social Networks
    2. 2. character About me hometown  Wei Fang undergraduate university  Xidian hobbies
    3. 3. Social networks How diverse! Facebook Twitter Google+ Tencent KaiXin Flicker …
    4. 4. Pour out your heart to anyone else You can… Make friends with anyone Know hot news timely Chat with friends with low cost ...
    5. 5. But… That’s not all! Harmful to yourself and your work buried in social networks upset or anxious
    6. 6. More… undermine friendship estrange family ties Know much , but be not welcomed
    7. 7. Suggestions… outdoor sports are helpful be strict in time control cherish friendship and family relationship
    8. 8. Thank you!