6 Types of Guest Posts I'll Never Accept


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Do you publish guest posts on your blog? Well, I publish them too. But I reject as much as 70% - 80% of all the guest post submissions I receive. If you want to know why, here are six types of guest posts I'll never accept. And it's highly recommended that you don't allow them either.

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6 Types of Guest Posts I'll Never Accept

  1. 1. 6 Types ofGuest PostsI’ll ‘NEVER’Accept
  2. 2. 1. Off-TopicA guy called Paul Evans regularly pisses me off bysending topics like ‘Wedding Registry Tips’, ‘Build aKid’s Play Room’ and ‘Novel Ways to Quit Smoking’.Sorry, I have an internet marketing blog. How do youdare sending me topics like these and hope I’llaccept them?There’s one more guy – Jackob Oram.WTF (F’s for fruitcake)!
  3. 3. 2. CopiedMany times, I’ll receive guest posts that are copied, eitherfully or partly. I abhor duplicate content a lot more thanGoogle’s Panda.I use several tools to screen submitted content forduplicacy – Plagium, Copyscape, Plagiarisma. So, youhave no other choice than to be rejected. And I don’t wantto see your faces again.Fake guest authors, you aren’t smart enough!
  4. 4. 3. Poorly WrittenCopied guest posts – One can identify them pretty quickly withthe help of plagiarism checkers. But ‘poorly written’ or guestposts with ‘many grammatical mistakes’ need more carefulscanning (with proficiency in English).By allowing or accepting poorly written guest posts on myblog, I wouldn’t only make fun of my esteemed readers but willalso send Google a good signal that the articles are hastilyproduced.And I don’t have the time to edit them, neither the budget tohire a blog editor for that task.Go, improve your English first.
  5. 5. 4. Abusive or OffensiveThough I won’t mind publishing ‘controversial’ guestposts for their viral nature, there’s a limit to it. If thesubmitted guest post is controversial to an extentwhere it becomes offensive or abusive, I wouldeither suggest edits or won’t publish it at all.Even when I publish a good controversial guestpost, I will add a disclaimer –“Opinions expressed in this post are entirely those ofthe guest author, and not necessarily ofHelloBloggerz.”
  6. 6. 5. No Author Track RecordOne big reason I don’t accept most of the guestpost submissions is that they are written by authorswho lack a track record of writing great content.I like Googling the name of the author, and doingsome background check to decide whether or notI should accept a particular guest postfor my blog.To become a guest author, you must be an authorin the first place!
  7. 7. 6. Irrelevant Bio LinksWhile evaluating a guest post, the trickiest part is the biosection where the author places links pointing back to theirown domain or the site of the company they represent.While I’ll allow no more than 2-3 outgoing links from thebio, I do make sure they are natural and relevant to myblog readers.I immediately reject those guest posts that containirrelevant or spammy links within author bio.Misleading bios are a complete ‘No-No’.
  8. 8. TakeawayBe prepared to get your blog smacked by the nextGoogle update if you are publishing shallowcontent, with spammy or unnatural outgoing links, inthe name of guest posting. Remember this is goingto be the biggest reason why blogs that allow guestposts will be penalized.Before publishing a guest post on your blog, makesure it’s associated with a real, influential person asthe author.Don’t allow low-value spammers write guest postsfor your blog.
  9. 9. [By: Obaidul Haque]Twitter: @obaidulhaqueBlog: www.hellobloggerz.com