The New Pinomenon: The Rise of Pinterest and what it means to your business


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This guide provides an overview of what Pinterest is, why it's important, and how to use Pinterest for marketing your business. It includes best practice tactics, how-to tips on getting started and brands worth studying as best practice marketers on the service.

Pinterest's meteoric rise has captured the imagination of brands looking to connect with highly sought after consumers (women) who are intentionally engaging with and sharing products and brands with their networks. The 12-million+ monthly unique visitors and heavy, repeat use (88.2 minutes/month) make it even more intriguing.

Because of its highly visual interface, Pinterest is best suited to brands and companies who can depict their products and services through compelling photographs and imagery. Brands can use engaging imagery to capture the attention and affinity of Pinterest users, building engagement, sharing and referral traffic and sales. Brands that lack visual assets will find Pinterest a difficult network to leverage due to its interface and focus on visuals.

To be successful, brands must go beyond simply promoting their own products and services, as Pinterest users expect brands to be actively involved in sharing (via 're-pinning') and curating images that fit the brand style. The social networks looks down on overly self-promotional content, so a balanced approach to sharing is required for success on Pinterest.

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The New Pinomenon: The Rise of Pinterest and what it means to your business

  1. 1.     The Rise of Pinterest                                 The New Pinomenon:       The Rise of Pinterest             What Pinterest Means to Your Business and How     to Capitalize on It.                                                         15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.        
  2. 2. The Rise of Pinterest         Executive Summary   Pinterest,  the  new  interest-­‐based  social  network,  has  captured  the  imagination  of  Internet  users   to  become  a  top  10  social  network  in  a  matter  of  months.  With  more  than  12  million  monthly   unique  visitors,  Pinterest  is  now  the  seventh  most  popular  social  network,  ahead  of  Google+,  and   just  behind  LinkedIn.  Not  only  is  the  speed  of  its  rise  interesting;  but  also  the  audience  make  up   and  its  ability  to  drive  traffic  to  participating  sites  have  made  it  an  important  new  opportunity  -­‐-­‐   particularly  for  lifestyle  brands.       Pinterests  audience  is  overwhelmingly  female,  and  focused  on  lifestyle  interests  such  as  Design,   Cooking  and  Food,  Fashion,  Wellness  and  other  similar  categories.  Because  items  that  are   pinned  to  the  network  contain  the  source  links  with  the  item,  Pinterest  refers  high  levels  of   traffic  back  to  sites  where  the  original  content  is  housed.  In  fact  Pinterest  now  refers  more  traffic   to  many  sites  than  Twitter  and  Google+.     Pinterest  represents  the  rise  of  a  new  class  of  social  networks  called  ‘niche  networks’  that   satisfies  gaps  left  in  the  social  experience  by  sites  like  Twitter  and  Facebook.  Because  Pinterest   is  based  around  interests  instead  of  people,  it  connects  people  to  things/brands/ideas/places  in   addition  to  one  another.       If  youd  like  help  in  developing  your  Pinterest  strategy,  creating  or  managing  Pinterest   promotions,  or  setting  up  your  Pinterest  presence  please  dont  hesitate  to  contact  us  at     Our  Take     Pinterests  meteoric  rise  has  captured  the  imagination  of  brands  looking  to  connect  with  highly   sought  after  consumers  (women)  who  are  intentionally  engaging  with  and  sharing  products  and   brands  with  their  networks.  The  12-­‐million+  monthly  unique  visitors  and  heavy,  repeat  use   (88.2  minutes/month)  make  it  even  more  intriguing.     Because  of  its  highly  visual  interface,  Pinterest  is  best  suited  to  brands  and  companies  who  can   depict  their  products  and  services  through  compelling  photographs  and  imagery.  Brands  can  use   engaging  imagery  to  capture  the  attention  and  affinity  of  Pinterest  users,  building  engagement,   sharing  and  referral  traffic  and  sales.  Brands  that  lack  visual  assets  will  find  Pinterest  a  difficult   network  to  leverage  due  to  its  interface  and  focus  on  visuals.       To  be  successful,  brands  must  go  beyond  simply  promoting  their  own  products  and  services,  as   Pinterest  users  expect  brands  to  be  actively  involved  in  sharing  (via  re-­‐pinning)  and  curating   images  that  fit  the  brand  style.  The  social  networks  looks  down  on  overly  self-­‐promotional   content,  so  a  balanced  approach  to  sharing  is  required  for  success  on  Pinterest.     We  recommend  that  any  client  who  meets  the  following  criteria  engage  on  Pinterest  to  leverage   the  audience,  rapid  sharing,  referral  traffic  and  visual  branding  opportunity:   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  3. 3. The Rise of Pinterest       • Has  a  brand,  product  or  service  that  is  in  a  lifestyle  category  such  as:  Art,  Architecture,  Home   Decor,  Apparel  and  Fashion,  Kids,  Food  and  Drink  and  similar  categories.   • Is  willing  to  share  and  curate  products  and  images  other  than  their  own.   • Have  powerful  images  of  its  products  or  services  that  will  fit  with  the  visual  sensibility  of  the   network.     For  clients  who  can  meet  these  conditions,  we  believe  Pinterest  represents  a  new,  fast-­‐growth   opportunity  in  the  social  web  that  can  be  more  successful  than  generic  channels  such  as  Twitter   and  blogs.       Pinning Down Pinterest   Pinterest  can  best  be  described  as  an  online,  social  inspiration  board  that  allows  users  to  share,   curate  and  connect  with  other  users  of  the  service  around  products,  ideas  and  interests.       Stats     Pinterest  received  nearly  12  million  monthly  unique  visitors  in  February,  according  to  comScore.   This  places  Pinterest  seventh  most  popular  social  network.       Pinterest  now  refers  more  traffic  to  sites  than  YouTube,  LinkedIn,  Google+  and  Twitter.     Pinterest  users  spend  88.2  min/month  on  the  service,  placing  it  third  only  behind  Facebook  (394   min/month)  and  Tumblr  (141.7  min/month).     More  than  80%  of  pins  are  repins.  Etsy  is  the  leading  contributor  to  new  pins,  accounting  for  3%   of  all  pins.     Women  make  up  82%  of  Pinterest  users.         Top  10  Categories  on  Pinterest    -­‐  via  RJ  Metrics     1. Home  (17.2%)   2. Arts  and  Crafts  (12.4%)   3. Style/Fashion  (11.7%)   4. Food  (10.5%)   5. Inspiration/Education  (9.0%)   6. Holidays/Seasonal  (3.9%)   7. Humor  (2.1%)   8. Products  (2.1%)   9. Travel  (1.9%)   10. Kids  (1.8%)   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  4. 4. The Rise of Pinterest         10  Most  Popular  Board  Names  on  Pinterest     1. For  the  Home  (3.15%)   2. My  Style  (1.97%)   3. Products  I  Love  (1.86%)   4. Books  Worth  Reading  (1.68%)   5. Food  (1.23%)   6. Favorite  Places  &  Spaces  (1.00%)   7. Recipes  (0.75%)   8. Craft  Ideas  (0.74%)   9. Christmas  (0.72%)   10. Crafts  (0.65%)     Terminology     Pin  -­‐-­‐  A  shared  item  on  Pinterest.  Typically  an  image,  but  video  is  also  allowed.  Also  used  as  a   verb.  As  a  user  you  Pin  items  to  one  of  your  collections.     Repin  -­‐-­‐  A  reshare  of  an  existing  item  on  Pinterest.  Similar  to  a  ReTweet  on  Twitter.  Repins  can   be  added  to  a  users  collection.       Like  -­‐-­‐  Similar  to  a  Facebook  Like.  A  user  can  like  an  item  without  repinning  it.  Likes  are  not   categorized  into  a  collection.     Pinboard  -­‐-­‐  A  collection  of  pins  grouped  by  the  user  by  theme  or  interest.  For  example:  Products   I  love,  Dream  Wedding,  Bucket  List,  Indoor  Gardens,  Healthy  Recipes,  etc.       How to Capitalize on Pinterest   Successful  brands  on  Pinterest  all  share  the  following  attributes:     1. They  consistently  share  interesting  content  with  the  Pinterest  community  both  in  terms  of   new  items  added  and  repins  of  existing  content.   2. They  curate  interesting  pinboards  that  taken  together  represent  the  brand  personality.   3. They  avoid  excessive  self-­‐promotion  and  maintain  a  balanced  mix  of  their  own  product   promotion  in  the  items  they  share.   4. They  find,  follow  and  engage  with  users  on  Pinterest.   5. They  cross-­‐promote  Pinterest  in  their  other  marketing  channels  including  social  media,   email,  website  and  via  promotions  (e.g.  Pin  it  to  Win  it)   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  5. 5. The Rise of Pinterest       Sharing  Interesting  Content   Sharing  interesting  content  is  the  fastest  way  to  gain  an  audience  and  build  traffic  from  Pinterest.     As  a  brand  it’s  tempting  to  see  Pinterest  as  a  new  place  to  advertise  your  entire  product  line.   Many  brands  make  this  mistake.  They  launch  a  Pinterest  presence,  pin  all  of  their  products  into   pinboards  and  then  cease  activity.  This  shows  a  lack  of  understanding  of  the  dynamics  and   audience  of  the  site.       The  site  discourages  excessive  self-­‐promotion.  Its  important  that  brands  participate  in  the   community  by  repinning  other  users  items.  This  creates  awareness  and  good  will  for  your  brand   on  Pinterest,  building  your  following.     Brands  shouldnt  simply  repin  anything,  however.  Brands  should  focus  on  repinning  items  that   align  with  their  brand  and  products/services.  For  example  a  furniture  retailer  may  choose  to   repin  beautiful  interior  design  shots,  great  pieces  of  furniture  that  arent  theirs  and  inspiring   architecture.  This  content  is  relevant  and  helps  define  the  brand  personality;  and  shows  that  the   brand  gets  it  when  it  comes  to  participating  on  Pinterest.     Pinterest  requires  consistent,  regular  effort.  Users  view  products  in  a  stream  of  content  that  is   continually  added  to  and  flows  ceaselessly.  Pinterests  relative  lack  of  discovery  tools  and   elementary  search  functionality  mean  that  most  users  only  see  whats  at  the  top  of  the  feed  at   any  one  time.  By  participating  regularly,  brands  are  able  to  expose  their  content  to  a  greater   portion  of  the  Pinterest  audience.     Curating  Interesting  Pinboards     Unlike  Facebook,  Google+  and  Twitter,  Pinterest  lacks  brand  pages.  Brands  use  standard  accounts   and  therefore  are  represented  as  a  brand  only  by  their  user  name,  logo  and  the  boards  they  curate.   Users  who  find  a  brand  via  a  pinned  item  will  often  review  the  brands  boards  for  interesting   collections  before  making  a  determination  to  follow  the  brand.       In  addition,  because  users  can  follow  a  subset  of  the  brands  pinboards  in  place  of  the  entire  account   its  important  that  brands  create  and  share  items  in  each  of  their  boards  regularly.  Pinboards  should   be  sorted  by  category,  theme  or  interest  and  contain  a  mix  of  brand  products  and  curated  products.   Segregating  brand  products  into  separate  boards  runs  the  risk  of  followers  abandoning  those   boards  while  following  the  curated  ones.         Avoiding  Excessive  Self-­‐Promotion     Brands  must  share  their  own  content  in  order  to  reap  the  traffic  benefits  of  Pinterest.  There  are  no   hard  and  fast  rules  around  the  optimum  mix  of  brand  content  vs.  repinned  content;  but  the  general   rule  of  thumb  is  to  find  some  balance  in  what  is  shared.  A  ratio  of  somewhere  between  15-­‐35%  of   brand  content  to  reshared  or  non-­‐brand  content  will  help  create  an  organic  feel  to  the  account  while   still  ensuring  a  strong  collection  of  brand  content.   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  6. 6. The Rise of Pinterest       Finding  and  Following  Users     In  order  to  build  a  following  users  must  be  aware  of  the  brand  presence  on  Pinterest.  The  easiest   way  to  do  this  is  to  repin,  like  or  comment  on  other  users  items.  In  addition,  brands  should  identify   users  and  boards  that  are  sharing  items  relevant  to  the  brand  and  follow  them.  Repins,  likes  and   follows  generate  email  notifications  to  users,  alerting  them  to  your  activity.  This  builds  goodwill  and   also  creates  awareness  of  your  brand  account  on  Pinterest.  Brands  can  also  search  and  browse   specific  boards  (e.g.  Popular)  to  look  for  users  to  follow.     Cross-­‐Promoting  Pinterest     Like  any  other  new  marketing  channel,  its  incumbent  upon  the  brand  to  cross-­‐promote  their   Pinterest  page  to  their  customers  and  fans  on  other  sites.  Promotional  activities  can  include:     • Posting  about  your  Pinterest  presence  on  other  social  networks.   • Including  a  Pinterest  button  on  your  website.   • Mentioning  Pinterest  in  an  email  newsletter  and/or  including  a  call  to  action  to  follow  your   brand  there.   • Running  a  sweepstakes  based  on  Pinterest.     15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  7. 7. The Rise of Pinterest       How Pinterest Works   Browsing  Pinterest     Pinterest  users  visually  surf  the  inbound  feed  of  new  and  repinned  items.  They  can  choose  to  view   pins  by  category  (e.g.  Art),  relationship  to  the  pinner  (e.g.  Everything  or  Pinners  you  follow),  by   type  (e.g.  Video)  or  activity  (e.g.  Popular).         Engaging  with  Pinterest   There  are  three  primary  actions  users  take  on  content  on  Pinterest:     1. Repin  -­‐-­‐  share  it  with  their  followers  and  categorize  it  to  a  pinboard.   2. Like  -­‐-­‐  mark  it  as  a  favorite  in  their  Likes.   3. Comment  -­‐  leave  a  comment  on  the  item.     As  mentioned  above,  80%  of  all  pins  are  repins,  which  shows  the  viral  potential  of  the  network  and   users  desire  to  curate  collections  into  inspiration  boards  rather  than  seek  out  new  content  to   populate  the  network.     Adding  Content  to  Pinterest     Users  can  add  content  to  Pinterest  in  a  variety  of  ways.   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  8. 8. The Rise of Pinterest       1. A  bookmarklet  in  their  browser  allows  them  to  grab  and  image  from  any  website  and  submit   it  to  Pinterest.       2. Some  sites  have  integrated  a  Pin  It  button  (similar  to  the  Facebook  Like  button)  that  allows   visitors  the  ability  to  Pin  an  item  right  from  the  page.         3. Users  can  link  to  or  upload  a  pin  directly  from  Pinterest  using  the  manual  submission   process.     Tips  for Getting Started   1. Set  up  your  brand  page  and  account.  Youll  need  an  invite  to  Pinterest  to  join;  but  your   social  media  or  marketing  department  team  members  likely  have  an  account  from  which   they  can  invite  you  to  set  up  your  brand  account.  If  you  need  an  invite,  email  us  at  and  well  invite  you  to  get  set  up.     2. Brand  your  account.  Choose  a  user  name  that  aligns  with  your  brand.  Upload  your  logo  as   your  profile  picture  and  fill  out  your  profile  so  that  users  know  its  the  brand  account.   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  9. 9. The Rise of Pinterest     (Pinterest  doesnt  have  official  or  verified  accounts  yet,  so  building  out  your  brand  profile   will  help  establish  your  page  as  the  official  page.)     3. Create  your  initial  pinboards.  Think  of  the  different  types  of  collections  that  are  relevant  to   your  business  and  set  up  initial  pinboards.  Look  at  the  featured  accounts  above  for  ideas  on   how  to  set  up  your  first  set  of  boards.  Use  appealing  board  names  (e.g.  Dream  Kitchens)  that   entice  users  and  appeal  to  the  aspirational  nature  of  the  network.  You  can  start  with  just  a   few  boards  and  expand  as  your  engagement  on  Pinterest  grows.     4. Seed  your  initial  pinboards.  Seed  your  initial  boards  with  items  and  images  from  your   websites  and  brands.  These  products  will  help  establish  what  your  brand  presence  is  all   about  when  users  first  visit  your  boards.  Use  images  and  products  that  are  visually  appealing   and  diverse.     5. Begin  curating.  Jump  into  the  Pinterest  stream,  browsing  the  categories  relevant  to  your   business  and  the  everything  stream.  Repin  items  relevant  to  your  brand  into  your  existing   (or  new)  pinboards.  Look  for  items  that  have  already  been  repinned  or  items  that  have  high   visual  appeal.  Even  if  they  arent  your  products,  having  items  repinned  will  increase   awareness  of  your  account  and  generate  followers  and  views  for  subsequent  shares.     6. Connect  with  Pinterest  users.  While  youre  curating  be  sure  to  follow  users  who  share   interesting  and  relevant  content  and  comment  on  their  pins  where  appropriate.  This  will   help  build  awareness  of  your  brand  online  and  generate  reciprocal  follows.     7. Be  consistent.  Try  to  repin  and  add  new  content  to  your  boards  daily.  The  Pinterest  stream   moves  quickly,  so  focused  bursts  will  only  been  seen  by  a  fraction  of  the  people  using  the   service.  Dripping  out  content  over  time,  on  a  more  frequent  basis,  will  result  in  greater   visibility.     8. Cross-­‐promote  your  accounts.  Jump-­‐start  your  Pinterest  following  by  announcing  and   sharing  your  new  account  with  your  followers  on  other  social  media  channels  like  Facebook   and  Twitter,  and  via  email.     9. Have  fun!  People  share  inspirational  and  aspirational  items.  People  look  ahead  to  what  they   dream  about  and  share  their  passions.  As  a  user  of  the  site,  you  should  jump  into  this  well  of   positivity  with  fun  and  an  uplifting  spirit.  Share  things  that  resonate  with  the  largely  female   audience  and  appeal  to  those  aspirational  longings.     10. Get  your  employees  involved.  Theres  a  good  chance  your  employees  are  already  on   Pinterest.  Ask  them  to  contribute  to  your  pinboards  and  ask  their  feedback  on  how  to  make   your  brand  account  one  worth  following.  By  getting  them  involved  theyll  help  repin  and   share  your  content  with  their  followers,  as  well  as  surface  great  content  for  you  to  repin  and   share.       15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  10. 10. The Rise of Pinterest       Advanced Pinterest Tactics   1. Contest  time!  Come  up  with  a  Pin  It  to  Win  It  contest  of  your  own.  Challenge  Pinterest   users  to  create  interesting  pinboards  or  share  content  from  your  site  on  Pinterest  and  award   prizes  for  the  best  boards.  Contests  are  a  great  way  to  generate  a  large  amount  of  your   content  in  the  Pinterest  feed  along  with  plenty  of  links  back  to  your  site  and  product  pages.     2. Guest  curators.  Ask  a  Pinterest  power  user  to  play  guest  curator  for  a  week.  Come  up  with  a   schedule  of  celebrity  curators  to  take  over  control  of  your  pinboards  and  curate  collections   for  a  set  period  of  time.  By  reaching  out  to  Pinterest  users  with  large  followings  already,  you   can  leverage  their  popularity  by  creating  awareness  for  your  account.  If  you  have  access  to  a   celebrity  from  the  lifestyle  space,  you  can  work  with  them  to  do  guest  curate  as  well  for   added  awareness.  For  example  a  recipe  pinboard  curated  by  Bobby  Flay  would  be  well   received.     3. Fan-­‐curated  boards.  You  can  make  any  pinboard  open  to  contributors.  Invite  your  brand   fans  and  followers  to  curate  some  of  your  boards  for  you.  This  is  a  great  way  to  invite  brand-­‐ loyalists  to  participate,  creating  a  deeper  connection  between  you  and  the  customers  who   already  care  the  most  about  you.       4. Add  a  Pin  It  button  to  your  website.  If  you  have  a  product-­‐oriented  website  with  lots  of   great  visuals,  you  can  add  Pinterests  Pin  It  button  to  your  website.  It  works  just  like  a   Facebook  Like  button  and  allows  users  to  quickly  share  your  content  across  the  network  by   adding  it  from  your  site  to  one  of  their  pinboards.  You  can  set  content  parameters  like  the   default  description  as  well  to  help  with  keyword  search  visibility  and  branding.       Successful Brands on Pinterest   Pinterest  has  seen  rapid  brand  adoption  and  marketing  innovation  in  the  past  few  months.  Below   are  several  best  practice  brands  on  Pinterest  and  the  strategies  they  employ  to  leverage  Pinterest.     Better  Homes  and  Gardens     Better  Homes  and  Gardens  is  all  about  inspiration  at  home.  Beautiful  collections  of  all  things  home   make  their  pinboards  irresistible  to  Pinterest  users.  Their  pinboards  are  right  on  brand:  Fun  Front   Doors,  Kitchens  We  Want  to  Cook  In,  Welcome  Home!  and  DIY  Ideas  for  Your  Home.  For  companies   that  have  a  home  lifestyle  audience,  BH&G  is  a  best  practice  example  worth  learning  from  and   emulating.     Design  Public     Design  Public  is  a  modern  furniture  e-­‐tailer  that  has  created  a  powerful  brand  presence  through  the   sharing  of  interesting  modern  furniture  design  as  well  as  curating  collections  of  lifestyle-­‐related   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  11. 11. The Rise of Pinterest     items.  Their  boards:  The  Perfect  Bedroom,  Bold  Design,  Modern  Nursery,  and  Light  It  Up  are  full  of   design  inspiration.       Design  Public  is  also  one  of  several  brands  to  implement  Pinterest  on  their  website  -­‐-­‐  adding  a  Pin  It   button  to  each  product  page  -­‐-­‐  and  a  Pinterest  contest  where  users  can  win  prizes  by  creating   pinboards  of  their  favorite  Design  Public  merchandise.       Lands  End     Pinterest  contests  have  become  a  popular  way  for  brands  to  engage  with  users.  Lands  End  was  one   of  the  first  brands  to  leverage  contests  to  drive  awareness,  engagement  and  traffic  from  the  site.   Their  "Pin  It  to  Win  It"  contest  has  become  a  model  for  Pinterest  contests.     Users  were  asked  to  find  items  they  liked  on  Lands  Ends  website  and  create  pinboards  on  Pinterest   of  the  items.  The  most  creative  and  stylish  pinboards  were  rewarded  with  prizes.     Nordstrom     Nordstrom  breaks  up  its  pinboards  by  collections  (e.g.  Prom  ideas  and  Spring  Trends)  as  well  as   featured  brands  and  events  like  New  York  Fashion  week  and  TOMS  sunglasses.       Whole  Foods     Whole  Foods  has  pinboards  around  food-­‐types  (e.g.  Veggies),  events  (e.g.  Happy  New  Years),   recipes  (e.g.  Great  Garden  Recipes),  and  brand-­‐relevant  collections  like  Kitchen  Gadgets  and  favorite   books.       More  Pinterest  Accounts  Worth  Watching     • Martha  Stewart   • West  Elm   • Real  Simple   • Bergdorf  Goodman   • Travel  Channel     15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.    
  12. 12. The Rise of Pinterest       Pinterest and Copyright     It  is  important  to  note  that  there  are  some  pointed  debates  about  the  legality  of  sharing  copyright-­‐ protected  images  on  Pinterest.  Some  copyright  holders  are  actively  working  to  keep  their  content   from  appearing  on  the  network,  and  its  important  that  you  understand  the  legal  risks  of  sharing   content  via  repins  or  shares  from  other  websites.       We  highly  recommend  that  your  legal  team  review  Pinterests  Terms  of  Use  and  develop  a  strategy   to  leverage  Pinterest  in  a  way  that  works  for  your  business  within  the  comfort  zone  of  risk  for  your   legal  department.       Conclusion   Pinterest  is  the  fastest-­‐growing  social  network  ever.  Its  highly  visual  interface  is  a  new,  engaging   way  for  users  to  view,  engage  and  share  content.  The  brand  and  product  focus,  highly-­‐valuable   female  user-­‐base,  aspirational  nature  of  the  content,  and  ability  to  drive  real  traffic  to  websites   make  it  an  attractive  network  for  companies  that  have  visual  assets  that  will  appeal  to  this  audience.   We  recommend  that  brands  that  have  products  and  imagery  that  work  with  the  format  leverage   Pinterest  to  reach  consumers  on  this  network.       While  it  may  seem  like  yet-­‐another-­‐social-­‐network,  Pinterests  unique  properties  make  it  a   worthwhile  investment  and  experiment  area  for  brands  in  the  social  space.       If  youd  like  help  in  developing  your  Pinterest  strategy,  creating  or  managing  Pinterest  promotions,   or  setting  up  your  Pinterest  presence  please  dont  hesitate  to  contact  us  at   15721  Bernardo  Heights  Parkway,  Suite  B-­‐505,  San  Diego,  CA  92128.