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  • 1. Visit our school websiteHERE Come visit our class website!
  • 2. Gaming TechnologyOur new gaming website:
  • 3. A good game isn’t about thegraphics or how big it is. A goodgame is one that you play for hoursyet it seems like minutes - Unknown
  • 4. How Gaming Effects the younger players Parents say that video game make younger children with more moldable minds violent. In fact it is partially the parents Fault
  • 5. If the parents are blamingvideo games for theirchilds violence then theyare usually wrong. All games are rated by the content by the ersb chart. Parents should not be buying children rated M shooting games, unless they are 17 and older.
  • 6. If looking for a suitable game for younger children then look atthe ersb chart. Look forrated E games that will be enjoyed by all.
  • 7. Gaming Helps The Family• “Games can definitely be good for the family,” says the ESRB’s Patricia Vance.• IT is not what parents CBS Moring news , more on think!!!! the work cited page.
  • 8. Chart 60 50 Wii Phone 40 X-Box 30 PSP 20 Computer Nintendo 10 Playstation 0 What gaming system do you use the most?Take our survey!!!
  • 9. • As the graph on the previous slide showed Wii had the second highest rating.• This means that more people play the Wii and all the physical movement it has to offer.
  • 10. Healthy video Games To PlayExercising playing the Wii With all the different sports
  • 11. Charts Can you Live Without gaming? 1.2, 3% 6, 14% Often Sometimes 23, 53% Rarely13, 30% Never
  • 12. That is Our Presentation
  • 13. Work citedAlien Ware Custome Gaming. 2012. 27 August 2012."" n.d. 27 August 2012.Gearlog. "Portablegaming; a brief history." 19 January 2011. 27August 2012."history of gaming consoles." 15 December 2011. 27 August2012."history of video gaming consoles." 12 January 2012. 27August 2012.“Survey monkey our surveys for free.” 12 January