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Yoga Club PowerPoint

  1. 1. Orcutt Academy Yoga ClubOrcutt Academy Yoga Club: www.oayogaclub.weebly.comOrcutt Academy High School: www.orcuttacademycharter.netFrosh Core website:
  2. 2. Overview OverviewA survey was taken and a question on it was: “Wouldyou be more likely to use yoga to exercise or relax?” and • In a survey there was the question: “Wouldtheyou rather learn yoga in a group or alone?” And results were pretty close. the results were pretty close.This is how the results turned out and what the expertshave to say on the topic. So here we go!• This is how it all turned out and what the experts have to say on the topic.
  3. 3. Survey Results The Results40% Relax Exersize 60%
  4. 4. People’s Thoughts People’s ThoughtsMost people decided it would be better to learn in a group, so they could get fun In general, those who would use yoga to have inwith friends and relax. it because they had finished a sport andshape would dowanted to stay would be morewanted toyoga alone so it would beBut a few people said it active or relaxing to do start getting active.quieter and be more meaningful for them.And people who wanted to use it to relax would so theycould calm down without feeling like they weren’tdoing anything or just needed something to help themrelax.
  5. 5. Research Shows… Research Shows…Yoga had been proven to reduce stress by reducing stress hormones andpromotes relaxation in your body. This can lower blood pressure and heartrate. It can even boost your immune system. It is also said that yoga posturescan reduce pain for people with arthritis. Yoga also improves breathing andlung strength as well as flexibility. Yoga also help with flexibility and helpsyou manage their weight. Yoga has been proven to improve circulation,endurance, and the body’s natural oxygen intake during excersize and posture.So yoga has benefits for people both wanting to get active and relax byreducing stress and promoting relaxation, and helps with lung functions,posture, flexibility, and endurance. Read the entire article at:
  6. 6. People’s Thoughts So that wraps it up! 40% of people Most people decided it would be better to learn in a group, so they could have fun with friends and relax.would people said it would be more relaxing to doand 60%would be But a few use yoga to exercize, yoga alone so itwould use itmeaningful forBut yoga can help with quieter and be more relax. them.both.
  7. 7. Yoga helps with strengthening muscles andincreasing endurance for those wanting to getactive. It also helps there to be better blood andoxygen flow while exersizing.
  8. 8. But it also reduces stress hormones andpromotes low heart rate and blood pressurefor those people wanting to relax.
  9. 9. So either way, yoga is good for yogaand if you find ways to make it fun, itcan be very enjoyable. :D