4G: Five reasons for businesses to get ready today


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4G is here. O2 customers in some parts of the UK can now use it. But why should your business get ready? How will 4G benefit you? Here's our guide to five reasons you should get ready now.

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4G: Five reasons for businesses to get ready today

  1. 1. 4G is here Here are five reasons to get ready today
  2. 2. What can 4G do for your business? The same was asked about GSM, 2G and 3G too. Let’s start by setting the scene...
  3. 3. Setting the scene… 4G is faster than 3G In fact it’s up to five times faster* But it’s not all about speed It’s about collaboration and staying ahead of the competition It’s reliable, like fixed-line broadband But it’s not fixed, it’s mobile We think it’s worth getting ready now Here are the five reasons why… * Potential speed claim based on Ofcom website info at: consumers.ofcom.org.uk/what-is-4g
  4. 4. Five simple reasons to switch
  5. 5. 1. Meet the demand Demand for business mobility is outstripping 3G’s capabilities We’re used to working where we like, when we like And we increasingly want easier access to content and services on the move Content is getting richer and we’re using video to communicate more and more Meet the demand with 4G Faster connectivity from 4G can make everyday services more reliable, accessible and practical
  6. 6. 2. Get appy Apps are the workhorse of the workforce And the engines of mobility Expand your app estate with 4G Start deploying bespoke, secure apps with much wider capabilities To make your workforce more effective And deliver greater service to customers and employees
  7. 7. 3. Work fast and flexibly Keep your business moving By rolling out your WAN at the speed of 4G With 4G, set up pop-up shops and offices in a flash And if your people are on the move, let them connect to the information they need, quickly Keep yourself connected If you’ve got a new site, you can use 4G as an alternative while you wait for the landline
  8. 8. 4. Switch simply There are plenty of 4G devices, ready to go So it’ll be a simple, hassle-free switchover Connect quickly, without the switch With a 4G mobile wifi device, you can connect other wifi-enabled devices to 4G – even if they’re not 4G ready So they can get the benefits of 4G’s fast mobile data, too
  9. 9. 5. Stay ahead of the field It all comes together Greater mobility, smarter apps, better collaboration – it’ll all keep you ahead of the field Stay in control with 4G With quicker reactions, reduced time-to-market and simpler processes
  10. 10. Continue to meet the ever-changing demands of your people and customers In a nutshell If you’re thinking about 4G, remember the five reasons to switch: Keep your business agile and constantly moving forward Stay ahead of the competition and stay in control Create and deploy innovative apps that make working easier Benefit from a simple switchover and plenty of ready-to-go devices
  11. 11. To find out more about 4G from O2 head to o2.co.uk/enterprise/4g or follow us @O2BusinessUK 4G’s not the finishing line It’s the starting block Give yourself a headstart and start seeing the benefits of a more mobile, agile and connected business.