Interaction and (ludic) Visualisation For Geo rabble, Convention Centre, 6-11-13


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  • Strategy egBattle of Waterloo (BBC)SimulationCanada: A People’s History Gamebuilding DetroitTrivia; myculturequest, Building the Great Wall of China gamePuzzle: tidy city, history of a place, GettygamesAdventure: (learning by doing), the hobbit,Time mesh, icuraGaius Day (Ardito 2009), Egnatia Italy, history for high school level, treasure quests in ruins, 3-5 pupil groups, 2 mobile phones, a map (paper), 3D virtual and sound and team collaboration
  • University of Queensland, 2006.This Interaction Design Honours Course project attempted to create a physical model that allowed people to select town functions via the movable phicons, insert them into street intersections in the model, and the display would then show and rotate the street intersection AND where the function is in the panoramic photo. The round table could also rotate, and the rotation controlled the displayed panorama. Presented at CAADRIA 2007.
  • Biofeedback
  • ( )1 3d object per pixel off iphone, 20 pictures, Buddha project with Smithsonianhttp://Recap.autodesk.com2 billion pts in 2012, 20+billion in 2014 pt cloudPrint on Bronze about 75 materialsHominoid skulls www.africanfossils.orgSilicon valley company, Pelican imaging, (Captured array images) out next year on 1st smart phoneDepth maps created up to 30frames per second (new higher res higher frame rate)Occipital new devices, “mashable”40+megapixels nokia 808 pureview, 2012 comparable to digital SLR, 41mp camera2011 ultracopters=20k, and pilot expert, 18m ago were about 8K, now 1.5K with go pro camera, 30 minutes learnt to fly copter
  • NB seamonster table
  • Challenge: ..the belief that it is exciting to learn about history. The game integrates learning and playing in a way that engages pupils and gives them a concrete feel for the historical time and settingSolution: The game can be compared to a journey through time and spacePlatform: Mac/PC, single player, browser Technology: 3D Unity game enginePlaytime: Per game 60 minutesTarget group: 9-14 years old
  • Interaction and (ludic) Visualisation For Geo rabble, Convention Centre, 6-11-13

    1. 1. Interaction and Visualisation NOV 7, 2013, PERTH ER IK C H A MPION C U R TIN U N IVER SITY
    2. 2. My background  PhD with Lonely Planet, UniMelb  Teaching game design interaction design and multimedia interface design, now cultural visualisation  Supervision  Digital Humanities (CHCTA Europe)  Now, looking for students and projects, may host conference
    3. 3. My interests Digital interpretations of past sites and cultures via VR, game engines and contextually constrained interaction
    4. 4. Games for history and heritage 1. Play and and answer questions 2.Play and classroom discuss authenticity 3.Role-play with games, puppets, or narrators 4.Mod cities, empires events based on theories 5.Film events etc. using machinima tools 6.Combine images or panoramas with other media 7. Design past artefacts, events, rituals or customs 8.Create VEs using games and game mods or using VR What is the Cultural Significance and Contextual Fragility?
    5. 5. Serious Games in CH           Gaius Day, Augmented Reality on site Roma Nova Petridis 2012 Canada: A People’s History Game OR building Detroit On site historical (Schrier 2006)reliving the revolution Eduventure I: (Ferdinand 2005) Rhine valley history, played in real Marksburg castle, on tablet, webcam ARToolkitPlus Virtuso Arts history (Wagner 2007), sort a collection of artworks or monuments ThIATRO art history (Froschauer et al, VSMM 2012) Escaladieu (IRIT 2010) Abbey in Pyranees, 3D AR Studierstube ES game handheld AR platform Strategy eg Battle of Waterloo (BBC)
    6. 6. Ph.D: Palenque
    7. 7. Unshared Worlds
    8. 8. Palenque Unreal
    9. 9. Xibalba
    10. 10. Counterfactual History + game mods
    11. 11. Personal space
    12. 12. Surround projection
    13. 13. Massage Chair+CarRacing Biofeedback
    14. 14. Moodle + Unity
    15. 15. Pano table
    16. 16. Warping projection
    17. 17. biofeedback
    18. 18. prototyping
    19. 19. Touchscreen Taoism
    20. 20. movie
    21. 21. Interaction design issues 1. Fact versus Fiction 2. Unrealistic expectations 3. Increasing interaction interferes with increasing knowledge of history 4. Joysticks of Doom: The Indiana Jones Dilemma 5. ‘Cultural Presence’ missing Journey to the West
    22. 22. Scanning Futures (D. Pouliquen, Autodesk)  2012: Nokia 808 Pureview      phone as powerful as SLR,. 40+megapixels 2014: Pelican imaging ultra thin camera array for phones 2 billion pt. cloud in 2012, 20+billion 2014 Create high textured 3D from photos gnin.aspx (Krishna) super easy 360 panoramas or capture 3D CYARK in India
    23. 23. Fraunhofer IDG CHESS project- Markerless tracking
    24. 24. Gagarin Wild Reindeer Exhibit Gagarin Interactive Iceland
    25. 25. Kinect sensors
    26. 26. Bologna IMG_1480.jpg
    27. 27. Idea 1: downloadables
    28. 28. CINECA APA re-use game
    29. 29. Serious games interactive
    30. 30. Visiting fellows i.e. Dr Jeffrey Jacobson
    31. 31. Idea 2: Pelagios/Gapvis i.e. 3D +text+maps
    32. 32. Facilities @Curtin University: HIVE
    33. 33. HiVE: Launch 27 -11-2013@John Curtin Art Gallery
    34. 34. HiVE: Half-Cylinder (stereo)
    35. 35. HiVE: Wedge (stereo)
    36. 36. Truncated Dome +fish eye
    37. 37. My lab: interactive humanities lab
    38. 38. What I need from you  Fresh brains  What will or won’t work in the field?  Conference suggestions  Collaborative projects in any of the above..
    39. 39. Contact me: Erik Champion Professor of Cultural Visualisation School of Media Culture and Creative Arts, Faculty of Humanities Curtin University, Perth e: w: twitter: @nzerik
    40. 40. There be lions there (Culture meets mapping) #MappingOurWorld launch, NLA 4646159831040/photo/1