NYU Wagner 75th Celebration - Alumni Profiles


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A snapshot of where NYU Wagner alumni are in the world.

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NYU Wagner 75th Celebration - Alumni Profiles

  1. 1. ALUMNI PROFILE HOPE TUMUKUNDE MUP 2008 Deputy Mayor City of Kigali, Rwanda Kigali, Rwanda
  2. 2. ALUMNI PROFILE GAIL SUSSMAN MUP 1980 Managing Director Moody’s Investment Service East Brunswick, New Jersey HOST COMMITTEE
  3. 3. ALUMNI PROFILE TOM ZENTY MPA-HPAM 1986 Chief Executive Officer University Hospital Systems Cleveland, Ohio
  4. 4. ALUMNI PROFILE PISEI CHEA MPA-PNP 2012 Associate Analyst Moody’s Investors Service NYC
  5. 5. ALUMNI PROFILE IRIS WEINSHALL MUP 1980 Vice Chancellor City University of New York Former commissioner of the NYC Dept. of Transportation NYC
  6. 6. ALUMNI PROFILE LOUIS COLETTI MPA 1977 President & Chief Executive Officer Building Trades Employers’ Association NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  7. 7. ALUMNI PROFILE ALYSHA BEYER MPA-PNP 2002 Chief of Party, Tanzania Social Marketing Project Population Services International Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  8. 8. ALUMNI PROFILE BREE PETERSON COHN MPA-PNP 2009 Senior Program Officer Philanthropy Advisory Group NYC
  10. 10. ALUMNI PROFILE BRANDON GREENBERG MPA-PNP 2013 PhD Student/Researcher George Washington University Washington, DC
  11. 11. ALUMNI PROFILE EMMA TAYA DARCH MPA-PNP 2012 Partnership Development Specialist Rapid Results Institute Cape Town, South Africa
  12. 12. ALUMNI PROFILE VAUGHN JACK CRANDALL MPA-PNP 2006 Senior Strategy Consultant California Partnership for Safe Communities Hayward, California
  13. 13. ALUMNI PROFILE LIZ FANNING MPA-PNP 1997 Founder CorpsAfrica Casablanca, Morocco
  14. 14. ALUMNI PROFILE JEREMY TRAVIS MPA 1977 President John Jay College of Criminal Justice NYC
  15. 15. ALUMNI PROFILE ALISSA BLACK MUP 2003 Director, California Civic Innovation Project New America Foundation Oakland, California
  16. 16. ALUMNI PROFILE YUSEF EDWARD FREEMAN MPA-PNP 2003 Vice President McCormack Baron Salazar Oakland, California
  18. 18. ALUMNI PROFILE BRENT J. COHEN MPA-PNP 2009 White House Fellow U.S. Office of Personnel Management Washington, DC
  19. 19. ALUMNI PROFILE MELISSA KAPLAN- MACEY MUP 2001 Principal Collaborative Planning Studio NYC
  20. 20. ALUMNI PROFILE CHRISTYNE ANGULO DILLARD MPA-PNP 2013 Operations Director Yurgosky Consulting NYC
  21. 21. ALUMNI PROFILE DEIRDRE DALPIAZ BISHOP MPA-PNP 1993 Senior Advisor for Data Linkage U.S. Census Bureau Washington, DC
  22. 22. ALUMNI PROFILE AZADEH FARTACHE MPA-PNP 2007 Human Rights Project Support Officer United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Congo Kinshasa, Congo
  23. 23. ALUMNI PROFILE IRA GOODMAN MPA-PNP 1983 Associate Director for Administration UC San Diego Mooers Cancer Center San Diego, California
  24. 24. ALUMNI PROFILE ROXANA CARMEN GIRIP MS 1999 Research Analyst Ministry of Children and Youth Ontario, Canada
  25. 25. ALUMNI PROFILE KAROLYN CHAMBERLIN MUP 2009 Director USA Greater Geneva Berne Area - Switzerland Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  27. 27. ALUMNI PROFILE DAVID GOTTESMAN MPA-PNP 2008 CountyStat Manager Montgomery County Government Rockville, Maryland
  29. 29. ALUMNI PROFILE BREANNA MARIE DIGIAMMARINO MPA-PNP 2007 Cause Director Indiegogo San Francisco, California
  30. 30. ALUMNI PROFILE ALEXANDER A. HABIB MPA-HPAM 2013 Manager for External Communications & Public Affairs Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. NYC
  31. 31. ALUMNI PROFILE CYNTHIA E. FREEMAN MPA-PNP 2005 Senior Program Director Community Partners Los Angeles, California
  32. 32. ALUMNI PROFILE AMANDA MILLER GRECO MPA-PNP 2006 Social Innovation Fellow Center for Social Innovation, Stanford Graduate School of Business Belmont, California
  33. 33. ALUMNI PROFILE RYAN GREENE MPA-PNP 2007 Director Fitch Ratings Stamford, Connecticut
  34. 34. ALUMNI PROFILE KARA GRIECO MPA-PNP 2011 Director, Eastern Region Education Pioneers NYC
  35. 35. ALUMNI PROFILE KASHIF HASNIE MS 2000 Advisor Singularity University Overland Park, Kansas
  36. 36. ALUMNI PROFILE KATE HORNER MPA-PNP 2012 Program Director Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) NYC
  37. 37. ALUMNI PROFILE NEENE OWATE JENKINS MPA-PNP 2006 VP – Municipal Credit Research AllianceBernstein NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  38. 38. ALUMNI PROFILE SHERINE KHALIL MPA-HPAM 2002 CEO Strategy and Business Planning Consulting Redwood City, California
  39. 39. ALUMNI PROFILE DAVE HANZEL MPA-PNP 2006 Senior Manager, Community Development Banking Capital One Bank NYC
  40. 40. ALUMNI PROFILE MELISSA SHERELL LEE MPA-PNP 2003 Senior Advisor New Orleans Redevelopment Authority New Orleans, Louisiana
  41. 41. ALUMNI PROFILE FLORENCE JUILLARD MPA-PNP 2009 VP, Community Development Citibank – Community Development Group NYC
  42. 42. ALUMNI PROFILE NICK MOLINARI MUP 2005 Chief of Planning and Parklands NYC Department of Parks and Recreation NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  43. 43. ALUMNI PROFILE JULIE KENNEDY LESCH MPA-PNP 2004 Associate Director, Corporate Responsibility Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. Washington, DC
  44. 44. ALUMNI PROFILE RAY G. NEWMAN PhD 1994 Chair and Professor University of Southern Mississippi Slidell, Louisiana
  45. 45. ALUMNI PROFILE VERA AURELIA MOORE MUP 2008 Director National Urban League NYC
  46. 46. ALUMNI PROFILE KATE OTTO MPA-HPAM 2009 Founder/Author Everyday Ambassador Public Health Consultant World Bank NYC
  47. 47. ALUMNI PROFILE CHRISTINE NG’ANG’A MPA-PNP 2006 Managing Director Strategia Advisors Nairobi, Kenya
  48. 48. ALUMNI PROFILE DAVID QUART MUP 2003 Chief of Staff and Deputy Commissioner of Strategy, Research & Communications NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  49. 49. ALUMNI PROFILE ALLIE NUDELMAN MPA-HPAM 2009 Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene NYC
  50. 50. ALUMNI PROFILE SANTHOSH RAMDOSS MPA-PNP 2008 Independent Consultant & Entrepreneur Bangalore, India
  51. 51. ALUMNI PROFILE ROSA A. ORTIZ MPA-PNP 2011 Director of Administration and Finance REACH Prep NYC
  52. 52. ALUMNI PROFILE JEN PERRONE MPA-PNP 2009 Chief of Staff New Organizing Institute Washington, DC
  53. 53. ALUMNI PROFILE SUMAILA PALLA MUP 2013 Director, Storefront Program Neighborhood Development Department of Small Business Services NYC
  55. 55. ALUMNI PROFILE RAHIL RANGWALA MPA-PNP 2011 Program Officer Michael & Susan Dell Foundation Delhi, India
  56. 56. ALUMNI PROFILE CHRISTINA COIRO POWELL MPA-HPAM 2005 Director of Development, The Fund for HHC The NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation NYC
  57. 57. ALUMNI PROFILE TRICIA SCHMITT MPA-HPAM 2003 Senior Examiner White House Office of Management and Budget Washington, DC
  58. 58. ALUMNI PROFILE DAVID SCHACHTER MPA-PNP 1994 Assistant Dean, Student Affairs NYU Wagner NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  59. 59. ALUMNI PROFILE NANCY YVETTE VICTOR MPA-HPAM 1986 Director of Planning SUNY Downstate Medical Center NYC
  60. 60. ALUMNI PROFILE BRYAN SECK MPA-PNP 2009 Homeless Outreach Coordinator Lincoln Public Schools Lincoln, Nebraska
  61. 61. ALUMNI PROFILE GABY SCHOENFELD MPA-PNP 2007 Assistant Director, Experiential Jewish Education Yeshiva University NYC
  62. 62. ALUMNI PROFILE STEPHEN FRIDAY MPA-PNP 2011 Associate Director Fitch Ratings, Inc. NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  63. 63. ALUMNI PROFILE ELIZABETH WOLFF MPA-HPAM 2011 Associate Medical Director PinnacleHealth Medical Group Harrisburg, Pennsylvania HOST COMMITTEE
  64. 64. ALUMNI PROFILE VICTORIA SHIRE MPA-PNP 2001 Vice President Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. NYC
  65. 65. ALUMNI PROFILE MICHELLE R. WONG MPA-PNP 2011 Analyst U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Oakland, California
  66. 66. ALUMNI PROFILE JON SENDACH MPA-HPAM 2004 Deputy Executive Director North Shore University Hospital NYC
  67. 67. ALUMNI PROFILE ORIANA SEASTONE STERN MPA-PNP 2009 International Program Director LitWorld NYC
  68. 68. ALUMNI PROFILE LAUREN BARBARA GEE BARANCO MPA-PNP 2010 Program Associate New Beginnings Program; County of Alameda Oakland, California
  69. 69. ALUMNI PROFILE ANDREW HOAN STEININGER MUP 2010 Vice President for Economic Development Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  70. 70. ALUMNI PROFILE MARY E. BUTLER MPA-PNP 2010 Director – Alumni Service Learning Program University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana
  71. 71. ALUMNI PROFILE LAUREL MOLLOY MPA-PNP 2002 Founder & Chief Consultant Innovations Qualified NYC
  72. 72. ALUMNI PROFILE MAREN FAWCETT MPA-PNP 2006 Pro League Manager Nike Portland, Oregon
  73. 73. ALUMNI PROFILE AMY WHITE MPA-PNP 2004 Supervising Examiner Federal Reserve Bank of New York NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  74. 74. ALUMNI PROFILE ROBERT M. BERZOK MPA-PNP 1974 Retired, Director of Corporate Communications Union Carbide Corporation Tucson, Arizona
  75. 75. ALUMNI PROFILE SORA CHUNG MPA-PNP 2007 Assistant Director of Development Research Stanford University San Francisco, California
  76. 76. ALUMNI PROFILE CATALINA INÉS GUTIÉRREZ MS 2001 Executive Director PROLIDER Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  77. 77. ALUMNI PROFILE ALISA ZELMAN FINSTEN MPA-PNP 2003 Director of Grants and Finance City of Los Angeles, Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Public Safety Los Angeles, California HOST COMMITTEE
  78. 78. ALUMNI PROFILE RICHARD STUART BOLAN PhD 1974 Professor Emeritus, Retired Minneapolis, Minnesota
  79. 79. ALUMNI PROFILE VALERIE SANDLER KRETCHMER MPA-PNP 1976 President Valerie S. Kretchmer Associates, Inc. Evanston, Illinois
  80. 80. ALUMNI PROFILE SERENA MOY MPA-PNP 1998 Talent Management Consultant for Educational Organizations Redwood Circle Consulting Foster City, California
  81. 81. ALUMNI PROFILE AZADEH FARRAH OSANLOO MPA-PNP 2002 Professor and Stan Fulton Endowed Chair New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico
  82. 82. ALUMNI PROFILE BJORG PALSDOTTIR MPA-PNP 2000 Executive Director Training for Health Equity Network Brussels, Belgium
  83. 83. ALUMNI PROFILE CHARLES PAREKH PhD 2010 Director Duff & Phelps Chicago, Illinois
  84. 84. ALUMNI PROFILE ANDREW REGENSTREICH MPA-PNP 2011 Assistant Director of Real Estate New Jersey Community Capital NYC
  85. 85. ALUMNI PROFILE MARTHA SCHIFF PhD 1992 Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Florida Atlantic University Sebastian, Florida
  86. 86. ALUMNI PROFILE JOEL RUBENSTEIN MPA-PNP 1997 Vice President Nielsen Company Denville, New Jersey
  87. 87. ALUMNI PROFILE DIANA SILVER PhD 2008 Associate Professor of Public Health NYU Steinhardt & NYU- GIPH NYC
  88. 88. ALUMNI PROFILE MURAT TUYSUZ MPA-PNP 2010 Lecturer Marmara University Istanbul, Turkey
  89. 89. ALUMNI PROFILE BETH WEITZMAN PhD 1987, MPA 1980 Vice Dean and Professor NYU Steinhardt School NYC
  90. 90. ALUMNI PROFILE SALMA WALJI MPA-HPAM 2010 Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist Alberta Health Services Alberta, Canada
  91. 91. ALUMNI PROFILE KARLY BELASCO EMPA 2012 Hospitalist Registered Nurse (RN) Sound Physicians Boca Raton, Florida
  92. 92. ALUMNI PROFILE THAD DANIEL CALABRESE PhD 2009 Assistant Professor of Public and Nonprofit Financial Management NYU Wagner NYC
  93. 93. ALUMNI PROFILE DEBORAH KOH MENDEZ MPA-HPAM 2010 Regulatory Specialist Women Care Global Orange County, California
  94. 94. ALUMNI PROFILE ROBERT WINTHROP MPA-PNP 1997 Financial Consultant, Kaiser Permanente Senior Fellow, Portland State University Portland, Oregon
  95. 95. ALUMNI PROFILE RACHEL SZALA GRANT MPA-PNP 2014 Assistant Director, Communications NYU Wagner NYC
  96. 96. ALUMNI PROFILE VASIT DEJKUNJORN MPA-PNP 1954 Vice Chairman Transparency Thailand Bangkok, Thailand
  97. 97. ALUMNI PROFILE JULIANA TILLEMA MPA-HPAM 2005 Senior Research Project Manager HealthPartners Institute for Education & Research Saint Paul, Minnesota
  98. 98. ALUMNI PROFILE ELVIS CORDOVA MPA-PNP 2003 Chief of Staff U.S. Department of Agriculture Alexandria, Virginia
  99. 99. ALUMNI PROFILE ANNA SWANBY MPA-PNP 2014 Senior Planner NYC Department of Youth & Community Development NYC
  100. 100. ALUMNI PROFILE ELENA AGAPOVA MS 2003 Director of Finance and Administration AIDS Foundation East-West Amsetelveen, Noord- Holland, Netherlands
  101. 101. ALUMNI PROFILE JASON FRANKLIN PhD 2014 Executive Director Bolder Giving NYC
  102. 102. ALUMNI PROFILE REBECCA LAWRENCE KANTER MPA-PNP 2002 Program Director, Special Consultant San Diego State University’s College of Extended Studies San Diego, California
  103. 103. ALUMNI PROFILE KUO JENG YANG MPA-PNP 2011 Program Manager World Vision China Lanzhou, China
  104. 104. ALUMNI PROFILE JAMES BRENDAN MAKOS MPA-HPAM 1976 Retired Boynton Beach, Florida
  106. 106. ALUMNI PROFILE BRYAN DAY MPA-PNP 2003 Privacy & Civil Liberties Program Manager Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon Washington, DC
  107. 107. ALUMNI PROFILE JEANNIE KWON MPA-HPAM 2008 Chief of Staff MTA Capital Construction NYC
  108. 108. ALUMNI PROFILE MORDECAI WALFISH MPA-PNP 2011 Vice President for Programs Repair the World NYC
  109. 109. ALUMNI PROFILE JEFFREY SILBERT PhD 1972 Assistant to the President Grant Development Lebanon College Hanover, New Hampshire
  110. 110. ALUMNI PROFILE TINA LIBENSON AXELROD MUP 1991 Principal City Planner City & County of Denver Denver, Colorado
  111. 111. ALUMNI PROFILE PATRICIA BARBIERI MPA-HPAM 1985 Deputy General Counsel, Employment & Litigation Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. Saddle Brook, New Jersey
  112. 112. ALUMNI PROFILE KEVIN LYU MPA-HPAM 2010 Analytics Consultant Accenture San Francisco, California
  113. 113. ALUMNI PROFILE LAURA FISHLER MS 2001 Evaluation Coordinator The Rockefeller Foundation NYC
  114. 114. ALUMNI PROFILE MELISSA GAEKE MPA-PNP 1994 Executive Director, Academic Partnerships for USA Civic Engagement University of Southern California Los Angeles, California
  115. 115. ALUMNI PROFILE GEORGE ZAMORA MPA-PNP 2002 Policy and Program Analyst – Student Affairs University of California Office of the President Oakland, California
  116. 116. ALUMNI PROFILE LAURIE ROSNER DENNIS MPA-HPAM 1977 President Rosner and Associates NYC
  117. 117. ALUMNI PROFILE CHRISTOPHER BROWN MPA-PNP 2008 Vice President for Regional Management & Growth BUILD Washington, DC
  118. 118. ALUMNI PROFILE SIMONA HAIDUC MS 2002 Vice President of International Business Development Opportunity International Chicago, Illinois
  119. 119. ALUMNI PROFILE DAVID WYMAN MPA-HPAM 1997 Vice President Mount Sinai Health System NYC
  120. 120. ALUMNI PROFILE LINDSAY ROBBINS MUP 2007 Director, Office of Home Energy Programs Maryland Department of Human Resources Baltimore, Maryland
  121. 121. ALUMNI PROFILE ADAM ECKSTEIN MUP 2012 Policy Analyst The Office of the City Comptroller of New York NYC
  122. 122. ALUMNI PROFILE ROBERT BOCHAR MPA-PNP 1991 Budget Analyst U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Odenton, Maryland
  123. 123. ALUMNI PROFILE JENNIFER JONES AUSTIN MS 1997 Chief Executive Officer Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies NYC
  124. 124. ALUMNI PROFILE TODD RUFO MUP 2004 Director San Francisco Office of Economic Development San Francisco, California
  125. 125. ALUMNI PROFILE MO COFFEY MPA-PNP 2010 Managing Director The Good Dog Foundation NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  126. 126. ALUMNI PROFILE JOHN DONNELLAN MPA-HPAM 1984 Adjunct Professor Health Policy and Management NYU Wagner NYC
  127. 127. ALUMNI PROFILE ALEXANDRIA MARGOLIS MPA-HPAM 2012 Project Manager, Advanced Illness Management North Shore – LIJ Health System NYC
  128. 128. ALUMNI PROFILE KEVIN WELCH MPA-PNP 1997 Retired Albuquerque, New Mexico
  129. 129. ALUMNI PROFILE MICHAEL MAGUIRE MPA-HPAM 1996 Vice President, Member Services Premier, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland
  130. 130. ALUMNI PROFILE SHOLA OLATOYE MPA-PNP 2001 Chair and Chief Executive Officer New York City Housing Authority NYC
  131. 131. ALUMNI PROFILE THOMAS CRONIN MPA-HPAM 1989 Associate Vice President, Revenue Cycle Mgmt. North Shore – LIJ Health System NYC
  132. 132. ALUMNI PROFILE JULIE ABRAHAM STONE MPA-HPAM 2001 Senior Practitioner Towers Watson’s Health & Group Benefits Parsippany, New Jersey HOST COMMITTEE
  133. 133. ALUMNI PROFILE ERASMA BERAS- MONTICCIOLO MPA 2009 Partner TMC Group – Financial Literacy & Housing Policy Consultant NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  134. 134. ALUMNI PROFILE PHYLLIS SANTRY MUP 1970 Retired Ambac Assurance Corp NYC
  135. 135. ALUMNI PROFILE TOM COLEMAN MPA 1969 Former U.S. Representative from Missouri U.S. Congress Washington D.C.
  136. 136. ALUMNI PROFILE GARY RODNEY MUP 1999 President New York City Housing Development Corporation NYC
  137. 137. ALUMNI PROFILE CYNTHIA SPARER MPA 1976 Executive Director Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital New Haven, Connecticut
  138. 138. ALUMNI PROFILE JOSHUA KLAINBERG MUP 2002 Senior Vice President New York League of Conservation Voters NYC
  139. 139. ALUMNI PROFILE MAIA HYARY MPA-HPAM 2013 Research Associate Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity New Haven, Connecticut
  140. 140. ALUMNI PROFILE SUSAN BROWDY MPA-HPAM 2003 Director, Product Implementation Blue Cross Blue Shield Washington, DC
  141. 141. ALUMNI PROFILE MARTHA HIRST MUP 2001 Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer St. John’s University NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  142. 142. ALUMNI PROFILE IRFAN HASAN MPA 2000 Program Officer – Health & People with Special Needs The New York Community Trust NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  143. 143. ALUMNI PROFILE THOMAS MCKNIGHT MUP 2001 Executive VP and co-head of Planning, Development, and Transportation NYC Economic Development Corporation NYC
  144. 144. ALUMNI PROFILE DARYN KOBATA MPA-PNP 2011 Director of Communications CAPG, the Voice of Accountable Physicians Los Angeles, California
  145. 145. ALUMNI PROFILE SHELLEY FROST RUBIN MPA 1977 Co-founder & Co-chair Rubin Museum of Art NYC
  146. 146. ALUMNI PROFILE CHRIS SHAYS MPA 1978 Former U.S. Representative from Connecticut U.S. Congress Washington D.C.
  147. 147. ALUMNI PROFILE JOHN MEDINA MPA-HPAM 2007 Assistant Vice President Moody’s Investors Service NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  148. 148. ALUMNI PROFILE BONNIE STONE MUP 1974 President and Chief Executive Officer Women in Need NYC
  149. 149. ALUMNI PROFILE DANIEL BLAKEMORE MPA 2007 Assistant Director of Development International House NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  150. 150. ALUMNI PROFILE ANTHONY LUZZI MPA 1980 President Sims Mortgage Funding, Inc. Rutherford, New Jersey
  151. 151. ALUMNI PROFILE MEGAN THOMAS MUP 1999 Chief Operating Officer Omni New York, LLC NYC
  152. 152. ALUMNI PROFILE JEFFREY DORN MPA 1978 Chief Operating Officer Asphalt Green NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  153. 153. ALUMNI PROFILE PATRICIA SULLIVAN PhD 2003 Chief Quality Officer Penn Medicine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  154. 154. ALUMNI PROFILE DOUGLAS STALLWORTH MUP 1972 Senior Transportation Planner Washington Metro Area Transportation Washington, DC
  155. 155. ALUMNI PROFILE DARIA HIRSCH LANGBART MPA 2011 Project Manager NBC News Education Nation NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  156. 156. ALUMNI PROFILE ADAMA KOUYATE MPA-PNP 2004 Founder AnKOR Advisors NYC
  157. 157. ALUMNI PROFILE JENNY LIN MALONEY MPA 2004 Senior Municipal Credit Analyst Moody’s Investors Service NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  158. 158. ALUMNI PROFILE WILLIAM MIECUNA MPA-PNP 1976 Program Manager US Dept of Housing & Urban Development Great Neck, New York
  160. 160. ALUMNI PROFILE JASON SOLLE MPA 2008 Director of Strategic Initiatives NYU Langone Medical Center NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  161. 161. ALUMNI PROFILE ROSEANNE MIRABELLA PhD 1984 Professor Seton Hall University Bernardsville, New Jersey
  162. 162. ALUMNI PROFILE BETHANY GODSOE MPA-PNP 2001 Associate Vice President New York University NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  163. 163. ALUMNI PROFILE ANDREA HOLLEN MPA-PNP 2008 Director of Analytics and Research Case Commons Baltimore, Maryland
  164. 164. ALUMNI PROFILE MARVIN MARKUS MUP 1974 Managing Director Goldman Sachs NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  165. 165. ALUMNI PROFILE ZAWADI RUCKS AHIDIANA MPA-PNP 2012 PhD Student UC Berkeley, Sociology Department Oakland, California
  166. 166. ALUMNI PROFILE SHALANE YUEN MPA-PNP 2013 Advisor, Communications & Business Strategy South African Supplier Diversity Council Johannesburg, South Africa
  168. 168. ALUMNI PROFILE PETER EBRIGHT MUP 2006 Counsel Manatt, Phelps & Phillips South Orange, New Jersey
  169. 169. ALUMNI PROFILE JENNIFER GRAVEL MPA 2004 Director of Industry Studies NYC Department of City Planning NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  170. 170. ALUMNI PROFILE DR. ALDEN N. HAFFNER MPA 1960; PhD 1964 Founding President State University of New York College of Optometry NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  171. 171. ALUMNI PROFILE HERAA HAJELSAFI MPA 2010 Senior Consultant Ernst & Young NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  172. 172. ALUMNI PROFILE SABRINA SMITH- SWEENEY MPA 2005 Senior Policy Analyst HHS-Connect NYC
  173. 173. ALUMNI PROFILE RACHELLE ROCHELLE MPA-PNP 2009 Program Director Brooklyn Smoke- Free Partnership NYC
  174. 174. ALUMNI PROFILE CHIRSTOPHER LEVENDOS MUP 1997 Vice President – National Operations Verizon, Inc. NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  175. 175. ALUMNI PROFILE JANE LISS MPA-HPAM 1996 Executive Director Morris-Somerset IPA NYC
  177. 177. ALUMNI PROFILE KATTY JONES MPA-PNP 2004 Director, Global and Program Services NYU Wagner NYC
  178. 178. ALUMNI PROFILE HALLIE CAPLAN MPA-PNP 2010 State Operations and Educator Outreach Stand for Children Colorado Denver, Colorado
  179. 179. ALUMNI PROFILE ALAN VAN CAPELLE EMPA 2012 Chief Executive Officer The Educational Alliance NYC
  180. 180. ALUMNI PROFILE ELLEN LOVITZ MPA-PNP 1978 Associate Dean, Student Affairs/Administration NYU Wagner NYC HOST COMMITTEE
  181. 181. ALUMNI PROFILE DEDDEH MARGARET HOWARD MPA-PNP 2011 Social Investment Lead Chevron Monrovia, Liberia
  182. 182. ALUMNI PROFILE CHRISTOPHER NARDUCCI MUP 2009 Community Planning and Development Specialist (Disaster Recovery) U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Washington, DC
  183. 183. ALUMNI PROFILE SUSIE LUPERT MPA-PNP 2008 Executive Director American Camp Association, NY and NJ NYC
  184. 184. ALUMNI PROFILE ROSALIND ROSS MUP 2005 Senior Project Manager Providence Community Housing New Orleans, Louisiana
  185. 185. ALUMNI PROFILE MADELINE LABADIE MPA-PNP 2013 Political & Research Associate Hotel Trades Council NYC