Brand Storytelling and Development - M3


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  • Brand Storytelling and Development - M3

    1. 1. VOCOMOTION Studios
    2. 2. Who is VOCOMOTION?
    3. 3. Embodiment of a Successful Creator • The website shows pages of accolades in various formats, including bios, awards, nominations and examples of their work and success. Click Picture for Webpage • The first lists out facts about the studio and its background as a whole and the proven record it has accrued over the years.
    4. 4. The Creators Behind VOCOMOTION Freddie Feldman is the owner and founder of Vocomotion Studios that has been innovative for over 10 years strong. Former frontman of the hard- rock back Gaskit and founder of the professional a cappella group Five O’clock Shadow, Freddie knows what it takes to create a long lasting and sustainable venture. Kevin Child is the artist relations manager also with a background of founding and leading a cappella groups in his hometown located in the New England area. Kevin is responsible for the guidance, support, and preparation of a cappella groups coming to the studio to record who have never done so before. Marty Gasper, again another with a founders background, is also a multi-faceted essential part of the professional a cappella group known as Blue Jupiter. Aside from being the business manager, light and sound operator, studio engineer, graphic designer, and full-time performer in the group, he also manages to expertly head the task of audio editing and scrubbing for the studio.
    5. 5. Key Milestones of VOCOMOTION • 5 Voice Only Awards • 2 Songs Inspired by Literature Awards • Honorable Mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest • 5 Best of College A Cappella Awards • 2003 CARA Awards in the category of Best Male Vocalist • 13 CARA Award Nominations
    6. 6. Construction Diary of VOCOMOTION STUDIOS • In the summer of 2008, Freddie began planning and sketching for a new studio to be built from the ground up. Followers of the studio can check in on the progress in a wonderfully detailed and photographed step by step diary of the entire process starting with the initial sketches to the current point of construction. While some work still needs to be completed, just this past March, Freddie was actually at a point in the completion of the studio where he could record one of the booked groups in the new space.
    7. 7. Why is the Diary effective? • The Construction Diary allows for former clients and fans of the studio to check in on the progress. • The Diary is also a helpful resource and insight into all the work and details involved in the creation of a new studio space. • It also provides useful information for those of the environmentally conscious nature because there is a devoted section to how “green” the studio is and what they are doing to include as much of this as possible.
    8. 8. Track Record of Creative Success Click Picture for Webpage
    9. 9. Creative Success • The Audio Examples page of the VOCOMOTION website shows high quality examples of what the studio can accomplish. • Instead of hearing from the different a cappella groups talking about their experience, Freddie lets the the songs speak for themselves to demonstrate the attention to detail and consistency the VOCOMOTION Studios can provide for the a cappella community looking to record their hard work.
    10. 10. Resources • Margaret Mark, Carol S. Pearson. (2001). The hero and the outlaw: Building extraordinary brands through the power of archetypes. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Photos and Studio Information • Feldman, Freddie. (1998). VOCOMOTION Studios. Retrieved from