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Services Marketing Services Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • The Ultimate Cinema Experience POPCORN
  • Presented By Nissa Razzak Nida Ilyas Mohammad Omer Ifthikar Mahmood Ahmad Kamran Ali Amna Mohsin Ali
    • In 1960s and 1970s Karachi was the centre of the Pakistani film industry.
    • However, in 1980s two major changes came about:
    • The film-industry moved to Lahore. Also there has been a notable growth of Pashto films industry in Peshawar.
    • Second, the arrival of Videocassette recorder (VCR) so that people could watch movies in the comfort First, of their homes.
    • Kara Film Festival since 2001.
    • It is worth mentioning that after 2002 there has been such minimal growth in cinema halls
    • Loss of talent after partition.
    • Continuous drain in talent.
    • Continuous political instability.
    • Socio-political changes.
    • Government policies.
    • Ban on screening of films.
    • Tax implementation.
    • Gandasa Culture in Punjabi Film industry.
    • Pornography in Pushto Film industry.
    • Development of the television industry.
    • The deterioration of the quality in film making.
    • The worsening of cinema halls and movie theatres.
    • Lack of funding by the government and investors.
    • Massive shutdown of cinema halls by the government.
    • Operational issues.
    • The spread of Video Cassettes, CDs, DVDs.
    • Fading interest in the Pakistani film industry.
    • The influx of foreign features from Hollywood and Bollywood.
    • Nishat Cinema
    • Naseem Cinema
    • Crown Cinema
    • Saba Cinema
    • Capri Cinema
    • Prince Cinema
    • Bambino Cinema
    • New Majestic Cinema
    • Imdad Cinema
    • Cineplex
    • The movie theatre will open their services in urban area of Karachi firstly in KARSAZ.
    • To add extra entertaining sectors other than dine outs and shopping.
    • The Movie Theatre is particular for the old-age citizens and the young married couples with kids and the youngsters.
    • Multi theatre idea will cater to all the age groups.
    • The layout of the movie theatre with a capacity of 800 seats. With 4 movie halls per movie theatre, 2 movie halls can house 250 seats each and the other 2 movie halls can house 150 seats each.
  • Why is a new cinema theatre needed?
    • For Senior citizens- we want to 'Revive the Bioscope' play classic black and white Hindi/Urdu and English movies.
    • For families- we want to develop the concept of going out and watching movies with the entire family.
    • For the youngsters- it’s just not about watching a movie but being together with friends. Offering them a gaming zone, snooker and football etc.
  • VISION STATEMENT “ To revitalize the concept of Cinema by building a reputable chain of movie theatres all over Pakistan. We further look forward to bringing allied retail entertainment concepts to Pakistan to complement and complete the entertainment experience for our consumers.”
  • MISSION STATEMENT “ Dedicated to introducing a world-class, film-going experience to all age groups by building state of the art film theaters in Pakistan. POPCORN will have multiple cinemas in each location and is committed to screening premium content in a friendly environment. We value our employees and believe in recruiting, developing, motivating, rewarding, and retaining personnel of exceptional ability, character, and dedication by providing good working conditions.”
    • Founded in September 2003
    • A direct overseas investment and is designed to develop as a chain in Pakistan and India
    • Shall be offering other venues in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore and other cities in Pakistan
    • Modern state of the art cineplex
    • Housing 5 Cinemas
    • Expansive Lobby
    • Catering to families and couples
    • Located on the prestigious beach avenue
    • Designed by overseas interior planner and designers
    • Proper seating, air-conditioning, projection, and sound equipments
    • Started in2004
    • First dedicated cineplex company in Pakistan that is building the country’s first nationally branded cineplex chain
    • Cinema is targeting the larger cities of Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan and Hyderabad.
    • Cinepax’ initial 5 year build-out plan is for the development of 120 screens
    • Old operational movie theatres
    • Accessibility of movies available on a DVD and CD.
    • Cable operators that offer the latest movies on channels running 24/7.
    • GEOGRAPHY : Karachi, Urban areas
    • AGE GROUP : All age group
    • GENDER : All Males & Females
    • SEC: Class A & B
    • LIFESTYLE: Outgoing, vibrant, Fun-seeking, Energetic
    • PERSONALITY: Socially active, looking for something new and different, with a focus on fun and freedom, they seek quality & value for money
    • USER STATUS: Potential User
    • USAGE RATE: occasional, Regular, Frequent
    • BENEFITS: Quality, Speed, price competitive
    • lease the land for a period of 25-30 years
    • Our business strategy is to keep our ticket prices low initially to give the customer an incentive to come to the cinema and experience what POPCORN has to offer.
    • Our only competitor in the area is Cineplex which charges PKR 350 per ticket and offers the bare minimum of facilities, while we will be charging PKR 350 also for a value offering of services which will be par excellence.
    • The cinema technology (IMAX) used will also be of the highest caliber resulting in an enhanced movie viewing experience.
    • Offer a more high definition image by filming and projecting at twice the normal film rate.
    • IMAX technology combines a variety of technological innovations: special cameras, special projectors, wide screens, specially-designed theatres with steeply raked seating so that even a child's view is unobstructed and people can look up and down, as in real life.
        • Different ushers
        • Different customers with different moods and nature
        • Different movie hall
      • This characteristics starts applying from the moment customer enters and the guard/usher greets the customer.
      • The customers demands starts the very moment and the ticketing staff (service provider) fulfills requests
    • The movie going season will be in full flow by July and August
    • Extra shows will be introduced
    • Ramadan will be in September which means that sales will take a large dip
    • Complementary services when there is a long queue such as coffee shop, ice cream parlor
    • Reservation system through online buying, buying ticket in a queue
  • CLASSIFICATION OF SERVICES END –USER Consumers   SERVICE TANGIBILITY Highly tangibility as Popcorn uses all sorts of symbols to minimize the intangibility such as logos, environment, decor, sound, movie theatre etc. PEOPLE-BASED SERVICE At Popcorn all the process and service delivery is people based and not at all equipment based.   EXPERTISE At Popcorn highly professionals are hired for ticketing staff, technical staff. Apart from this the ushers, managers all are fully trained before they come on ground for providing services.   PROFIT ORIENTED Popcorn is a full commercial and profit oriented service.
  • ser PRODUCT
    • Core Service- is an upscale cinema Theatre, which will try to revive the movie magic and bring the people back out for a cinema experience.
    • Expected Service- Clean / healthy environment, Show begins on time, eatery services
    • Augmented Service- Although after launch we will have augmented products as well, for e.g. a bowling alley, a game room etc. At present we also have specialties which are in line with the core product. For e.g. corporate shows, Private Screenings, Wishes etc.
  • POSITIONING POPCORN will be an upscale premium movie theatre, it will be positioned on the sophistication and imagery of a young learned, well groomed individual. POPCORN will be positioned as a total entertainment facility.
    • “ Premium Pricing” approach. and also based on the competitive strategy.
    • Cannot price ourselves lower than Cineplex or else we would lose the imagery and the brand POPCORN will not be able to build itself in the long run as a premium brand.
    • Charging a flat rate of PKR 350
    • Offering a discount of Rs. 50 only to old-age citizens and special needs.
    • No charge for NGOs
    • Discounts will be offered for school screenings on a per ticket basis. The discount will be of PKR 50
    • Tickets will cost PKR 450 per ticket for corporate screenings
    • POPCORN is situated in KARSAZ. The vicinity is occupied by other entertainment spots.
    • As per the industry norm the promotion of the movie is done by the distributor, but we need to promote Pop Corn as an entertainment facility, so we will not promote the movies but we will promote our brand Pop Corn.
    • We need to promote the Gaming area and special scenes that we have for the movie cinema.
    • In-House Newsletter
    • SMS Marketing
    • Website – online booking , news and events
    • Schools, Colleges and Corporate will be our main prospect for promotions.
    • To generate a trial and a good word of mouth we have free tickets which will be give out at selected stores, school, colleges and corporate. We will rely more on publicity rather than advertising.
    • Sponsorship
    • Co-Branding
    • The staff will be capable of bi-lingual speech and would follow the principle of Courtesy and Happy to serve you.
    • Our policy is that “you will always be greeted with a smile”. Our staff will be specially trained to assist the customer in any way that he or she desires.
    • Our staff will be trained to cater to every whim of the customer while offering a diverse range of movies from English classics and contemporary movies, local movies which are suitable for the viewing of the desired target market and Indian movies.
    • Training
    • Fringe Benefits
    • Eatery Junctions have been outsourced to: One potato Two potato, Magic Corn Nachos, Pizza hut, Subway, Hot n Spicy, KFC, McDonalds, and free Popcorn etc.
    • Centrally air-conditioned
    • Walls would be pasted with posters of movies and superstars
    • Vibrant color
    • ATM machine
    • Tuck Shop
    • Ice-cream Parlor, Café Coffee Day
    • The launch will have free shows for charity organizations and will also cater free shows to special needs children, orphans from Edhi Welfare Trust and SOS.
    • The second phase will be for the public, we will run a pre launch campaign in schools and colleges and also a few hot spots in venues like Forum, Park towers, Millennium mall etc.
    • The purpose of this activity is to give away free tickets about 50-75 per spot on the basis of quiz competition.
  • POINT OF DIFFERNTIATION • We offer the same price as our main competitor, but with extended value offerings like free popcorn, gaming room, improved sound system (Dolby Surround Sound instead of DTS), better aesthetics and more seating space. • We offer a better variety of movies than Cineplex on different screens, ensuring that a complete family experience may be enjoyed. Like old age people could be watching our selection of classics. • We also differentiate on service where our policy is that “you will always be greeted with a smile”. Our staff will be specially trained to assist the customer in any way that he or she desires.
    • We discriminate against single males out of concern for security issues unlike Nishat and Bambino and other cinemas which are not built for decent people. We hope to offer safety in a relaxed atmosphere.
    • POPCORN has support of its foreigner investor AMC Entertainment Inc. who will facilitate our movie theatre with equipments, distribution, and provision of advance technology.
    • Cinema Information Management Software VISTA to assist with the management of the movie theatre. Working at the front-end to help customers with their advance bookings and seating. And working at the back-end with maintenance of daily transaction reports.
    • Three storey Parking
    • Gaming zones facility
    • Discounts
    • Special shows
    • Corporate Screenings
    • Loyalty cards in future (Database System)
    • Buy 2 get 1 free for weekday tickets
    • Online ticket buying
    • Our technology will be more updated than that of Cineplex resulting in a better viewing experience.
    • The snack stand staff will deliver food to your seat if needed so that you don’t miss out on the movie.
    • Our on-screen congratulatory messages are not done by any other cinema but us.
    • Customer Database
    • Loyalty card for frequent visitors
    • Platinum cards for special services
      • VIP seating
      • special package etc
    • Service Recovery
      • Compliant box
      • Suggestion cards on each seat
      • offering coupons etc for disappointed customers in order to recover from failure
    • State-of-the-art technology
    • • Strategic location
    • Foreign Support
    • • Security
    • • Gaming zone
    • • Corporate offers
    • • Special offers
    • • Family-centric environment
    WEAKNESS • Rising costs • High initial investment • Slow expansion
    • Unsaturated market
    • Lack of entertainment
    • Worsening state of other cinemas
    • Family-centric
    • Expansion possibilities
    • Growing demand for movie theatres
    • Infrequent Political instability
    • • Severe government policies
    • • Religious Extremism
    • • Piracy
    • • Convenience through VCR, DVD and CD
    • • Cable operators offering movie channels
    • • Home Theatres
    • Depending on our profitability and our investors faith in our sustainability we look forward to expanding our operation in new shopping malls.
    • In other cities of Pakistan e.g. Islamabad and Lahore.