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These are some funny stories about spoof

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  1. 1. What is Spoof?Spoof Text-Definition and Social Function of Spoof Spoof is a text which tells factual story,happened in the past time with unpredictable andfunny ending. Its social function is toentertain and share the story.Generic Structure of Spoof1. Orientation2. Events3. TwistLanguage Feature of Spoof1. Focusing on people, animals or certain things2. Using action verb; ate, ran, etc3. Using adverb of time and place4. Told in chronological order PENGUIN IN THE PARKOnce a man was walking in a park when he across a penguin. He took it toa policeman and said;"What should I do?" The policeman replied; "Take itto the zoo!".The next day, the policemansaw the man in the same park. The man wasstill carrying the penguin. The policeman wasrather surprised and walkedup to the man and asked; "Why are you still carrying the penguin?Didnty o u t a k e i t t o t h e z o o ? " T h e m a n r e p l i e d ; " I c e r t a i n l y d i d . A n d i t w a sa great idea because the penguin really enjoyed it. So, today I am taking itto the movie".Generic Structure AnalysisOrientation;introducing participants: "He" and Penguin. They were in the parkEvent1; The man tended to take the penguin to the parkEvent; The following day, the man were still carrying the penguinTwist; Even, finally the man would take the penguin to the moviesLanguage Feature AnalysisFocusing on certain certain participants; He, penguin, policemanUsing action verb; carry, walk upUsing adverb of time and place; once, in the park
  2. 2. Told in chronological order; chronological order by days, the next day THE MOON IN THE WELLOne night Hodja was walking by a well when he had a sudden impulse to look inside of it. To hisamazement he saw the reflection of the moon in the water and exclaimed:" The moon has fallen into the well! I must save it somehow!"He looked around an found a rope with a hook on the end of it so he threw it in the well andshouted:"Grab the hook, moon, and hold tight! Ill pull you out!"The rope latched onto a rock inside the well and Hodja pulled back on the rope as hard as hecould. Suddenly the hook broke free from the rock and Hodja fell over on his back. Lying there,he noticed the moon high up in the sky above. He heaved a sigh of relief and said:"Well, it wasnt easy, but its sure a wonderful feeling to know that Ive delivered the moonfrom the well!" THANK GOD!Hadja had lost his donkey. While he was looking for it, he kept repeating, "Thank God!""Hodja, why are you thanking God all the time?" people asked."I am grateful that I was not on the donkey, otherwise I would be lost too." he answered. THOSE WHO KNOW AND THOSE WHO DONTFriday is the Sabbath for Moslems and it is customary for the hodjas te preach to thecongregation after the midday prayers. Nasreddin Hodja was usually averse to preaching. OneSabbath, after the prayers, he climbed up to the pulpit and addressing the people said:"Oh, good people of Akshehir, do you know what I am now about to tell you?""No," came the reply."Since you dont know about so important a subject, Id better save my breath."So saying the Hodja got down the pulpit and walked out the mosque.
  3. 3. Next Sabbath, when he put the same question to the congregation:"Yes," was the reply."In that case, there is no reason for my wasting your time," said the Hodja and walked out.The third Sabbath when confronted with the same question, half the congregation said "Yes"and the other half "No.""Well, thats all to the good," said the Hodja this time. "Those of you who know can tell allabout it to those of you who dont." SELLING BIRDOne day Hodja was wandering in the marketplace, checking out the stands as he always did. Onone of them, he noticed a different bird he had never seen in his life before. A bird withstrange colors. A merchant was shouting out its price." One hundred ".One hundred for a bird !? Having been startled at the price of the bird, probably good fornothing as he thought, Hodja rushed to his house and fetched his precious turkey over. Findinga place next to the man selling the bird, he began shouting out :" Two hundred, two hundred for turkey". People around him started to laugh. An ordinary birdlike turkey could never go for a price like that."But, he is selling that weird, useless one for one hundred ", Hodja tried to explain."No!", they said. " it is a parrot "." Well, so what ? What does a parrot do ? " asked Hodja." Dont you know Hodja " they replied all at once " a parrot speaks ".Never have expected an answer like this, Hodja paused for a moment and as if he wasntimpressed at all and he went on" If a parrot speaks, a turkey meditates ".
  4. 4. DEBT COLLECTORRagil was playing with a coin when he by accident swallowed it. He went crying to his mom,choking on the coin. They took him to a doctor, who said that the coin was impossible toremove without surgery. precisionThey consulted a specialist who had the same opinion.Then came a man who said that he could get the money out easily. He turned Ragil upsidedown and patted him with great precision on the back of neck and, sure enough, the coin rolledout.Everyone was amazed. The father said " you must be an expert!"The man replied." No, sir, Im just a debt collector." DOCTOR AND LAWYERAs they were talking, they were interrupted by people describing their health problems andasking the doctor for medical advice.After an hour of this, the doctor asked the lawyer,"What do you do to stop people asking youfor legal advice when you are out of office?"The lawyer replied,"I give them the advice, and then the next day I send them a bill for theadvice. They pay the bill, and never ask me for advice outside the office again."The doctor was surprised but decided to try it.The next day while the doctor was preparing the new bills, the postman pushed a letter into hisletter box. The doctor opened the enveloped and inside found a bill from the lawyer. AREN’T YOU HIS MOTHEROrientation:(who, when, where)A young boy was playing with a ball in the street.He kicked it too had, and it broke the windowof a house and fell inside. A lady came to the window with the ball and shouted at theyoungboy, so he ran away, but he still wanted his ball back.
  5. 5. Event 1:A few minutes later he returned and knocked at the door of the house. When the ladyanswered it, he said,"My fathers going to come and fix your window very soon."Event 2:After a few more minutes a man came to the door with the tools in his hand, so the lady let theboy take his ball away.Event 3:When the man finished the window, he said to the lady,"That wil cost you exactly ten dollars.Twist (the funny part):"But arent you the father of that young boy?"the woman asked looking surprised,"No." heanswered, equally surprised,"Arent you his mother?" READ YOURSELFA man brought a letter to the Hodja: Hodja, could you read this letter?Hodja looked at the letter which was all in arabic. He was unable to read and give it back toman. Take this to someone else, i couldnt read. said the Hodja.How come? you are wearing the turban of a learned man yet you cant read a letter...The Hodja took off his turban and placed it in front of the manOk, if it is skill of a turban, put it on and read your letter yourself! TRY IT YOURSELVESWhile working on the roof of his house Hoca had a dizzy spell and suddenly found himself onthe ground. The neighbours came running concerned and began to shout questions;-What happened, Hoca?-Did you hurt yourself?-You should have paid attention...-How do you feel, Hoca?Hoca groaned
  6. 6. -Instead of standing around pestering me, you should climb onto my roof and roll over theledge head first, then you would have all your answers. TIGER POWDEROne day Molla Nasreddin was sprinkling some powder on the ground around his house.-Molla, what are you doing? a neighbor asked.-I want to keep the tigers away.-But there are no tigers within hundreds of miles.-Effective, isnt it? Molla replied The Moon or the Sun?People ask Hoca;-Hoca, is the moon or the sun more useful?-Of course the Moon, replies Hoca. "While the sun enlightens the earth during daytimes, themoon enlightens during the nights. " NASREDDIN STORYMost of Nasreddin’s neighbours were pleasant people, who were always ready to help eachother when they were in trouble, but there was one woman who lived in his street who wasdisliked by everybody because she was always interfering in other people’s business, andbecause she was always borrowing things from people and then forgetting to give them backEarly one morning, Nasreddin heard a knock at his front door, and, when he opened it, foundthis woman outside. “Good morning, Nasreddin,” she said. “I have to take some things to mysister’s house in the town today, and I have not got a donkey, as you know. Will you lend meyours ? I will bring it back this evening.”“I am sorry,” answered Nasreddin. “If my donkey was here, I would of course lend it to you verywillingly, but it is not.”“Oh?” said the woman. “It was here last night, because I saw it behind your house. Where is itnow?”
  7. 7. “My wife took into town early this morning,” answered Nasreddin. Just then the donkey brayedloudly.“You’re not telling the truth, Nasreddin!” the woman said angrily. “I can hear your donkey. Youshould be ashamed of yourself, telling lies to a neighbour!”“You are the one who should be ashamed, not me!” shouted Nasreddin. “Is it good manners tobelieve a donkey’s word rather than that of one of one’s neighbour?” WHAT TIME IS IT? A tramp lie down and sleep in the park. He had been sleeping for about 5 minutes when acouple walked by. The man stopped, woke the tramp up , and asked him, "Excuse me.Do you know what the time is?" The tramp replied, "Im sorry - I dont have a watch, so I dontknow the time." The man apologized for waking the tramp and the couple walked away.The tramp lay down again, and after a few minutes went back to sleep. Just then, a woman,who was out walking her dog, shook the tramps shoulder until he woke up again.The woman said, "Im sorry to trouble you, but Im afraid Ive lost my watch - do you happen toknow the time?" The tramp was a little annoyed at being woken up again, but he politely toldthe woman that he didnt have a watch and didnt know the time. After the woman had gone, the tramp had an idea.He opened the bag that contained all his possessions and got out a pen, a piece of paper andsome string. On the paper, he wrote down, I do not have a watch. I do not know the time.He then hung the paper round his neck and eventually dropped off again.After about 15 minutes, a policeman who was walking through the park noticed the trampasleep on the bench, and the sign around his neck. He woke the tramp up and said, "I read yoursign. I thought youd like to know that its 2:30 p.m."
  8. 8. THE BOSS AND THE TRAINEEA Man joined a big Multi National Company as a trainee. On his first day he dialed the pantryand shouted into the phone, "Get me a coffee quickly!"The voice from the other side responded, "You fool youve dialed the wrong extension! Do youknow who youre talking to, dumbo?"No", replied the trainee."Its the Managing Director of the company, you fool!" The man shouted back, "And do youknow who YOU are talking to, you fool?" "No", replied the Managing Director. "Thats Good!",replied the trainee and put down the phone! NASREDDIN AND THE THIEFEvery Saturday, Nasreddin went to the market to buy food and other things. He put them in abig basket, but he was old and weak, so he always paid another man to carry the basket homefor him. But one Saturday, while he was walking home in front of the man with the basket, theman ran away with it. The next Saturday, when Nasreddin went to the market again, a friend of his said, ‘Look,there he is! That man stole your things last week!’ Nasreddin at once hid behind a shop, andstayed there until the man left the market. His friend was very surprised. ‘Why did you do that? He asked. ‘Well,’ said Nasreddin, ‘that man was carrying my basket whe he left me a week ago. He willwant me to pay him for seven days’ work, and that will cost me more than a basket full ofthings!’ PRIVATE CONVERSATION;Last week I went to the theatre. I had a very good seat. The play was very interesting. I didnot enjoy it. A young man and a young woman were sitting behind me. They were talkingvery loudly. I got very angry. I could not hear the actors. I turned around. I looked at the manand the young woman angrily. They did not pay any attention. In the end, I could not bear it.
  9. 9. I turned around again. “I could not hear a word” I said angrily.“It’s none of your business” theyoung man said rudely. “This is a private conversation” (From: English New Concept)Generic Structure AnalysisOrientation: introducing a writes as point of view “I” which is in a theatre last weekEvent 1: the other theatergoers, young man and young woman, were talking noisily.Event 2: the writer used physical language by turning around to the young man and youngwoman talk to not to make noisy.Event 3: the write used verbal language by saying “I could not hear a word”.Twister: the young man misunderstood the writer’s word and said; “It’s none of your business.It’s a private conversation”.