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publicizing the deaths of Asiya and Neelofar as 'unfortunate drowning accidents'? These
questions remain unanswered. New D...
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Article: Kashmir watch is kashmir a courtisan that dances to the tune of the highest bidder


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Appeared in Kashmirwatch.com on December 21, 2009.


Published in: News & Politics
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Article: Kashmir watch is kashmir a courtisan that dances to the tune of the highest bidder

  1. 1. Welcome To KashmirWatch.Com - In-depth Coverage on Kashmir Conflict Monday, August 02, 2010 Navigation Articles .: Home Ultimate Iraq War Website .: About Us 48 video clips. In-depth analysis. Bush claims vs facts.Free downloads www.leadingtowar.com .: Contact Us .: Advertise Ads by Google :. Is Kashmir a Courtesan that Dances to the Tune of the Highest Bidder? Support Military Support Troops Kashmir Watch, Dec 21 Nyla Ali Khan News & Views Another travesty of justice; a young girl cut down in the prime of her life; .: KW Exclusive hopelessness pervades the sociocultural fabric yet again; conflicting reports presented .: Daily News .: Kashmir Global by governmental agencies; blatant lies given legitimacy by political institutions; .: Articles political organizations vying with one another to gain mileage at the expense of two .: World Watch Kashmiri women; the vilification of those two Kashmiri women in order to protect the .: Biz Watch sanctity of the forces that are deployed to protect lay people. Will these hideous political .: KW Study .: AJ&K games continue for eternity? Do the regional political players of J & K have an .: Pakistan emotional attachment to Kashmir? Or is Kashmir a courtesan that dances to the tune of .: India the highest bidder? Is Kashmir a parchment on which the political players of J & K .: Letters .: Photos write inscriptions that work to their advantage? Will the melodramatic performances of .: Charity consummate politicians delude people into believing that theirs will be done? .: Sports Whether hapless Asiya and Neelofar were brutally violated and killed by security Ads by Google personnel or whether they drowned while trying to ford a shallow stream is beside the View ads about: point. The Shopian tragedy underscores the fragile existence of the inhabitants of J & K » who have dreams, aspirations, diligence, and resilience, but whose lives have been diminished by the rhetorical strategies of orators, rhetoricians, and strategists who either implicitly or explicitly insist that J & K is an 'integral' part of India which lacks empowerment, a coherent voice, a unique cultural identity, and above all the right to Focus exercise self-determination. .: Kashmir .: Human Rights Watch The tragic deaths of Asiya and Neelofar have led some to iconicize them; to portray .: Interviews them as victims of counter insurgency and police oppression; to write about them as .: Conferences research subjects; to glorify them as martyrs to the cause of the freedom of Kashmir; .: Tributes .: Society & Culture and others to bemoan the miserable deaths of their unfortunate 'sisters.' These young women who have become more famous in death than they were in life are not icons; they shouldn't be treated as political pawns; they were not the sisters of any politician; Select Language they were not the daughters of any demagogue; they were not the disseminators of any English hollow ideology. For once, can we humanize them? Can we protect their dignity and the dignity of their families? Can the judiciary of J & K function without being manipulated by New Delhi and its minions? New Delhi doesn't waste a minute when it comes to Ads by Google protecting its lackeys, paramilitary troops, counter insurgency forces, co-opted War in Iraq militants, co-opted regional political players, but the 'impeccable' demeanor of New Delhi is exposed as a fa�§ade when it comes to protecting the dignity of Kashmiris whose only subsistence is unflinching faith and unrequited hope. The various governmental agencies involved in the investigation of the Shopian tragedy have cast doubts on the veracity of the findings of independent commissions/ organizations. The inferences drawn by the CBI vis-à-vis the deaths of the two young women in Shopian have generated questions that didn't exist earlier. Is New Delhi attempting to legitimize the non-performance of the government of J & K in the wake of the Shopian tragedy? Is the CBI lending sanctity to the doleful apathy of the state government in the aftermath of the protests engendered by the deaths of Asiya and Neelofar? Have mainstream political organizations that are exploiting the loss of these two women to their political advantage lost credibility now that a 'highly reputable' investigative agency is
  2. 2. publicizing the deaths of Asiya and Neelofar as 'unfortunate drowning accidents'? These questions remain unanswered. New Delhi, however, has succeeded in reinforcing the hostile factionalism in Kashmiri society; the in-bred hatred and festering doubt that entrenches divisiveness more deeply; the culpable gender violence that gets put on the back burner; the indebtedness of regional political players to New Delhi; the brusque dismissal of the hopes of our younger generation. Posted on 21 Dec 2009 by Webmaster � All Rights Reserved | Kashmir Watch Copyrights © 2003-2009, Email: editor@kashmirwatch.com Site Designed & Developed By Abdul Ghani . For More Click Here